Wednesday, February 18, 2015

And then, there was one . . . . ( a Eulogy )

A sad, sad Hello to you dear friends & readers,

A few days ago I had to say Goodbye to my precious little Jinxy Girl after she was killed on our road.
My heart is heavy with grief as I type this.

It seems difficult to believe that I snapped this photo just one day prior to her death
I had been wandering around the garden looking for something inspiring to photograph & saw her watching me from under my old wooden wheelbarrow
What struck me was how well she looked after many months of caring for her & trying to get her to put weight on.

As I never knew the date she was born ... a litter of 4 wild kittens just appeared in my front garden last autumn ... I can only guess she would have been about a month shy of her first birthday when she died.

I left food every day in the front garden but their Mum kept shifting them as she didn't like me trying to interact with them. And then the frosts came & I found them one morning, all sleeping in my old dogs kennel, that I had still kept.
(click on the pic to enlarge to see how really tiny she was)
It became apparent how much smaller you were than the others ... you were such a wee dot.
A puff of wind could've blown you over 
(in fact one day, a puff of wind actually blew you sideways as I watched you trying to run across the lawn)
You seemed constantly chilled & would let me bring you inside by the fire or the heater ... but you would only last about 10 minutes & you would be gone again, searching for the others . . .
. . . who frequently went off & left you all alone for long periods of time

We fed all 4 of you day & night ... but your Mum didn't like it & still took you away lots ... you were all quite wild really.
I named you Little Sickie with your sad face & your weepy eyes

Your sister "Whitey" was killed by a truck at the depot yard, & I found a good home for "Squawker" to live.  
That left just you & your brother, Blackie.  I invested in a cat cage & finally managed to get you into the Vets.

You had bad cat flu & bronchitus & she gave me 2 weeks of special antibiotics to give you.
After 24 hours you disappeared again, so I made the decision to lock you & Blackie inside for the time being. 

Then, it became pandemonium for awhile  . . .
I kept you shut inside through a cold wet winter for about 8 weeks in total.
You loved it & thrived  .  .  .  Blackie - he barely tolerated it.  
As your health improved we renamed you little "Jinxy"

We tipped our little house "on its ear" making games & tunnels for you both to play in 

You were always right there being a pain assisting me whatever I was doing, you loved my crafty pastimes

You were mischievious, rascally & often just plain naughty ... but like with any naughty child,  I always forgave you when I saw you sleeping - your sweet little face & your curled up toes never failed to melt my heart 

From day one, I always noticed how you loved to sleep in contact with one of your siblings, always tucked up right next to someone

Yes -  we had you speyed ... this took two attempts at the Vets, you almost didn't survive the first anaesthetic

You were such a treasure little Jinxy, my dear sweet girl.  

I had never experienced kittens before, I had always inherited other peoples "cast off cats" that needed rehoming.

You tipped my world on its head but you bought me endless joy & pleasure 
I felt a tight knot of such deep love for you right in the centre of my chest where I imagine my heart to be.
We miss you so very much already.

And as for dear Blackie .  .  .  he is just lost & lonely.
He wonders where his nutty, dippy, loopy sister has gone to.  We are giving him extra special love, care & attention.

Sometimes I was sure there were multiple personalities inside that tiny wee head of yours dear Jinxy ... 
& I loved every single one
photo borrowed from Sue's blog

I shall think of you every year when I put the lights on my christmas tree & I will remember to leave a special place underneath it in memory of you

Rest in peace my sweet little Jinxy girl
Thank You for the immense joy you bought me in your short lifetime

I shall carry your memory with me in a special place in my heart.
with much love,
Julie & Blackie


  1. Dearest Julie, I'm so very sorry to hear this news. She obviously had a very good life with you as we can see from your precious photos of her. She was well-loved indeed. Sending huge hugs to you and Blackie. xxx

  2. Oh Julie I am so very sorry, you loved that little thing so much, she very likely would not have survived her first year without your intervention and she would have known how loved and appreciated she was. Bless you and and little Blackie. Betty

  3. Oh what a lovely but sad post remembering your precious Jinxy Girl. She looked as if she was such a bundle of mischief, fun and personality. It's one of life's most horrible things to lose a much loved pet. Sending you oodles of hugs, Julie! xx

  4. I've been sat here for the past half hour, it's nearly seven
    over here, and, l can just about see the screen, let alone
    the keyboard. What a state for a grown man to get into!

