Monday, July 20, 2015

Bibs & Aprons

A wintery Monday Good Afternoon dear friends & readers,

My daughter-in-law Sarah mentioned that she had seen a baby at Plunket wearing this cute little "Bandana type bib"
I had not come across these before .... however, a quick search on Uncle Google & I managed to find a free pattern to try

These two were my first attempts & they were for little Alec, my grandson

Although he turns 9 weeks old today, they were just a fraction on the large size for him ... but he was most happy to model them for me during my visit yesterday

I also managed to run up four bibs for my Cottage - I was lucky enough to have fabrics on hand suitable for both boys & girls 

I used soft flannelette on the outsides & then a thinner polar fleece on the underside ...

... or you can also use towelling.  Although the pattern suggests using a snap fastener at the neck, I preferred to use the velcro dots I had ... I liked the idea of this being softer to lay on than a button or a fastenener
If you would like to give them a try, you can find the pattern here

When I did my Cottage revamp I left a large blank space on one wall. I had wanted to make some aprons for quite sometime but had nowhere to display them to do them justice. 
 Also I had often been asked by customers before "do you have any aprons?"

This was the first one I made ... I only had half a metre of this pretty floral fabric so had to find a contrast to mix-n-match.  Making these aprons was very much about using what I have in my stash, so I have had to be resourceful & think outside the square quite a bit

This was the second apron I made ... although I had more of this floral fabric, I still had to use a contrast for a large front pocket.  I plan to make four aprons in total so hope to be able to show you the last two in my next post.  
I would also like to embellish some teatowels to compliment the aprons.

After I visited with my grandson yesterday I travelled on into Hamilton city.  I had wanted to go to Palmers Garden World as I had acquired some giftcards & one was due to expire if I didn't use it up.  I love Palmers - not only is their Garden Centre great but they have a lovely cafe & a large gift area also.
These are what I came away with .... compliments of my gift cards

two new plants, new garden gloves & secateurs AND gorgeous tin jug

I had hoped to be outside using my new secateurs & gloves today as I am waayyy behind with my pruning this year.  But it is a bitter wintery day here again & I am tucked up indoors with some "body parts" drying by the fire !!!

. . . and someone else who is also tucked up by the fire . . . favourite toy & blanket all intact  :-)

sometimes you just feel like hanging out the "do not disturb" sign for awhile !!!

Have a wonderful week ahead dear readers,
hope you all manage to stay warm if you are in these wintery climates
thanks for your ever welcome visits today,
with much love,
Julie, Blackie & Pippi


  1. Alex looks gorgeous in his new bib!! He is sooooooooooooo cute! Gift cards are great, looks like you spent well! Love those bodies. arms and legs by the fire! It is certainly a stay by the fire day!

  2. The bibs are wonderful!! Liked the body parts drying by the fire too!! I like Palmers, take my Mum there when we are over...boy that cat looks so cozy!!

  3. HeHe! Some years ago...."Willie..'many' years ago".
    Yes! Yes! Many years ago, l used to wear a bandana,
    but on my head...which was a bit difficult with a 9inch
    afro...Gave up with it in the end..! :).

    I was a bit concerned about the body parts....I can make
    out the fingers..But the others, l find difficult to place! :).
    Is it a new type of bread...Only found in New Zealand!
    HeHe! Sorry! It's nearly seven over here, not quite awake
    yet..Need another lemon tea! :).

    HaHa! And...Sweetie pie..Pippi..She's certainly in the bestest
    place...Lovely....zzzzzzzzzZ! Wonder what she's dreaming of..

  4. The bibs look very pretty and the velcro dots are a good idea, Alex is a lovely baby. It's nice to read a little that you have had a treat (garden centre) and chosen some things to enjoy, I have a jug a little like yours that I keep my paint brushes in (found in a charity shop covered in a wallpaper that took ages to remove! How sweet your little kitty has his own blanket!

