Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rainy December days :-)

A rainy good afternoon to you dear friends & readers,

Rainy days in December are always so very welcome & precious

rain drops on the lillies 
The house is quiet today - the Mr is away - I am burning hot cinnamon wax melts & enjoying the peacefullness ...

red alstromeria & white penstomen - picked yesterday before the rain came
and most of all . . . 

... not feeling guilty that I should be outside working  :-)

My hanging baskets have been a picture of colour this summer - I have been diligent in my watering (for a change) & it has paid off

plus I have tried to plant some things that last a little longer - like catmint & geraniums ...

But it is not all picture-perfect flowers in my world - I get into some right messes at times too ... like yesterday, while having a bit of a heavy duty weeding session ...

... this is what greeted any customers that walked up the driveway ...

I hope you all managed the christmas festivities & had a most enjoyable time - it seems like the blink of an eye, & it is all over for another year

Gorgeously  packaged (& delicious) home baking from my friend Sandy

I have been working at the table most nights doing some small felt projects - like the mice in stockings I mentioned in my last post ...

I decided to "make an early start" on some more for next christmas ... plus I had downloaded this pattern quite some months ago & squirrelled away some empty matchboxes during the winter. 
Continuing on with the mice theme, I just adored these little mice in  their matchbox beds

They only take a small scrap of grey felt & look so cute when made up ...

I love the little note pinned to his bed :-)

As I wanted a bit of a primitive look I sprayed the quilt scrap, pillow & note with a mixture of parisian essence, water & vinegar in a spray bottle - you can be quite liberal with the mixture
(note to self .... spray the piece of white dacron that is in the bottom of his bed)

The Mr came home one night & asked me what I was making ...
"some christmas decorations" I replied
"well I hate to burst your bubble" he informed me "but umm,  christmas is umm, actually over for the year!!!"
"I know ... I am making a start on next years"   :-)
Go here for the free mouse pattern downloads - scroll right to the very bottom of the page

My neighbour popped over early christmas morn in a bit of a tizz
She was off to Rotorua & had thought they "werent doing gifts" but had suddenly learnt ..."they were" !!!!
We quickly wrapped up some lavendar hearts in tissue & ribbon & off she went on her journey ... 
which meant I got to sit at nights & make some more (Oh such a chore!!)

I really enjoy the whole process of making these dainty little treasures

Almost mid summer here is a time for lots of harvesting & gathering for me ... I have been collecting many different seeds as I weed, & storing them in brown paper bags. I also had to have a quick prune of the lavender up the Cottage path as it had flopped all over the bricks

Plus all summer long I constantly gather nuts, cones & strawflowers for my pot-pourri making ... this is second nature to me now 

The small cones to the left were lying on the lawn under the magnolia tree & hastily gathered yesterday before mowing
I noticed how much the fluffies garden had grown in the 6 weeks since I first photographed it, so put together this little collage to show you ... (click on the pic to enlarge it)

The catmint & shasta daisies are all in full bloom now
Before I close I wanted to mention a beautiful website that is well worth a visit ... my young friend April now has a site for her aprons & gorgeous handmade craft work, go visit here  ... & also for her wonderful organic skincare products, go visit here.  April has put together her website so beautifully, it is a treat for the eyes  :-)

I hope the New Years arrival brings good things to you all my friends & that all our hopes, dreams & wishes come true in 2014

Thanks so much for stopping by this wet December day
much love/hugs/ friendship to you all out there
Julie x0x0


  1. Hi Julie,
    I love your post!!! Enjoy the quiet time and I've done the same thing.....made
    a start on next year's Christmas projects. Gorgeous garden pics, and love all
    the colour your garden has in it. The mice are way too cute. Going to visit your
    friends page.
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. Julie you have out done yourself, of course now I totally need a mouse in a matchbox!!!
    Those are just so adorable that I can't stop smiling.
    Thanks for sharing the patten. I think some Valentine mice might have to come to be :)
    I bet your home has just the best scents floating down the lane to draw those customers in.
    The prim filled table is just heaven.
    Well I can say that fluffy is loving his new space. Just look at its growth!!!
    I am busy crocheting this evening, the boy gave me his cold. He got sick the day after Christmas with 104 temp. Now it was just lovely for him to be in the giving spirit and share it with me :( I am hoping it will disappear at the stroke of Midnight New Years Eve, LOL.
    Well, I am wishing you the best New Year to come and I am so grateful for our friendship across the miles.