    I remember when l had to take my George to the vet, some
    years ago now, to be put down...(what a horrid expression).
    He walked me to my car, and said he'd send the bill...I sat
    in the car for ages, before l could see to drive. I was in a
    worst state, than when my mother died...Well she was 90.

    Thinking of you Julie....Thinking of you....Think the wheel on
    the mouse will get quiet a bit of use to~day!
    God bless you Jinxy...And, that little scar on your tummy.....
    Bless you! xxx

  5. Oh dear...this blogging lark. I don't even get to visit with you often & never actually met Jinxy, in person yet I feel as if I've seen you both such a lot! How terribly sad, Julie. I am so sorry to hear the news. Whatever was she doing anywhere near the road!!?? She seemed so thoroughly occupied around the house. I hate it that "Whistle" crosses the road to get to us everyday. Oh you poor dear girl. What a truly vibrant sad but wonderful too. Thank goodness you took all those precious pictures. So much love & huge hugs to you my friend, Catherine x0x0x

  6. Oh I am so sorry Julie, Heartbreaking news. I have only been visiting your blog such a sort time and had already fallen in love with her, so much character. Her brother Blackie (who as you have noticed is a spit of my Ambrose) will pine for her a lot. So give him a hug from me and of course from my trio Ambrose, Lucy and Peggy Sue. Lots of hugs to you all. A Lovely tribute to Jinxy..

  7. Oh dear Julie, I am so sorry that Jinxy is gone. It will leave a big hole I know. We lost two kittens of my son while living in Botswana to the road and it was very sad for all of us. I am very sad for you as it is just horrid to lose a pet that has wound its way around your heart. So pleased you have such lovely precious photos - special memories. Thinking of you. Karen and Hannah

  8. Crying with you sad, she was just a sweet wee dot of fluff that did melt your heart. I remember staying and watching the wee sweetie when she was sick and her mother didn't really give a toss about her............thank goodness she found a new mum, YOU! She has been such a feature here on your blog. Hugs to youxxx

  9. I'm so sorry to hear your sad news. xx

    1. Thanks so much E.E. for your kind thoughts x0x0

  10. Oh Julie NO!!! I am so sorry little Jinxy has gone, you poor thing. If it is any consolation, you gave her the very best life that a dear little cat could have ever wanted. I just feel so sad for you. Sending you big hugs and I shall visit soon.

  11. A wonderful heartfelt post Julie. I know it would have been very hard to write. It is a great tribute for your little friend. I feel for you at this sad time, all the best

  12. So sad to read you've lost your beautiful little girl. I do feel for you and poor Blackie, he will be confused and upset just like you. We do love the creatures in our life and what pain when they go.


  13. I am so sorry for your loss. I have a cat of my own, Snowbell, a stray that I rescued from a automotive garage, burnt, frostbitten, covered in oil, and starving. However our cats came to join our family we grow to love them, but when they are strays who we loved until they became housebroken and friendly, it makes our love for them, and them for us, that much stronger.

    RIP Jinxy.

    1. Hello Melinda, thank You. Yes I agree, they seem to take on a bit of special personality when they have had a rough start in life. Jinxy certainly did for sure. Thanks for your kind words & thoughts Melinda x0x

  14. I am so, so sorry and can only begin to imagine how you are feeling. Thank goodness you and Blackie have each other. x

    1. Thanks so much Barbara for your very kind words. Blackie is responding well to all the extra love, care & attention, he is an aloof little fellow but I can definately see a change in him :-)

  15. I'm so very sad to read your post Julie, you really did give her a wonderful home and heart to live in. I know the photos and the memories won't replace her but hope they bring you some comfort. Special hugs to Blackie and to you too of course, dear friend.

