Thursday, January 28, 2016

Chaos & Calamity

Greetings dear friends & readers,

When The Mr & I moved to our home here 18 years ago now ... our lounge ceiling was dippy, droopy & saggy (a little like the two of us truth be told)
When we moved in here & ran a lick of paint around the lounge we simply got our paint rollers & shoved it really firmly back up as hard as we jolly well could because . . .
We planned to replace it "real soon"!!!
18 years later ... the time had finally come.  
The Mr in his wisdom, decided now would be a good time to do a small lounge extension.
We got our plans drawn up, found a builder, got our permit, lost our builder, found another one  .... then proceeded to wait 13 long months for work to commence
Waiting for work to commence with a large section of deck removed

Last week . . . work actually begun !!!
This is currently my lovely back door interior exit

This is currently my lovely back door exterior entrance

These are currently my lovely french doors leading off my lounge

And this is currently my especially lovely garden area

Due to all the trauma of workers & their power tools & suchlike . . . . guess what has happened ???
Yep ... you guessed right !!!
Cats back on the table .... lace cloth and all !!!

In the midst of the chaos & the calamity of it all ... I have managed to complete a couple of orders
My friend Pauline requested baby rattles for newly born twin girls as well as another customer Fay, who requested a baby girl rattle also.
I made up 4 pink & one blue for them to have a selection to choose from.
The pattern is from this beautiful book from Amy's blog nanacompany

My friend Joyce has moved to a new home & I wanted to give her a small housewarming gift.
I remembered that her new kitchen was in modern greys with a touch of red so decided to decorate her a teatowel
The pattern for this design is a free download from KerryAnne's lovely blog Shabby Art Boutique .  .  .

.  .  .  though KerryAnne's teatowel has 5 houses across it, I could only fit 4 on mine. 
I also stitched "Joyce's Kitchen" onto my teatowel.
As Joyce is a wonderful gardener I popped in a cake of lemon myrtle "Gardeners Soap" as well.
While in town today running some errands I delivered Joyces housewarming gift to her  ... she was delighted with her present & immediately hung her teatowel on her oven door handle.

My little grandson Alec has just turned 8 months old. He experienced his first trip to the seaside over Christmas ... his parents took him to Raglan beach.  I loved the photos they shared with me of their outing ...
Needless to say, he slept very well that night !!!

Thank you dear friends for visiting with me today ... I hope to keep you updated on our building progress but I am a little concerned that I do not currently have enough chocolate stashes to see me through this entire process.
I shall have to rectify that.
Wishing you all a wonderful end to your week,
with much love & friendship,
Julie, Blackie & Pippi Longstocking


  1. Do you know....! It's nearly 10:30 over here!
    I've just made myself a Hot Chocolate..! For a change!
    And...Was wondering if anyone had posted...Whey~Hey! :).
    It's Julie...Furry ones and all...Bless!x

    Goodness! Your home is certainly in a bit of a state.
    Never mind..Hopefully, once the builders get going, and
    Pippi and Blackie keep hissing at them, should'nt take
    that long!
    And..the basket 'back' on the table has made my day/month,
    HeHe! Pippi with her legs hanging out, and Blackie seems
    quite concerned about the builders and probably the noise! :).

    Little Alec looks great to...Love the hat..As they say..If
    you wanna get ahead...Get a hat!!! :>). Bless!

    Chocolate sayings are great...
    Couple more for you...! 'Man Cannot Live On Chocolate Alone..
    But A Woman Can'. :).
    We have one in Sicily...Translated...
    'Hand Over The Chocolate..And No One Gets Hurt'. :).

  2. Hi Julie oh I hope the renos go smoothly for you,it will be worth it when it's all done,oh your GS is adorable my friend xx

  3. You might need a few chocolate bars before your renovation is over. It will look lovely when it is all finished...hang in there. I must say Pippi Longstocking looks totally relaxed. Cute baby rattles; I love all the different fabrics, and the tea towel is lovely, Julie. Oh your Alec is so very sweet, what a gorgeous smile he has.

  4. Lovely French doors for sure!!! I can see them! lol It will be super when it's all finished
    though. Love the little projects you've still managed to make in all that works going on. You're
    a champion girl. lol Aww..and look at the Cats on the table....they look quite at home there.
    Cheers, Anita.