  5. 9 weeks! Bless him, he is gorgeous:) And so are the bibs, they didn't have them when my lot were babies but my nephew is a few years younger and he always had them - mostly for catching dribble!!! Pretty aprons too, your mix n match looks great, you wouldn't know it was for lack of fabric, it looks very intentional :)

  6. Love his sweet little smile! How lovely to have bibs from Nana. xxx

  7. How ever did we manage before Uncle Google? Alec looks well pleased...what a sweetie. Your body parts made me laugh...scene from a horror film! Keep up the good work. xx

    1. Hello E,E, I do often ask myself how did we ever get on before Uncle Google came along?? I never thought I would EVER admit this ...but I really miss my internet when it doesnt work properly :-)

  8. Can I please snuggle up with Miss Pippi? What a cosy spot she has, looks like you made her a special blanket. Lovely bibs, your wee grandson looks like your son! Nice goodies from Palmers......I hope you treated yourself you a coffee too. Lovely aprons.Not sure about the body parts lying around, what will the police think?

  9. Those bandanas are all the rage over here too. I think you made a fabulous job of yours, Julie and your dashingly-handsome young model suits his to a 't'! I wish you had an online shop so I could buy things from you to send them to Auckland. Have you heard of 'Felt'? I've used them a few times to send handmade things - they're NZ based, I believe - but I'd rather give you my money!! Have a great week, Julie and it's ALWAYS great to 'see' you. Keep cosy one and all. xxx

  10. Those bibs are so adorable! I swear if they would of had cool patterns like this when B was a wee one, i would have been sewing like crazy.
    That second apron is so good!!!!!! I can just picture it being worn as part of my outfit over jeans. So cute!!!
    You are sitting by the fire and we just enjoyed a 2 week vaca at the beach. LOL so funny how I love seeing that fire and blankets and thinking of how freezing you must be while we sit here in shorts and tanks sweltering ;0

  11. Your grandson is ADORABLE!!!!!! Nine weeks and look at that grin, they grow so fast. The bibs and aprons are going to be good sellers I think. You could use vintage sheets in your aprons, that is if you can find any, I may have them all after looking at my stash!! You were in Hamilton and did not make contact?? Next time.

  12. Lol.....oh I thought my place was the only one that looked sus with body parts drying
    near the fire place!!! That's too funny. Those bibs are pretty cute and so is little Alec....I want
    to press his nose! Yummy.
    Cheers, Anita.

  13. Hi Julie, Baby Alec is a lovely little bundle of joy! I'm sure you are enjoying every moment you spend with him. Time ticks along & it's lovely when they start to smile........ Love the bibs - lovely fabrics & pattern. Always a treat reading your blog Julie and admire your handwork. Hope you are well. Chat soon. Sandy xx

  14. What a beautiful smile Alec is giving, simply gorgeous. Love all your sewing you have been doing Julie.Giggles with all the body parts lying around the fire. Hugs Shirley

  15. Loving the bibs Julie and will go have a look and maybe make some for my daughters friend who is having another baby!!
    Alec is beautiful!!! and looks very contented. Did you make the little burp cloth as well and is it towelling and if so where did you get it from? Whew lots of questions sorry .....My pruning needs to be done also, had a good frost here yesterday and another wee small one this morning...makes for nice days although the hands get sooo cold shifting electric fences! Hugs xxxx

  16. Oh golly...better late than never! Funny...I had a dream about you the other night & you owned 5 shops in Cambridge!! Who knows what Threadbear Cottage might lead to ; ) That must have been lovely to finally catch up with wee Alec again. Isn't it wonderful when they start responding like that. He is SO cute & adorable! Great buying with your vouchers. I am really enjoying the hellebores at the moment....aren't they lovely. I find I can pick the flowers & float them for a good long period, otherwise they seem to flag on stems. Hope you've made some pruning headway. I still have more to do! Much love, Catherine x0x0x

  17. Dear Julie, Blackie, Pippi and Alec, I so enjoyed this post, thank you for sharing so many beautiful things. Not sure the ‘body parts’ are beautiful, but I’m sure they will be when you have finished with them. x

  18. Oh too cute! Just catching up s on some of your post - been away without internet. Your grandson looks too cute in his bib and what a smile!! Adorable. Grandma and Hannah come back from England in a few days time and I guess I should be out there weeding too - but I am not really a gardener and every time I think about it - it rains! Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!

  19. Oh my, your Alec is too, too adorable! What a sweet smile he has....and doesn't he look cute in those bibs! I must say, I love those aprons you have stitched, Julie. I love, love, love pretty aprons; one can never have too many. One can have so much fun stitching aprons as one can dive deep down in one's scraps and play, and magically whip up so many different fun and pretty designs.


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