  16. What a beautifully written tribute to a special wee friend! Tears sprang to my eyes as soon as I starting reading your post, we get so attached to our furry friends don't we? My DD1 had a sad evening last night too... one of her horses died last night, one she recently got, she was a sweet horse and happy to be with my daughter I think(she was a rescue horse) at least she was looked after while she was with us...
    Big hugs

  17. Oh Julie.... {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{[hugs, love, prayers, hugs and hugs and hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}] xxxxxxxx

  18. Oh bloody hell! I can hardly see to type, Sue told me earlier what had happened and knew I'd be a wreck if I read this, and yes I am a wreck. So very sorry, poor wee girl, Cats and cars just don't mix do they :( xxxx

    1. Hiya Sue, thank you so much. I know you will understand as I know you are such an animal lover yourself. No, the combination of cats & cars (or trucks) is certainly NOT good. I did not know she ever went near the road as she had so much room to wander here, but there you go ... you just never know. I think she had perhaps used up more than her "9 lives" well before now. Thanks Sue, I miss that little rascal just so very much. x0x

    2. Yeah they certainly get under your skin. I just wanted to come back and say after thinking about you, that had it not been for you doing what you did for her, she may never got much past the kitten stage. She had a lovely few months with you feeling loved and protected, so much more than many other kittens may get. So although her life was short and ended far too soon you gave her so much, so good on you for doing that. Michael and Tash have two young kittens that turned up here, Joe came home from work one morning and there was a kitten in the kitchen! No idea how it got there, then a few days later Michael and I caught another, needless to say the two are living the life of Riley up the top house. xxx

  19. Hello Julie, I just wanted to let you know how deeply sorry I am for your recent loss.
    You have so many wonderful images and memories to treasure. ♥

    1. Thank You so much Yvonne for your kind words & thoughts. I am so glad I always had my camera at hand to capture the little moments with her ... the photos are bringing me comfort now she is no longer here. x0x

  20. Julie - I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Little Jinxy! You worked so hard to win her heart and care for her. Treasure the memories you have of Little Jinxy. Take care and hugs!

  21. Hugs and thoughts go out to Julie....I know the heartache of loving and losing a pet which becomes one of the family and they capture your heart. Its hard to deal with. Give Blackie lots of cuddles!!! xxx

  22. I am so incredibly heart broken for you, I remember so well the first blog when you found those precious kittens. I wish my arms could stretch from my home in Upper Hutt to your home to give you the biggest hug xoxo

  23. Oh Julie, I have just come back from a weekend away and read your post. I am so sorry to read such sad news for you, I totally 'get' how our cats become such a big part of our life and so special to us. I can imagine how Blackie must be missing his sweet little sister. I hope you are doing ok, all my love, Wendy

  24. Hello Julie,

    What a tragedy, I am so glad you got one last photo. Jinxy certainly brought so much happiness to your days. I hope Blackie is OK, it is hard for us, animals they must have the same feelings.

    Happy memories.

  25. Sweetheart, I am so feeling your pain. Pets are simply
    another one of our precious family members, very much
    loved. I hope your pain eases soon.
    Love, Anita.

  26. So sorry for your loss. What a little sweetie she was, and although her life was short it looks like she was so happy with you.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  27. It brought tears to my eyes Julie. What a shock for you and us the readers. Can feel your pain. Take care Hugs Shirley

  28. Oh dear Julie
    I feel so sad at the passing of your gorgeous Jinky.
    This post is a wonderful tribute to your beautiful girl - I remember it was a struggle for her at the beginning - as she fought for survival.

    If you've visited my blog over the last few weeks you will have seen photos of Snow my son's black cat.
    She was found in a horse paddock surrounded by flighty thoroughbreds looking down at the little ball of black fluff.. a wild new born kitten.
    She was rescued and fought for survival too.
    My son and his partner have moved to a country area north of Melbourne - Snow stayed with us for a while and tomorrow she flies out on Air NZ125 to Melbourne.

    I'm having problems with blogger - you can read about this on my latest post - sorry I haven't been able to visit you.
    Just remember Jinky will be in Cat Heaven where she will be missing you too, and making new friends as well.
    Thinking of you sweet Julie
    Take care
    Hugs and love
    Shane xox


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