Monday, November 25, 2013

a most magical day

Greetings dear friends & readers
On Saturday my eldest son Aaron got married in my garden - we had a most magical day
The weather gods smiled upon us (though a huge thunderstorm went through the night before taking down 2 large tree branches)

Sarah is a minimalist girl & didn't want any fussiness - though I "sneaked" in an antique chair with a basket of dried rose petals for tossing

It was a beautiful day enjoyed by all ... I have no proper photos yet apart from a few snaps the Mr took for me ...

She put her posy together from flowers out of my garden which was special for us both

Sarah is one of 5 beautiful girls - imagine that . . . 5 daughters??!!
(Sarah is 2nd to eldest - I think this photo is eldest to youngest on the left)

They both chose to have no attendants - Sarahs Mum & myself were the witnesses

me & my two boys . . .  one having a wee nap !!!!
I dont know about you folk, but I just HATE photos of myself !!!

me & my little tiny Mum . . . 

I Love the sign just behind my back end  !!!!!

Now, because I always want my blog to be an honest place &, lets face it, I dont live in a world where everything is all sunshine & roses - I live in the real world, let me just say this.
  The weeks prior to the wedding were not ones I would want to repeat in a hurry. The work load felt huge, often overwhelming,  coupled with the fact that November is my busy season for groups.
The cleaning, weeding & preparation seemed endless & energy levels were low 
I wanted everything to be Oh So Perfect for everyone.

 To tell the truth, most of the time, I just wanted to be in a cave, on Mars,  with my eyes shut tight & my hands over my ears !!!!! 
 So when they both arrived for the wedding, I went around the front to greet them & walk up with my son ...  & I saw in front of me, an actual bride & groom, it suddenly struck me, they are actually getting married ... I promptly burst into tears !!!!!

I thought they both made such a lovely couple, but yes, I am indeed biased  :-)

Sarah is a very lovely girl & will be a wonderful daughter in law

The day just flowed so well & everyone seemed content to sit (in the shade mostly) & relax & enjoy themselves.  We laughed lots ...

It was honestly a truely magical day  :-)
Oh, & I must share with you my new wedding shoes ... made in Spain ... so comfortable to wear & my favourite colour too 

The following day I had a group coming. Wendy from charlotte's web bought her very lovely church ladies out to the garden. Wendy was surprised I would want to host a group the day after the wedding. I confessed to her that I felt it should all still (hopefully) be tidy so it was perfect timing.

Oh it was so nice to just sit for awhile  :-)

We had a lovely afternoon tea in the shade with china teacups - the ladies were in no hurry to rush off which is always the greatest compliment.
Wendy presented me with this delightful gift as a "thank you"

Today, it is back to reality & on with some christmas orders

A large order for angel & golly teatowels & matching oven mitts
There are gaps to fill in the Cottage plus I still have 4 more groups before they finish for the year.
Thanks so much for stopping by & letting me share our special day with you all.
I hope the coming week brings you only good things

The soldier poppies in my garden always remind me of my Dad
Much love/hugs/friendship,
Julie x0x0x


  1. I am so happy for you. You look amazing such a proud mama!
    They are most indeed a gorgeous couple! What a beautiful bride.
    I am sure you are so relieved that the work is done and all went smoothly. Life definitely isn't all roses but we make the best of it.
    The best is your children being happy and ready to start their families.
    Congrats to you all!!!

  2. So nice to see photos from the wedding day, you all look so happy. The bride is beautiful and you make a very beautiful mother-of-the-groom too. Thank you again for letting us visit on the Sunday, we had a wonderful time and your home and garden is a very magical place to visit, hugs Wendy xx

  3. Simply Beautiful my Dear. You all look beautiful & Congratulations. Your garden is the perfect back drop to any special occasion!

    We were trying to cover a silage stack in the thunder storm. The plastic took off, got caught in the barbed wire fence. Don't forget to put your feet up with a cupa xxx

  4. Beautiful photos! What a lovely compliment to you to host a wedding, I can't begin to imagine how much work and stress is involved! Your son and his bride make a beautiful couple. Thank you for sharing!