  3. LOVE LOVE your posts, they are ALWAYS a treat! What can I say the hanging baskets, the mouse in the bed........toooooo cute! Mr Fluffs grave is looking beautiful. You sure have a way with gardens my friend. We had heaps of rain in the night, then nothing today, which meant it was so humid!
    I will have to pick you brains about hanging baskets, as I would love some.

  4. Just what I needed, a Julie post! You make me want to get out in my garden and get a needle and thread and sew something, both at the same time!!!
    Unfortunately my hanging baskets were a complete flop this year, I think I started them too early and the southerly winds and salt spray didn't help...thank you for sharing yours I may try some different plants next year.

  5. Hello dear, isn't it lovely to be able to potter inside guilt free! I have got all kinds of little jobs done that have been waiting in the wings for months, even some cleaning! I imagine that the pink lilies have a glorious scent do they? We have a great perennial place here & I noticed on their website the other day, the red alstromeria called "Christmas". Most appropriate. The match box mice are just adorable. I am so glad that you have kept a pictorial record of The Fluffie's Garden progress. Just think, before blogging we may not have thought to do such things. I do love the wonderful parcels from your friend Sandy. I need to remember that for next time round "Filled with Joy" is just perfect! Goodness lavender time again. There are some huge beds of lavender planted in the roundabouts around town. I often think of stopping & getting out my secateurs but I think I might be a tad conspicuous! I see to have seeds all over the place at the moment. I will send you the Honeywort shortly. Would you like some blue woodruff too? It's just setting seed now. Have a lovely week my friend. Much love Catherine x0x0x

  6. I am a bit worried that you're still making Christmas decs and it's only 16 weeks until Easter ... how about bunnies in blankets? Sending you joy filled wishes for 2014. xx

  7. Just back for another look! Your new header is wonderful! Did you use Picmonkey?

  8. Your photos are lovely Julie, they actually make me drool!!! I think the pulled weeds along the edge of the flowerbed are ok - as long as you tidy up afterwards!! - gulp sometimes I'm a bit slow to do that!! Love the cute wee mice (and all the rest of your crafting!)!! Best wishes for a very happy new year :-)

  9. Julie your hanging baskets are beautiful. So full of colour & cheer! Love the mice and the colours you have used. Christmas is always a time for sharing with our loved ones and friends! The new header looks great…….
    Happy New Year & catch up soon.

  10. Your garden is looking wonderful and the hanging basket is beautiful. The little mice decorations are very cute, you are definitely getting a headstart for Christmas 2014. Love your new header too. Hugs Wendy xx

  11. Oh Julie, what a gorgeous new header!
    That same alstromeria is flowering in my garden at the mo and I picked a little bunch for our Christmas table (sadly I haven't got a Pohutukawa tree here).
    The baskets are looking so good, I love things crammed in like this. I also love the containers on your deck - are they old aluminium pots?
    Love to see your harvesting for the pot-pourri - your home must smell divine.

    Thank you for the link for the mouse pattern - it's so cute.

    I've so enjoyed being part of your world this year - your energy and huge output of creativity really inspires me!

    Wishing you and your family "Health, Happiness and JOY in 2014".
    Love and blessings
    Shane xox

  12. Love the red alstromeria and the white penstemons together. The photos of your garden are lovely, we are having a cool and wet December too and my garden has never looked so green and lush at this time of year. Your hanging baskets are beautiful and the little mice are very cute, thanks for the link to the pattern.


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