  5. Just think of all that extra space you'll have for crafting...I have one bar of choc left from Christmas then I'm going to stop eating it...until Easter!xx

    1. My Goodness E.E. .... I sure WISH I had your willpower !!!!!!!!!!

  6. I hope the building work is done quickly (and that not too many flowers get squashed in the process by builders!) I love the tea towels you made for Joyce - they would match my kitchen too - really lovely. Betty x by the way - I understand your frustration with cats on tables - we always used to shout 'yum yum cats bum' if anyone went to eat anything that dropped on the table as 'you never know' if Amber might have been up there - she's well aware she's not allowed but that makes her want to do it all the more of course.

  7. Big changes Julie...difficult to live with but it will be great once it's done. That's one very cute young man you have there. Chocolate helps everything. ..well me anyway lol! I wish you and the kitties a bit of peace and quiet xxx

  8. Oh my goodness....why do the builders have to put the old timber ON the garden??? Hopeflly they will finish soon and it can be restroes to it's former glory!! Will be interesting to see your progress photos. The houses t towel you made is gorgeous!!! Lovely to see the photos of your grandson!! I remember taking our boys to the beach at Tauranga for the first time, they had a great play. Hope the choc supplies keep up!! Well the cats are where they feel safe...not much you can do about that!! Lol!!

  9. Watch those builders! Some here once poured excess concrete in a "gap" in my garden - over the top of soon to emerge daffodil bulbs. I had shown them a place to discard any such waste too. Too lazy!
    Take frequent choccy to calm the nerves.

  10. I really dislike having any sort of building work or even just redecorating done, but the results are so worth it. I think you should just eat chocolate and stroke your gorgeous cats xx

  11. Julie, thanks so much for sharing. You are really going through the ups and downs with your house renovations, they can be so stressful but once finished you will forget all of that. I just adore the attitude of your ginger baby in the basket on your table, stretched out with his legs in front. He is adorable. Your tea towels and rattles are delightful and I'm sure will be loved by the recipients. Your little grandson is an absolute poppet, what a handsome we man and I am sure will give you neverending pleasure.

  12. The lounge is going to be great!! I can't believe Alec is 8 months old, that time has flown!! Building-yuk! I hate the building stage, but love the finished stage!! Cats are still cute even on the table!

  13. Omgoodness those kitties!!!! I have to laugh at the sprawling out like a superhero flying a basket
    I cant wait to see the new addition and i bet you cant wait til its all over. Hopefully you dont have guests on the books for a show round the gardens.
    Hang in there, i will send chocolates if i see a white flag waving ;)

  14. Oh the building site...just think Julie eventually it will be all worth it!
    You come up with so much inspiration in your posts - I love the rattles and the teat towel!
    Oh Alec is gorgeous, isn't that a delightful age, grandies add a whole new meaning to life!
    Shane x

  15. Well Julie, I see a basket on the table. Who put it up there!!! Guessing not Miss Pippi or Mr. Blackie. Leaves only one or maybe two other culprits. But aren't they just right at home there. Darling wee Alec, I bet he loved his day at the beach. Loved your appliqued tea towels. Hello to Willie, do love reading comments from him. Noted he had chocolate to drink this time and not Lemon Tea:). Hugs, Shirley

  16. Oh those darling cats sure do rule the roost! Still have have a VERY good excuse. The building developments are taking on a real 'rustic' look. Alec is such a sweetie. Easter is coming soon my friend, perhaps you should ask the Easter Bunny to stop by soon with his offerings for you!

  17. How exciting, the alterations are taking place!!! I love how the demo stuff has been neatly placed next to your lovely garden, NOT!! I have to say, your grandson is very cute, must take after his gorgeous granny!! Might have to visit when your alterations are done.

  18. Ha! Ha! I knew they would be back on that table pretty soon! Exciting about the building but I don't envy you all the bother as things get taken apart and put back together again! How gorgeous is Alec - and what a fun day at the beach - super photo's.

  19. Dear Julie, commiserations on the dust & disruptions! Rob has been replacing rot & weather board right beside the kitchen over the last few weeks & that is quite enough to deal with. Fortunately nothing has crashed off the shelves yet! Good to make use of the summer months, I guess. I hope there's not too much squashed under all that wood & debris! I bet the tea towel looked fabulous in Joyce's kitchen...what a perfect pressie for her. Alec is still such a dear wee boy isn't he. His dad looks happy & relaxed too. Much love from the other side, Catherine x0x0x

  20. The cats are hilarious! I am GOING to mail your package tomorrow! I AM! (I have a hard time getting to the post office - it makes NO sense!)
    That's A LOT of action happening at your house!

  21. Have you found such a chocolate bar yet, Julie?!! ;-) Lovely makes, as always... just love everything you create! Hugs! Vikki xoxoxo


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