Monday, December 8, 2014

A "blink of an eye" kind of week

Hello dear friends & readers,
The past week has gone by in the blink of an eye ... somewhere in the midst of it all we welcomed December in . . . 

Early last week I had the loveliest group bring their lunch to eat & enjoy
After the most awful cold winds & nasty weather ... we actually managed a nice sunny day

They laid out the most beautiful spread on my decking table (AND invited me to join them) ...
 its always a good sign that they are enjoying their visit when they are reluctant to move onto their next destination

They were such a lovely group of ladies ... "a coffee & craft group" from Hamilton

Then the next really lovely visit I had was from fellow blogger Sue - we had met up once before & judging by the amount of talking that went on, we will surely be meeting up again!!
Sue never arrives empty handed & this is the assortment of treasures she bought in the boot of her car

. . . all gifted to "yours truely" . . .

Sue is a real Op Shop Queen & the wooden pieces were Op Shop finds, while the gorgeous candy coloured blanket remnants were leftovers from a "coat of many colours" Sue is currently making herself using thrifted wool blankets
Just mouthwatering colours   :-)
Thank you SO much Sue ... you can read Sue's post about her visit here & she even managed a great photo of little Madam Jinxy (up a tree no less!!!!)

I had been requested to make up another 8 hanging baskets for  local Bar & Eatery "The Redoubt" ... the last order I did for them was way back in May
A mixture of Lobelia, geraniums & cascading petunias to tolerate the hot dry winds they get where they hang

While in Mitre 10 choosing the plants my favourite garden centre assistant Wendy, asked me if I had any of my Mums knitted girl gollies left ... she would like 2 please.  
Oh I am sure there are some girls left in the basket I assured her . . .

Oh dear . . . 5 mustard coloured boys, no girls !!!! What to do ???
A quick phone call to Mum who assured me that NO she couldn't possibly manage to knit me two before christmas 
. . .  forced me put my thinking cap on . . .

I chose the 2 with the longest/wooliest hair ... & gathered up a length of fabric into a "skirt" then added a bow in the same fabric to their hair (Oh & stitched a small bee button to their jackets)
Wendy was just delighted & about now the 2 girls are winging their way to Australia for christmas stockings.

My friend Lois who frequently gets me to do bits & pieces for her, dropped off this bag of oddments quite sometime ago.  It had been weighing on my mind that I needed to get it sorted for her
That is actually her wedding dress to the left ... I havent even touched that part of the order yet.
The roll cushion needed to be recovered in the green stripe fabric, the cream wool cross stitch cushion needed to be taken apart, a good soak to clean it, then a new inner & new backing made for it. 

The delicate crinolene lady china cup had a hairline crack so I turned it into a pincushion for Lois

The wedding dress is to be used to dress a doll (as yet unmade) ... but that may have to be a project for next year
 I feel.

This "always kiss me goodnight heart" was an order for a "new baby boy who has everything" gift

I had a couple of these in the Cottage but nothing in suitable colours for a new baby boy ... so I made this one up especially for the customer.
The pattern is called Sentimental Hearts by Laurel Hermon & is torn out of a very old Homespun Magazine

I have sold these in the past to be given to new babys & always think what a beautiful gift they make for the baby who has everything.

Before I go make a cuppa I would love to share a few more photos from Kayne & Nicoles recent wedding - they loaded some to my computer over the weekend
Precious Little Karma
Beautiful Nicole

As the weather was so bad they took them down to the wine cellars to take some photos

. . .  my 2 boys & I  . . .

This last one is one of my absolute favourites - just a random snap of Kayne sharing a laugh with Nicoles Dad & the 2 grandads ... love it.

Thanks for staying with me through a photo heavy post dear readers
I hope the coming week is good to you all & you are managing the lead up to christmas okay - the next couple of weeks can be a busy time so try to remember to take some time out to "smell the roses" along the way . . .

Just as little Madam Jinxy is doing   . . .   !!!!!!
with much love & friendship to you all
Julie x0x0x


  1. ooooO! Firstly l must say...I do love those Jolly Gollies!
    I think there great! I still have mine to. First thing l had as
    a babe! Though, somewhere along the way, l cut off it's
    afro...And, it never grew back. :).
    Silly things you do as a kid...HeHe! And, still do'in them!

    And, a lovely, lovely spread for you and your friends..That's
    what l like to see, do a lot myself during the summer months.
    Great fun!
    Lovely hanging baskets to.
    And, more lovely wedding photos...I still like the on with the bike!
    With an added furry friend....HeHe! And, another furry rascal, at
    the bottom with the roses! Lovely! Bless!

  2. Hi Julie, lovely post, I especially like your sons wedding photo's, your new daughter in law is beautiful! Glad you have found time to rekindle your relationship with your sewing machine. Sue sure bought you some treasures........have fun 'Juliefying' them! Lovely Jinxy, she has all the time in the world to smell the roses.

  3. Those ladies sure filled up your deck Julie!! I loved spending the day at your place, such a peaceful place to sit a have a natter!! Glad you put some more wedding photos up, they are beautiful and I love the one with you and your boys. Your belt was straight!!

  4. A lovely post Julie and thank you for sharing all those great happy photos

  5. Love that beautiful blue heart - and more lovely wedding photos!

  6. A lovely picture of you with your boys - that book looks interesting - I would have opened it before Christmas too!
    Glad to see you have so many orders and regular work coming in to help pay the bills. Betty.

  7. Beautiful wedding photos Julie and you look gorgeous in the red. The craft group look well settled alright - what a spread! I love all the little bits you have been busy crafting away on, and such an ingenious solution to your Gollie problem! Don't forget to follow Jinxy's advise yourself :-)

  8. Lovely photos. I have a Tilda book for Christmas too .
    One day I will get to you're shop, in the mean time. Merry Christmas Julie

  9. Hello Julie,

    So much crafty goodness going on in the cottage just love that baby heart gift. Love the photo's of the ladies lunching. Had to have a big smile for the final photo of the Gentlemen, reminds me of men outside a RSL on Anzac day for some reason. Must be the generations sharing company.
    Have a lovely week and enjoy that new book.

    Happy days.

  10. Love dropping by for a visit Julie. So much to love and admire. Wonderful post. Your photo of your son and grandies is beautiful xx

  11. I always feel my heart slow and my breathing quieten when I visit your blog, Julie.
    Everything is lovely, but I have to say, "you are a knockout"! Red is your colour, and you make it look good. ;-)

  12. Oh I am so pleased that the Hamilton craft ladies visit was such a success....what a wonderful outing for them all coming to your place! I hope you did join in with looks delicious. Gosh I bet Sue's coat of many colours is going to be amazing, judging by the spare bits she passed on to you. I think that has to be one of the sweetest baby gifts I have ever seen...Love the shape of the heart & the little saying is just perfect for a beloved & brand new little life. Thanks for sharing a few more photos of the wedding. Lovely, lovely pictures. Special to have the ones with you & your boys. Probably doesn't happen very often, I expect. Much to you my friend, Catherine x0x0x

  13. Oh, Julie. That pic of you and your boys is so delightful! What a lovely,sunny,busy post this is. So rare to see a glimpse of the sun after the weather we're having here. 'Weather-bombing' they're now calling the high winds and stormy seas. Keep posting those sunny pics - we all need a regular dose of Vitamin C! The Bride is an absolute beauty and the little dog too!


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