Monday, March 17, 2014


Hello dear friends & readers,

This post is written especially for my good friend Leeanne
Several months ago Leeanne asked me "could you do a post about that doll thats up the top on your header"

That doll is called Lizzie . . . & she is a pattern by Chris Rook of "Raggedy-ole-britches"
My tatty copy has been torn out of an old Homespun magazine & (until now) I had only ever made the one

Hello there . . .  I'm Lizzie

My Lizzie sits on my dining room couch & watches the world go by, observing all the comings & goings of my rather odd threadbear life

When Leeanne asked me, I had already begun another body so this weekend - with cyclone Lusi whirling her way around us - I sat down & began to complete Lizzie No 2.

The photo above shows the before & after of the hands & feet which require some needle sculpting ... as I tend to stuff my dolls rather tightly, this was often a tiny bit tricky but we got there in the end.  Without sculpting, her feet would be quite misshapen I feel.

Now wouldn't you just adore a figure like this ???!!!

The above pic is the completed doll body - yes I know - rather odd looking isnt she ... but I am quite partial to these "hammer head style" dolls, especially the primitive ones
(I notice the pattern says to sew all the body pieces first & then dunk in parisian essence but I personally find it much easier to dye a large piece of calico first, dry it, then begin my body)

Dressing her is the fun part ... her dress is simple enough & she has pantaloons also 
 I just love the finished Lizzie ... I decided to embellish my "No 2 version" with some torn fabric ribbons in her hair

Its interesting to notice the fading of the calico body & cardy  in Lizzie 1 - although our diningroom is dark, it just shows how much the light can fade things

The pattern just used 3 single strands of wool for hair stiffened with PVA glue ... I preferred to add a bit more hair, but this is a personal choice

Although the pattern calls for an Op Shop baby cardigan (to be parisian essence dyed), she is equally as lovely without the cardy

Her eyes are black domes (or snaps/poppers as some countries call them)

The pattern also shows how to make her some primitive cakes with painted icing on but my Lizzie is quite content to just sit around observing, so I didnt make up the cakes.

Because I seem to have made rather a few Raggedies lately, I decided to do a small Raggedy Anne display in the Cottage to group them all together

I thought they could just enjoy each others company & share stories a little

Sometimes when I am in bed at night, I wonder to myself ... do they ever get up & move around & then get back into their rightful places by morning . . .  hmmm ... no wonder the Mr thinks I am "losing the plot somewhat" at times ...

I just love my Raggedies So VeRy MuCh  :-)

While Cyclone Lusi blew great gusts & gales around us all weekend (& unfortunately, did not rain a great deal) it was definately indoors weather but great for crafting & finishing some long overdue projects

This was a panel I had planned to make up into a table runner for my Mum - originally for a christmas gift but it ended up back in the "to finish basket" ... her birthday is next month so I had another go at completing it ...

(The panel was called A Stitchers Garden by Moda)

I am still undecided whether to attach the black bobbles to the ends of the runner or leave as it is ... what do you think readers - bobbles or left as it is  ??

Looking at my photos, I would like to stitch through the centre borders in red to make them sit a little better ... also a note to self... "give table runner a good iron!!!"

Another completion was this very old stitchery pulled out of the pile - it is a Country Friends design,  stitched on linen very many years ago (in fact, I think it was approx 8-9 years ago now!!)

I tossed up a few ideas but in the end, decided to cut out a blue wool felt border with my scallop scissors & then attach it to some blue ticking (from the Op Shop) & make into a cushion ... 
the linen on the stitchery is faintly tea-dyed but you can hardly tell.

Today the wind has died down, the sun is shining & it was lovely to sit & have lunch on the deck, to read a gorgeous magazine & drool over some new projects

The hanging baskets can be hung back up again now - they are little wind battered but survived none the less 

And I am sure . . . 

from Pinterest

 . . . that lurking in the back of the cupboard somewhere ... there are some more PHD's to be completed.