  5. What a magic place to have a wedding, so serene & pretty. Lovely photo's, is there anyone who likes having there photo taken? Maybe the vein do.
    Looks like Wendy's group enjoyed themselves. I must visit that lavender farm next time I'm down.
    No rest for you with all those orders!

  6. I love that they had such a simple wedding. I don't even know them but I like them already just for that! I love your wedding shoes! Looks like something I would wear and they look comfy too! And, of course, love the poppies! One of my favorite flowers!

  7. They are just so beautiful! they look radiant, both your sons are handsome young menYou yourself look lovely and I love that the bride chose flowers from your garden - it tells us a lot about what a sensible, down to earth kind of girl you now have in the family = her dress is amazing and it goes without saying that she is a very pretty lady. Hope you don't wear yourself out, you have a very busy schedule. Betty

  8. I think you deserve to take the rest of the year off! Your photos prove that the best weddings don't need lots of fuss...all looks perfect...are there caves on Mars?...perhaps we could share one? EE xx

    1. Thank you EE ... I would love to take the rest of the year off ... I will tell them all that you told me I could !!!
      Yes it was a wonderful day indeed. I hope there are caves on Mars ... sharing one sounds great, think of the crafting we could do together :-)

  9. Oh Julie I was thinking of you all through the day while we were in Tauranga on Saturday at my aunties 50th wedding anniversary. I am so glad that everything went so all looks just delightful. Well done on all your hard work & preparation!!! I am sure that you will be forever glad that you did it all too. Yes fancy that...having 5 daughters! Your shoes are stunning & I adore the photo of you & the boys. (Great that the Mr took some pics so we could see too) I am so glad that you now have such a lovely daughter-in-law. Such a beautiful couple. Congratulations to you all : ) & every blessing. Hope it's a good week for you this take some moments for yourself from time to time won't you. Much love Catherine x0x0x

  10. Hi Julie,
    I had the most magnificent time visiting your blog today!! It was a ripper!!
    How lovely the wedding was and how honest you are. Beautiful pics, and
    I love the chair and basket!!!
    Cheers, Anita.

  11. Hello Julie,

    Well its official you can now be called Mother-in-law! Congratulations to all, the day looked perfect. 5 Sister's getting ready for the Wedding,amazing.Best wishes to Sarah and Aaron. Wendy's group looks quite relaxed in your garden.

    Have a lovely week.
    Happy days.

  12. Dear Julie, the wedding looks wonderful.All that prep and it's now over! but---- what wonderful memories and you can be very proud of yourself. I thought of you a lot that day. Loved your dress and the shoes are glorious.Make sure you wear them again. The angel and golly teatowels and oven mitts look lovely. Hugs Shirley

  13. I thought of you all day Julie and I was so happy the sun was shining - it was the perfect day for a wedding!!!

    The bride and groom both look gorgeous - I would have cried too.

    It all looked so beautiful - love your sheath dress - very styley!

    Phew, I can imagine the lead up to this day - time to put your feet up dear Julie!
    Much love and hugs

  14. Hi Julie, the day looks like it was a great success! Well done on all your hard work, the bride and groom look so happy... a lovely bride!
    You look beautiful too... I hope you are feeling much more relaxed now it's all over, and the horrible weather hasn't caused too much damage in your garden.
    Many Blessings

  15. It is so good to see that you had a wonderful day.... the photos of you all and of course your garden are just so lovely... love your red shoes too!!! Best wishes to the bride and groom. Wow, I would have been way too exhausted to host a visit the next day but it looks like that day went swimmingly as well. I hope you remain well mulched as this recent rain will have set the weeds off again and I'm sure you are not wanting to see them. Hope you had a rest at some stage :-)

  16. Your son's wedding seems like a solemn and intimate affair! And I love what you said about your blog being an honest place. You are one family-oriented lady and we are privileged that you are letting us see some special milestones in your family's life. I am glad I discovered your blog today. Good day!

    Sam Jones @


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