Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter ! ! !

Hello dear friends & readers,

Just dropping by to wish each & every one of you A Very Happy Easter

from Pinterest

& to share a little of my trip to Mums with you all   :-)

Mum had a very enjoyable 85th birthday - our week together went by in the blink of an eye
As Mum received lots of photographs this birthday I forced, coerced persuaded her to purchase a small table to display them all on, kind of a little gallery
I came across this gorgeous little oak table in Ethel Annes Antique Shop & it did the trick perfectly 

I just loved the detail of the heart shaped legs on this wee table 

Mum was happy with the table runner I made her but preferred to use it an a "quilt" on her 2-seater couch

While I gardened lots for her, the rains came & I was forced indoors ... Mum had quite an overload of courgettes this year so we made a batch of bread & butter pickles one wet day

These 3 traditional gollies came home with me . . . 
This is some of what my Mum knits for my cottage - at 85 years of age she is still knitting away - a little slower now, but still beautiful handiwork

Mum stuffs them all & sews on the buttons & I do their faces & ribbons ... her work is an inspiration to me

No trip to Mums would be complete without a visit with my dear friend Claire - this time it was a quick cuppa on my way home - but I did remember my camera :-)

Although Claires lovely home has been much photographed & posted about on my blog here (& Michelles blog also) I continually find sources of inspiration from Claire
The swag above was a new touch in her country bedroom - she had affixed it along a painted beam ... it was just beautiful & so perfect for the room

curtains = op shop lace tablecloths

I wander around with my camera while Claire makes a cuppa - she is used to me by now clicking away 
(gosh, just as well!!!)

This was an old dark wooden corner unit from the Op Shop which received one of Claires amazing make-overs

I was inspired by the "mirror wall" in her bedroom as I am trying to think of ways to lighten our bedroom as we redecorate it

 more gorgeous Op Shop needlework pictures . . . 

. . .  & fascinating tabletop displays 

I commented to Claire I didn't think I had ever seen her table so "bare" ... this was quite minimalist for Claire ... just a touch of pastel Easter decorating - stunning!!

The last 3 pics are her entry porch where she always has beautiful displays which change & evolve with the different seasons - I am always in awe of Claires amazing ability to put things together so effortlessly

My friend Lois popped in a few days ago with a treasured cup & saucer that had been her late Mums
Lois had poured tea into it & it had leaked from a fine hairline crack around the base

 Lois asked if I could "do anything with it for her"

I decided a pincushion would be the solution as it was still in such good condition apart from the crack
It turned out lovely & dainty ..... Lois was thrilled with it   :-)

I wanted to share with you (some of) my Op Shop finds from my trip down to Mums

Although I usually prefer the plainer vintage linens, for some reason I found myself drawn to the more coloured doilies this trip

Although the Mexican Men arent really my "thing", I just loved & appreciated all the detailed handwork in them

This little number from the Hospice Shop felt like I had hit the "doiley jackpot"  - it is a tray cloth & the cup on the bottom right has a little pocket to tuck a serviette into

The little crochet lace edge is the pocket
(I think it only fair to add however, they were most definately not in this condition when I purchased them & have since had a long soak & a wash & iron)

Lovely Op Shop tablecloth, hydrangeas (from garden), tin bird (from Claire) & berry candle (from Mum)

(And flowers sitting in $2 glass Op Shop Jug)
Thank you all for your very kind comments last post on the anniversary of my beloved dog Nero
After Nero passed away, I confess I dreamed for a good many months about a lovely fluffy little cat curled up on my lap or sitting at my feet while stitching ... a female cat quite possibly named Pearl ??? ... or Poppy perhaps . . .  ???

Instead . . . it appears . . .  this is what I have "inherited"

A feral ginger tom (whom I have named Bob) who sits here on the top step each morning (& evening) waiting for me to feed him on the lawn - we have a gap with a board missing under our deck & he sits here looking out & watching me
I cannot get close as yet but I have managed to get him to stop hissing & spitting at me ... plus he now eats off a plate instead of on the lawn
Not quite what I imagined in my dream ... but I shall persevere with Bob - lets just say its lucky he's cute cos he is quite naughty !!!!

Thanks so very much for your visits today
I hope your Easter is a happy & safe one for you all
with much love & friendship,
Julie x0x0x   (& Bob)xx


  1. Happy Easter to you too, Julie. It looks like you have had a wonderful time away - so much beautiful inspiration and loveliness. Your Mum's gollies are gorgeous... I like to think I'll still be stitching away when I'm 85 too! Little Bob does look very cute, once the days turn cooler you may entice him closer to the house.

