Friday, June 27, 2014

A Suesday & a Bag Lady . . . .

Hello dear friends & readers

Last week I got to (kind of) take part in a Suesday,
"What on earth is a Suesday"???!!!  I hear you all asking . . .
My fellow blogger friend Sue whom I made the Pay it Forward gift for in my last post came to visit me with her other friend ... also called Sue ... from here

Every so often these 2 lovely girls go out for a days Op Shopping & call it a "Suesday" ... 
as they came across to visit me, I kind of got to take part in a Suesday
You can read Sue's post about it here & the other Sue's post about it on her blog here
It was honestly SO lovely to meet some other bloggers from my region
. . . AND . . .

. . . they came bearing gifts . . . 

the cutest little cane basket filled up with Sues lovely homemade jams & jellies (with doiley lids) & topped off with a vintage sheet  . . .
We had the most wonderful morning together & then I sent them off with an Op Shop map of my local area
Thank You SO much girls for taking the time to travel out to visit with me (& Mum)  :-)

Also this past week I have had my Mum staying with me - Mum came up for a small family get-together which I drove her to over at a lovely cafe at Papamoa Beach

Mum is 85 now & originally came from a family of 13 (11 children, 2 adults),  there are only 7 remaining now - 
4 pictured above + 3 other brothers who live away
I love being a part of these family get-togethers while we still can 

Me & my little tiny Mum
While Mum was with me I had an order for some sheepskin slippers -
 "size 2 with some pink/mauve in them" was the request

Mum knitted frantically while she was here & managed to finish them before going home 

I have not done any sewing or crafting for a week & I almost have the shakes !!!!
Prior to Mums visit, & inspired by the bag I made for Sue last post, I made a few more bags from some vintage blankets & fabrics I had in my stash

The pattern is a Kwik Sew design, style No 3171 -
 I had been either gifted or thrifted the cane handles so long ago I can barely remember

This lovely Sanderson Linen one is - perhaps - going into "Julies wardrobe" & not into the Cottage stock I feel

I lined each one with vintage fabrics also

A customer commented last week "gosh you sure have lots of feral animals choosing to live round here"

She had spotted the kittens on her way in ... & then the doves on her way out again

I did have to laugh at little squawker & little sickie this week

Although they were certainly not hungry, they just had to sit up on the birds dishes to prevent them from flying in to eat ... I think sickie may have had a little "taste test"

this little rascal here has melted my heart in ways I just could never have imagined ... even though a good puff of wind can blow us sideways,  we think we are 10 feet tall & invinsible !!!

And dear old Bob still remains very much on the fringes of it all ...
he is happy to consume our food & milk but do not expect any further interaction thanks very much!!

Well folks I am off to town for a haircut - I hope you all have a wonderful weekend & find some creative time in the days ahead
Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me today
much love & friendship,
Julie x0x0


  1. oh Julie how wonderful that you had your mom come for a visit. I just can't believe she is able to whip up knitting like that so fast.
    My blogger has been down so I was so glad to see it back up and a post from you. Those kittens are just too cute. I think they were hoping that those doves would come by so they could take a swing at them, lol
    Things are looking cold there, we had our first grey summers day today and it was quite lovely. It felt as if you sent the winter over for just a day.
    Take care Julie

  2. You so have to keep the Sanderson fabric bag, I mean to say, Sanderson rules!!! Glad you and your mum had a good get together with the rellies. Totally enjoyed meeting you and will definitely be back again. Or we meet in HamilTRON to do the shops together, but no elbowing!!!

  3. Wow little Sickie, might need a new name, she looks much better, brighter & healthier looking. Wonderful you got to be part of "Suesday"........try combine Julie, Sue's & Leeanne........what do you get???? No name, but as Sue says, there might be some elbowing involved!
    Glad you could do some nice things with your Mum, they don't last forever do they.
    Cool bags, no doubt you will ease yourself back to the sewing room without too much nudging. Happy weekend.

  4. I read about the two Sue's antics on their blogs - sounds like a fun time!! It's lovely you and your Mum were able to spend some time together - and the booties she made are too cute. The bags too turned out well - I'm not surpised one is having a detour on the way to the cottage!! Hope your haircut went well and they took just the right amount off :-) Happy creative weekend!

  5. Lovely gifts from the girls. How nice to spend time with your Mum. Another lovely post Julie. I loved my visit xx

  6. Lovely family photos Julie...Families are very important in ones life!
    Both sides of my family, English and Sicilian are huge...And, all living
    to ripe old ages! My Mum's Dad..My Grandfather, lived till he was 106.
    HeHe! So l'm hoping for my telegram from 'King William' one day.......
    I'll let you know! :>).

    And, yes, dear little Bob..Bless! You never know, he may just change
    one day...And, pot in to say hello! At the mo, he's keeping his eye on
    everything....And, of course eating your food! He's lovely!x

  7. It's lovely to see a picture of you - and your mum (she looks very sweet) - good for her still knitting and keeping her fingers nimble.
    It must have been to meet your two blogging friends, I am going to take a look at their blogs - your part of the world is always very interesting.
    I think those little cats are part of your home now, I expect they keep your place free of rats and mice though so are worth having around.
    Ambercat got me a huge mouse (possibly rat) this morning and kept it alive to present to me - I had to take it and let it out in the woods.
    All your latest makes look lovely as always Betty

  8. Your Mum looks great, proof that knitting is good for you. I was sewing doilies on bags yesterday and thought of you. Happy Suesday and Sewsday from Eco Ethel xx

  9. Golly Julie, you've really had a busy little winter, haven't you! So at one stage you had a great many aunts & uncles. That must be nice to have so many people pleased to see you. Great that you could take your mum through to Papamoa. Just out of interest how many op shops are on your area map that you made for the two Sues? Do you have a regular routine or do you just pop in when passing? You look very sweet in pink by the way. Definitely a good idea to closet the Sanderson bag out of sight of the cottage. So pleased that you're back caring for furry creatures with all your heart & soul..pigeons included : ) Have a lovely weekend. Much love Catherine x0x0x

  10. Hi Julie :D We had a lovely day, we need to do it again soon. Love the booties, We saw them in the process of being knitted, they are very cute, well done 'mum'
    Nice bags, I feel inspired to make some myself as I have a drawer full of handles. xxxx

  11. Lovely pictures Julie. You are such a busy girl. Your bags are lovely.Shirley

  12. You have had some lovely visiting time, sounds like fun! Your bags are lovely and the booties are so cute! Little Sickie is very gorgeous. Enjoy the sunshine today :) hugs Wendy xx


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