Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Giveaway, an anniversary & a "sort-of" birthday

Hello dear friends & readers,

I have decided to have a little give-away on my blog ... there are a couple of things I have to celebrate which made me decide to do this . . .

source Pinterest

Firstly this month is the 10 year anniversary since I had my accident - fell out of the hammock, & broke my neck
This in turn, lead to my little Cottage being constructed for me  :-)
(which in turn lead to me beginning my little blog about my life here at Threadbear Cottage)

Secondly it is coming up 2 years since I started my blog - kind of my 2-year birthday & seeing as I have never had a give-away before, not even for my 1st birthday, I decided it was long overdue

This lovely linen angel is based on the Rosalie Quinlan Peace Angel from the book Gift ... however I have altered her slightly ... she is dressed quite neutrally in a linen dress, doiley pinny, & her wings & bloomers are Lynette Anderson prints. Her hair is hand-dyed mohair & her little peace-stitched heart is raw linen. She has 2 mother-of-pearl buttons on her bodice

Although she has hung on the wall watching over me for the past few days ... she is equally as lovely just sitting ...

Would you like to win her perhaps ???
The Giveaway is open to Anyone & I will post to Anywhere in the world
All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment on this post & if you are a follower, let me know, & I will put your name in the draw for two entries.
You don't have to be a follower to enter but if you are, then you get two chances  :-)
Is that simple enough ???
Also I will be adding a few extra goodies in with the parcel - a couple of little surprise extras.
I will draw the give-away at the end of this month.
(incidently Peace Angel is 43 cms/ 17 inches in length)

Last week I posted about the 2 ring-neck doves that had come to live in my trees - this week they have become even more quieter & have let me get right up close to them at times

The dove in the background had lots of feathers missing around his neck - apparently he was very picked on by the other birds when in the aviary - I am so pleased to see them all growing back again slowly now he is free

Every night I give The Mr little reports about our daily "progress"
He assures me that it is not actually me they are so fond of, but rather the $12.00 worth of dove mix I bought for them at Bin Inn

According to him it is purely "cupboard love"

However these visitors to the garden this past week, have not been quite so welcome ... 

If you look at this next photo you will notice the tall solar lamp at the foot of the steps, just to the left - this was taken in spring a couple of years ago

The solar lamp had been a gift many years ago but unfortunately it had blown over many times & was no longer able to be straightened so we decided it had come to the end of its life
However, I saved the glass dome that was around the bulb as it was quite solid & had never broken in all the times the wind had blown it over

This week I gathered together the dome, a $2.00 glass dish & a $1.00 wine glass from the Op Shop - I had a little project in mind

I tipped the wine glass upside down & glued the plate to its base ... then I added a sparkly diamante star which I think had been a christmas decoration at some stage

All I need now I feel, is a pretty glass flower or bird perhaps, to adorn the top of the dome

I was rather chuffed with my $3.00 project  - what do you think??

This piece of vintage embroidery had sat in the bottom of a box of linens for many moons - I had always loved it & wanted to do something with it
The thread I have used is an Op Shop purchase - almost like a linen type of yarn - very old

Although I had soaked it, it still had a couple of marks & was very thin & worn in places, but I really loved the design on it
The fabric was so thin it almost felt like it had been stitched on an old flour bag
I cut around the best of it, turned it under & blanket stitched it onto a lovely piece of wool blanketing in a similar colourway

I decided it could make up the last cushion on my couch

It hardly shows up the gorgeous striped blanket unfortunately

Looking at my photos I am thinking that perhaps I should add 4 large bakerlite buttons to the edges of the embroidery to complete it . . .  hmmm . . .  what do you think ??
I also stitched the original blanket label (which was in great condition still) to the back of the cushion

Lastly to share a couple of sneaky peeks of some prim dolls I am currently working on . . . 

Incidently the lime green is masking tape - no the dolls legs are not striped green/burgundy !!!!!

I hope to have the completed dolls to show you next post.

While grocery shopping last week I treated myself to one of these lovely fragrant candles at Pak-n-save ... for $4.99 they smell delicious & are so enjoyable
This one is the raspberry one but I have also tried the pumpkin spice one .... 

Wishing you a wonderful week dear friends & readers
Please do enter my give-away if it appeals to you
Thanks as always for your visits which I so appreciate
with much love/hugs/friendship,
Julie x0x


  1. I am a new follower to your blog and I would love to win this lovely prize. I am so sorry about you breaking your neck 10 years ago. My husband had a tree fall on him during a tornado and had a terrible fracture.....he has been in such pain for 7 years now. I am wishing you wellness,happiness and much joy.