Have a wonderful week ahead dear friends & readers
May you keep safe from any "storms" out there - thanks so much for your visits
And Leeanne - perhaps you will be inspired now to make your own little Lizzie doll
much love & friendship to all of you,
Julie x0x0x


  1. Yummy post Julie... Miss Lizzie is a fine addition to your craft room :-) Your Raggedies have so much personality!! Your cushion is lovely too - good on you for puling out these long lost projects. I thought you were being a clever girl with all your half square triangles, until I re-read and saw your Mum's runner is a panel - very cool! We got wind but little rain :-( - as you say though, great sewing time!

  2. Those dolls certainly take a lot of patience to put together! I like their hair and facial expressions. While you had a cyclone in the area we rejoiced the fact that the storms seem to have left the UK and we enjoyed out of season Summer sunshine yesterday and walked in shorts and tee shirts - this time last year it was snowing.

  3. I must say...I do love that Lizzie....I think she's
    really lovely..My sort of lady in fact...Face, cloths,
    hair...And, l can see where the saying comes from.
    'Legs up to her armpits'. HeHe! :).
    She looks better dressed...."Nuff Said".

    Goodness! Is it hanging basket time already.......
    We've been lucky over here, the weather has changed
    for the better....As l peep through the Paddington Bear
    curtains..The sun is starting to shine through...Lovely!

  4. What a busy Lizzie...I'm beginning to wonder if there's two of you, I would love to see them animated. Always inspired by your posts...those fingers and toes are hilarious and I love the odd buttons on that cushion. Stay crafty. xx

  5. Hello Julie,

    Glad the cyclone passed with not much trouble to your garden. Lizzie is a doll isn't she. I bet she and her friends run around the cottage as soon as you close the door. Stuffing is the key to good doll making, the more the better otherwise Lizzie would need some botox later on. Good luck on those projects that need finishing.

    Have a happy day.

  6. Your hanging baskets are still looking amazing. So colourful and happy. Xx

  7. Lizzie is a stunner! Don't we come in all shapes & sizes! All the raggies look happy hanging out together. You comment made me think of the movie Toy Story......what do they get up to?
    Shame you didn't get much rain, we did get a good dose, we got wind too, a few branches broken, hopefully the fruit tree farmers crops are OK.
    Cute blue cushion, i didn't realise that you cut the felt border yourself, I thought you bought them like that. Glad the runner for your mum turned out good, I suppose you will give it to her for her birthday?

  8. Hello Julie, yes I'm quite sure there is quite a bit of chatter and giggles and running around showing off their hair do's and clothes to each other.I don't mind if your man thinks we are a bit simple I'm quite happy to think that the Lizzie's and Raggedy's are very happy in their home.It's time for me to make another visit. Shirley

  9. Hi Julie, your Lizzie's are gorgeous and I love your Raggy corner. Your sculpting of her hands and feet is very clever! Your mum's runner and the cushion is lovely too. Isn't it a perfect treat to enjoy a new magazine with a cup of tea or coffee, hugs Wendy xx

  10. Hello Julie, I really like your beautiful dolls. They have so much personality. Merry wishes from the Netherlands, Wendy

  11. Hello dear Julie..mmm not much rain out of all that fuss & bluster, that's for sure! That was sensible to take the baskets down like that : ) I thought you were making a sister for ET there for just a second...what a delight they all are..raggedy & Parisian washed (thanks so much for the info on that). I would want ribbons in my hair too, I'm sure. I do love the Friendship is a sheltering tree cushion. I hope your mum enjoys the lovely runner. Yes, I agree sew through the red bit : ) Much love to you clever friend, Catherine x0x0x0x

  12. I can imagine sitting inside in a cozy house sewing while the wind and rain do their thing outside. That's my idea of a perfect day! I admire anyone who can make dolls as I know how hard they are to make! The runner is so pretty. I say leave the bobbles off!

  13. Hi Julie,
    There's something too special about cloth dolls. Most people just fall in love
    with them....I know I do. Love the basket of flowers, they look like they want
    to keep busting out!! lol
    Cheers, Anita.


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