  2. Oh your Mum must have appreciated your time & your company. Lovely table for her photographed memories. You found some lovely treasures on your travels. Claire's house is AWESOME! I loved her rustic idea!We have big rusty bells like that at the shop! Now you know how I feel when I come to your house :-)
    Oh look out little Mr Bob, I think you are winning over Julie's heart, if you accept her, she will love you & feed you ever so well!
    Sad about your friend Lois' tea cup, but you have made her a lasting treasure.
    P.S your lawn is looking you water it!!!!! Haha..........:-))

  3. Love the gollies and your vintage linen finds. Happy Easter!
    Jacqui x

    1. Hi Jacqui ... thanks so much. Yes the vintage linen finds were really inspiring this trip. Sometimes it can be very hit & miss ... as it goes with Op Shop shopping :-) Hope you have a lovely Easter also Jacqui - thanks for stopping by x0x

  4. I must have missed your last post, I do hope now is the right time for you to welcome a new pet and that Bob will learn to love you, they say cats choose their owners so looks like you don't have a say in the matter! How lovely that he is going to be called Bob, he may have hidden talents like the one in the book? Ambercat would approve, being a ginger herself. Your friend's house is very pretty and has a very strong personality, I like her Easter table. I am amazed that your mum can make these beautiful Gollies at her age, she must have nimble fingers - maybe this is what keeps them nimble! Wishing you a happy Easter and blessings to your home. Betty x

  5. Read this through a few times to absorb everything....
    And, the lovely photos..With the sunshine adding it's
    ray of light! :).
    Love the Gollies...Their great....Still have mine from
    childhood...Cut his afro off once...HeHe! Never grew back!

    And, yes, Happy and Holy Easter to one and all...Not to many
    eggs now! :>).
    Remember..."It's nice to be important~But it's important to be nice".
    And a special.....(((Hug))) ....For Bob....x

  6. Golly! I can see where you get your crafting talents from and you've hit the doily jackpot again...looking forward to the transformations. Happy Easter. xx

    1. Hello E.E. Happy Easter to you too :-)
      Yes my Mum has always been a beautiful knitter & I seem to have her patience, though not perhaps her knitting ability!! I sure did hit the doiley jackpot this visit x0x

  7. Oh Julie. I have missed stopping in. Things have been so busy and i hadnt seen a post in a long time, i started to worry. I am thrilled to hear you have been at your mothers. Wow i cant believe she still works in such detail...Amazing inspiration for sure.
    What a lovely trip and those doilys!! Nice! I am sure this winter you will get time to sit and stitch a lot...maybe not with bob but keep dreaming. Cats are funny. They only work on their terms lol
    Take care

  8. How clever is your her gollies. Thanks for the great tour of Claire's beautiful home. I am in love with her green dresser!!! You bought home some great treasures and your teacup pincushion makeover was perfect. A lovely post Julie. Happy Easter xx

  9. Glad you had a nice visit with your mom. I think it's so neat that she still knits! Good luck with Bob, he will eventually come around. I've been able to turn around a couple feral cats that have roamed my neighborhood!

  10. A lovely post full of beautiful aspirations……. Mum's are very special and glad your time with her was a treat. Her work is amazing. I'm sure Bob will became a great companion and be very spoilt. Love the op-shop findings.
    Happy Easter Julie!

  11. Ha ha, well what did you should know that cats have staff! I think that maybe they're meant to be a "pick & mix" arrangement. We've certainly had an odd assortment on that basis! By the way what happened to the other wild crowd that were high diving in to your pot plants? So glad that you had another lovely visit with your mum. Great idea with the little table. Golly, we knew Ethel Anne's awfully well back in the day. Really wish it wasn't so far to go to pop in. Last time we visited I found a gorgeous old wash jug covered in roses...something I had been looking for for years.
    There is something so satisfying about finding fabulous linen,,,isn't there. Funny old Mexicans (imagine sifting through & exclaiming...yes! I think I'll embroider that pattern) I recall you found something equally quirky last time around. Nice you brought the golly's home. the bread & butter pickle looks delicious. That was a lovely thing to do together.
    At least you won't have to water this week! Happy Easter to you two too..what a dear little postcard.
    Much love & friendship, Catherine x0x0x

  12. Hello Julie,

    Happy Easter Monday afternoon to you. Morning still here. Loved seeing where you got your talent from. Those gollies are wonderful. Amazing finds with the doilies, a good soak and then you get to enjoy them. Clare certainly has a wonderful collection of goodies in her home. Everything seems to match without trying if that makes sense.

    I still have one of those Mexican designs to finish, I was about 10 when I started it, it was the only design that wasn't floral I think.

    Happy days.

  13. Hi Julie, looks like you were very productive at you mums, her new table is lovely and her gollies are wonderful. It is always a treat to see your friends house through your camera lens, very inspiring just like your place! Your new addition to the family is very cute. Our black cat was a wild kitten too when we got him and now he thinks we are his family and I am his mum!! Hugs Wendy

  14. Happy Easter to you too :) is Ethel Anne antiques in hawera by any chance? Ii love the name pearl xx

  15. Hi Julie, after all these years and yes a lot have gone by I love buying your tea towels they are the perfect gift to go with something and to someone that has everything! YES I will keep you to your promise and you will visit :) Love what you do. Amanda xx

    1. Haha, not sure why Christina has come up with school but hey that tells you how much I use this! :)

  16. Dear Julie
    I'm feeling so bad and way behind with everything....
    What a lovely post! I enjoyed your visit to see your Mum - she is lucky to have you helping her with the garden and preserving!
    And in return her creative hands are working away on those gorgeous Gollies - they are full of personality!
    What a photo op at Claire's house - lovely touches everywhere especially the table in the porch - the lovely angel caught my eye straight away!
    I've been looking for one for ages.
    So much inspiration at her house!
    Thank you for taking us there too Julie!
    Shane xox

  17. I meant to add - I think Bob has decided where his home will be - looks like he's chosen YOU!
    Shane x


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