    1. Hi Rayray & welcome to my blog - I have entered you twice in the giveaway - thanks so much for taking part :-)
      I am so sorry to read of your husbands ongoing pain - what a terrible accident he sustained. I hope things improve for him Rayray. Thanks for your well wishes, Julie x0x

  2. A great blog to celebrate your second birthday Julie. So many interesting and exciting photos. I look forward to seeing those dolls all dressed up. I love your angel giveaway and you have inspired me to get Rosalie's book out as I know it is on my bookcase. I am a follower of your blog.

  3. I ama follower of your blog (which I love) and would like to enter your giveaway. The pillow cases are exquisite. Can't wait to see those dolls!
    Have a good week.
    Jacqui x

    1. Hi Jacqui - thanks for taking part & for being a loyal follower - I have entered you twice in the giveaway. Thanks for stopping by often too - I still cannot comment on your posts as am not with the google connect following that you subscribe to ... but I do read & enjoy your posts very much. Thanks again Jacqui . Julie x0x

  4. Loving the post, so much to see! Just like visiting you in the flesh! Please put me in the draw as your dolls are the best! Looks like a Lynette Anderson fabric for her bloomers.
    Love the raggy stripey legs.....glad you explained the green masking tape, otherwise I would have thought you were going mod on me!
    What a cool idea for the broken lamp, that's what amazes me, you always think outside the square with your creations. The doves are a pretty addition to the garden.
    Fab cushion too, it is hard to cut the pretty ones up, but this way you didn't have to.
    I'm sure your giveaway will spur some extra folks into commenting :-)) Happy Bloggy birthdayxxxx

  5. Congrats on your second bloganniversary, Julie! love your blogpost and love the Peace angel! Please count me in, I am a follower for some time, but I see, that there is no photo in your list.
    I think the doves like you as well as they like the food, I suppose Mr. little is teasing you (LOL).
    What an idea for using the lampshade, you're very creative!!! The cushions are cute, too, nice way to use worn embroidery!
    Have a good week x

  6. Hi Julie, congrats on your anniversaries. I am a reading about your lovely cottage across the ditch. Your projects are lovely. Your dolly legs reminded me of how freaked out my kids used to get when I had legs in jars waiting for the paint to dry lol. I look forward to many more inspiring posts xx

  7. Happy Blogday...glad so much good came from your awful accident, did you chop up the hammock? Anyone who wears a doily pinny is welcome in my house and loving the 'cuddlesnug' range... I have a pile of those blankets waiting to be washed. xx

    1. Thanks E.E. for your loyal following & your lovely comments. I have entered you twice in the give away. Yes we had a ritual burning of the hammock when I returned from hospital :-) I guess you are waiting for some fine weather so you can wash all your blankets - I just love this job for some strange reason !!!! Thanks for stopping by ... Julie x0x

  8. Hello Julie....
    Just sent you an e~mail with another little squirrel on.....
    Had a little browse through your lovely Blog and photos!
    Would like to enter the give~away, it's something my daughter
    would love...Thankyou....! :>).

  9. i simply love this little angel doll and if i was lucky enough to be the winner i would ask you to post it to my little grandaughter in wellington nz - it is her first birthday today!!!! it is so beautifully made - i am in awe - as i often am when i see what other people make!!!! also like the cushions - boy am i regretting sending my mum's blankets to the charity shop - i only kept one and even though it is hardly used i don't think i want to cut it up!!!! your garden also looks lovely - we are up to our necks (some literally) in rain at the moment so enjoy your sunny days!! take care xx

    1. Hi Lynne, thanks so much for stopping by to comment - I have entered your name in my giveaway .. what a lovely gift for your little grandaughter in Wellington :-) I often think about all the blankets that have gone to the Op Shop - they are quite expensive over here now - even my own Mum had some lovely ones that she sent off before I became interested in them. I hope you get some fine weather soon Lynne, Thanks again, Julie x0x

  10. Hi Julie, congrats on your anniversary and blog birthday! The angel is gorgeous, love the soft colours she is made in. Love your remake of the lamp too, such a clever idea and those pedestal shapes are so popular now. Hope you are having a wonderful week and thank you for the chance to win such a lovely prize, hugs Wendy xx

  11. eeek broke your neck falling out of a hammock oh my - so greatful you doing ok!! ((HUGS)). Are those turkeys? Gosh I'd have me gun out pop pop pop pop Ye ha!! Congratulations on 2 year blog anniversary isn't blogging FUN!!

  12. Yes please! count me in the giveaway (loyal follower!) She is beautiful and very special, whoever wins her will be lucky and own a piece of pure treasure, just hope it's me! Lovely creations as always, the embroidered cushion is a lovely idea - I have some antique tablecloths like these but am too scared to cut them! Betty

  13. Ooohhh Julie,how do you do it. Do you sleep at night. All your wonderful "things" you make is such eye candy. I would love to be in the draw for your giveaway. Am an avid follower.Can't believe it's 2 years blogging, gosh the time is rapidly flying by.Those Pukeko's are an absolute nuisance. My son has them pestering there property in Auckland.Your glass project is superb and so innovative. Hugs Shirley

  14. Would love to win the doll! But also....don't mind buying one either!? Now I'm inspired to actually use my doilies!

  15. I am a new follower to your blog and I enjoyed looking around. You are one creative lady and I am inspired by how you take something and make something even better. Your new cushions from the old embroidered piece are lovely and I would love to be entered in your giveaway.

  16. I am a fairly new follower to your blog (approx. 6 months) I love watching how your creations evolve from something old into something new and I am very impressed with your creative style, your garden always looks amazing and I your blog is always interesting to read. I would love to be entered in your giveaway and I have the perfect place in my home for your gorgeous Angel should I be lucky enough to win.

  17. Mmm so do you have a gun? Or should they be thankful it's not Thanksgiving just presently? Do turkeys vandalise gardens like pukekos? Quite a broad menagerie you have these days. How wonderful having ring neck doves! Yip that must be just don't sleep eh! Congratulations on your blogging anniversary...2 years, good for you & look how clever you have got at this blogging lark! Gosh that must have been so scary in those early weeks & months after your fall. SO glad that you now have Threadbare Cottage now. You are such a blessing to us all...thank you for sharing your generous, creative heart & life. Much love my dear friend x0x0x

  18. Hey Julie, great post I think I agree with Catherine you don't sleep! Two years already... that went fast I am looking forward to many more!

  19. Hi Julie, another awe inspiring post, your vision for "stuff" is just incredible and the end result always so wonderful!! Love the doll and I think she would be very happy living at my house!! I see myself as a follower, but more importantly a friend. Have a great weekend.
    PS Looking forward to seeing the completed prim dolls!!

  20. Hi Julie, have just joined your blog. Loved reading about what you are up to and seeing some of your lovely creations. I think the angel would be very happy to come and live in my home. Thank you Jenny Bell

    1. Hi Jenny - thanks so much for entering & taking part in the giveaway - have popped your name in twice. Yes I am sure the angel would be most happy living in your home Jenny, thanks for stopping by, Julie xx0xx

  21. Hi Julie, another lovely post! The angle doll is beautiful…… I will always remember when you had your accident and the trials you went through with your recovery period. From there the birth of Threadbear Cottage & blog was created. The doves always are so pretty and there cooing noises. Love the cushions. Look forward to many more creative posts!

  22. Good luck with your giveaway, the angel is a lovely prize.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  23. Oh crickey!!!! I love the glassware and stitcheries you've purchased. OMG...nothing like
    re using and re loving. Great projects. I love the runner in pink tones under the glassware as
    well....too yummy.
    Cheers, Anita.

  24. I love reading your blog and am always inspired by the way your recycle op shop finds into such beautiful things!

  25. Hi Julie, PLEASE enter me into your give away! And I am a follower! It seems like forever since I have had time to blog and read every ones blogs! I have missed it! Great post as usual, love the photo's, new pillow looks great. Can't wait to see what those penny's turn into??? Claire tells me you may be coming down in April? almost forgot there was so much to write about, love your glass project!!!

  26. Hi Julie, wow beautiful doll, I make dolls and would love the gorgeous Peace angel to come live at my place, ever since I found your blog I have been home sick, even though I have live in Australia for longer, but was born in Hamilton, and I love reading all about your life and so envy where you live, thanks for sharing. Chris .

  27. Hi Julie, another beautiful piece I absolutely love this gorgeous angel and it would lovely in my new house in Pirongia. I love all the crafts and things you make, my house is slowly becoming quite scattered with many of your beautiful creations. I love your blog it alwas brings a smile to my face thank you for sharing with us. Love Becca xxx

    1. Hi Becca ... Thank You !!! Yes she would look lovely in your new home :-) Thanks for taking the time to stop by Becca - well done with the Commenting . Big hugs, x0x

  28. Hello Julie,

    Just catching up on my blog reading. Breaking your neck, ouch, have you been back in a hammock since? Love the Angel, fabrics etc are so lovely. Would love some of that rain in the first cartoon. A lovely Vanilla Slice would go well under that dome.
    Have a lovely day.

  29. Absolutely GORGEOUS photos, and I definitely need to visit your blog again, Julie.
    What an amazing lady you are to keep moving forward in life after such an accident. {{hugs}}
    Please enter me in your giveaway...your doll is incredibly lovely. Precious. xx

  30. Dear Julie, I am so happy that I have discovered your blog! I am now a follower and will be back regularly! Your angel is absolutely beautiful and I will be thrilled to have her in my home. Your garden is soooo beautiful. When you have a moment please visit me at Cloister of the Heart ( I share some pics of my garden and my many free birds. I also feed them daily and it is amazing how they come to trust one! Cupboard love or not! it is all the same not so? I admire your courage - life is such a changemaker! blessings to you, Hettienne

  31. Hello dear Julie
    Congratulations on your 2 years of blogging- well done!
    I adore your Giveaway Peace Angel, she is so cute in her linen dress and doily pinny - I'll keep my fingers crossed!
    I'm posting her on my blog too!
    What a dreadful thing to happen - a broken neck, it doesn't get more serious than that. Thank goodness you've made a full recovery!
    The doves know when they're on to a good thing - they make a lovely addition to your garden – your garden visitors will love them. Somehow I don’t think they would feel the same about the wild turkeys though!!
    Oh you're so clever - the glass project is amazing – I’ll keep my eye out for a topper!
    The doilies and woollen blankets are a great combination - they all look so pretty lined up on your couch.
    I've got a crinoline lady doily too!
    Well had better get off to bed I've got work at 8 in the morning!!!

  32. Hello ... I'm new here having followed a link so feel rather cheeky that my first comment - it won't be my last - is a give away entry. Congratulations on your two years of blogging x

    Love what you did with the glass and those vintage embroidery cushions are just perfect :)

    PS I just followed you too :)

  33. Dear Julie what a beautiful angelr and I have just the spot for her to be most admired and loved. Thank you for a wonderful visit today so relaxing and stimulating at the same time .I had my birthday today and a visit to thread ear was my gift from my lovely hubby a wonderful array of goodies and flowers so enjoyable ?Thank you Jill Harper from Tauranga

    1. Hello Jill - it was so lovely to chat with you the other day - I did not know it was your birthday so "Happy Belated Birthday Greetings" to you. Remember if your name is drawn out, you have to come have that cuppa & pick up your angel :-) Have a lovely week, Julie x0x

  34. I love being a regular follower of your blogs.. I wish that we were in a better financial situation so that we could come and visit you beautiful cottage.
    To have your beautiful angel would be so special to have hanging in my craft room. I hope to see your beautiful products on trade me sometime.

    1. Hello Trish - thanks so much for entering the giveaway & taking part, I have tried some crafts on trade-me at odd times but never had much luck selling anything. Perhaps I may try again over the winter months. Best of luck with the draw - the angel is really lovely & I think would look wonderful in anyones decor. x0x

  35. Happy 2nd birthday Julie!!! Of course as a follower I would love to go into the draw for the gorgeous Angel you have made! What a cool idea with the glassware - where do those fabulous ideas keep coming from?!! :-) Love your little legs in the cup - I did think you were doing Pippi Long Stocking until I read about the masking tape!! Gorgeous cushions, you sure do have a talent for repurposing!!

  36. hi this angel is just what i need in my hme, to lok after me

  37. You make the most beautiful dolls and this precious angel would be perfect in my bedroom! I came over from Shane's and I'm enjoying your blog. It looks like we like many of the same things. I've been making bunnies but I've never made a doll. I'm your newest follower! I hope you'll visit me, too! Sweet hugs, Diane from Florida

  38. Beautiful things on your blog! I love it!
    Hugs Marianne

  39. You have inspired me, I want to get my sewing machine out. I would love to win the angel and I will be a follower as soon as I can hit the button. Not because I want to win but because I want to find my way back again to read more of the blog. I really want to make some cushions and do some crafts for the new bedroom (my basement flooded and we have to redo it all).............very nice things. I love the doves, we dont get pigeons at our feeders only Mourning doves. Great post...........Janice


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