Sunday, February 21, 2016

Three Small Things .......................

Sunday Greetings dear friends & readers,
Three small things emerged from the chaos of my sewing room this past week
Considering I don't actually have a sewing room at the moment, this is quite an accomplishment
I have moved my machine to the dining table - yes accompanied by the cats - & am using the dining room floor as a cutting table!!

This Verse appealed to me very much this week !!!
My lovely friend Jane contacted me after I wrote in this post about the gorgeous mustard wool blanket I had been gifted

Jane inquired if it was to be cut up for craft work & if so, could she please have a rectangular shaped cushion made from part of it??

Although I did have "some assistance" with the cutting out of the cushion, whilst down on the floor ....
.... I did manage to complete it for Jane, & also pick any stray cat hairs out of the finished article

The grey buttons were in my Button Jar & I felt they just set off the finished article nicely

My friend Donna gifted me this lovely water colour painting two christmas's ago 

I loved it - especially as I collect enamelware in these colourings ... however the watercolour sat in a folder for many months
I had wanted to frame it but the only frame I ever came across that was just perfect, had a price tag on it of $89.95 ... which unfortunately was out of my budget.
If they had just removed the "8" from in front, I might have been able to afford it!!

This little frame was the perfect size & was on sale at The Warehouse for just $12
I bought it on impulse because I decided the watercolour had sat in a folder for long enough
After two coats of the green Amulet paint that I am so addicted to fond of, I felt it just set off the watercolour perfectly

. . . . & I put together this little vignette on my rustic dresser
(in amongst the chaos that is currently the rest of the house!!!)

When I was gifted a small bag of doilies & old linens late last year, much of it was beyond repair & unusable.
However in the very bottom of the bag was this old piece of patchwork, which I think had been a cushion cover in a former life

 I unpicked the back of it & carefully washed it ... it was very delicate & tore on some of the edges as the fabric was so thin & worn
I decided I would like to make it into a small table mat as, although faded, I loved the colours & fabrics & someone had taken the time to hand quilt it at one time
I cut off the torn edges, added a vintage cotton lace & then backed it with a plain piece of cotton
Then I hand quilted around the outer edges of the patchwork  ... Pippi made sure I didn't miss any stitches & Blackie tested it out for snugability for me !!!
I really love how it has turned out & hope to find a special place for it in our new lounge area ... perhaps on top of a small cream table would look lovely
Also I am so pleased that the old piece of patchwork has been given a second chance at life

The pile of white on the very bottom is our lounge ceiling!!!
The Mr bought the big trailer home from the farm yesterday & we began the huge task of clearing up our lawn .... indeed it didn't take us long to fill the trailer & there are still at least 3 more loads this size to be taken away

The red chair is for folk whose arms are too tired (yours truly) to throw the wood way up high !!!
We had some gentle rain in the night which will help to green up the brown patches of lawn again.

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead dear readers & find some creative time amongst it all

Thanks to all of you who stopped by ... your visits are so very much appreciated
sending much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Lol.....lets go over that 'friggen' rainbow together man!!!!! Lol We actually sound like
    twins this week. You mentioned friends gifting things to you (I was lucky like that too) and
    you used the word 'addicted' in your too!!!! Oh we both wanna go over that
    friggen rainbow. Now with all the funniness over and done with.....I really love your creation
    with the frame. You are way too clever girl and it looks a million bucks. I also spotted the yo-yo
    table runner....very nice. Now I best be off, I'm just gonna hot glue gun my fingers back on so I
    can keep creating. lol
    Heaps of cheers, Anita.

  2. Your friend's painting is really beautiful, but a plain frame would not have done it justice - you have such an eye for colour as the frame in your favourite colour works just perfectly. You have done well to make all these things while work is going on at the house, what patience to unpick and reinvent that old piece of patchwork and to complete commissions like the cushion with no work area. What will you do with all that wood that's heading off on the lorry? I know you will find a use for it! I do hope all that disruption will be over soon and you can enjoy your new window and space. Betty x

  3. Must say Julie....Your things have turned out
    much nicer since you've had the extra help! :).
    And, l must say l do like patchwork, it's always
    so unique and special! Different anyway!

    And..Goodness! ALL that wood, looks as though you've
    enough there for an out~house, or summer~house..I bet
    Pippi and Blackie are loving it all!
    Make sure you don't over work them! :).

    And, the tea~pot painting is nice to..Which reminds me,
    just gone seven over here, time for a second lemon tea..!
    At least it's brighter in the mornings now..I hate the
    dark...! :).

  4. I have never seen such helpful are very fortunate to have such diligent helpers. =) Love that cushion and the old patchwork remnant has morphed beautifully into a lovely pretty which will see more years prettifying your home. I love that lovely watercolour and it looks great in the amulet frame. I know I have said it before....great colour! All that wood leaving your home must mean that the renovation is getting closer to a finish! I did have a giggle with the opening quote!! Sometimes over the rainbow sounds awfully attractive, doesn't it. Have a great, great week.

  5. Mornin' Julie - I always look so forward to your posts and I think I actually missed your last one so I caught up today. Your new space is going to be so perfect for you and that! I love BIG windows. Your collection of enamel takes me back to my maternal grandmothers old clap-board house . She had lots of pieces in her old summer kitchen and I used to love using them. I purchased a large drinking cup in white enamel years back just to have around and be reminded of her, her kitchen and her love. :) Pippi & Blackie are like my Annie & Audrey...always into whatever I'm doin' and such a big help. lol I love what you did with the patchwork that you have and you framed the painting so beautifully. The cushion is spectacular in such beautiful colours. I hope soon you are looking back on all the construction and enjoying your new room. We are soon to be heading into Spring here and ours will begin soon. We will have a small house built on to the mouse-house. Lots of work, and noise, but I'm sure it will be all worth it. I am sitting in the window watching the snow fall. Will it ever end? Enjoy your day and hugs to all. Deb

  6. Hope you're over the worst by now, I love that you can still arrange a little vignette while chaos reigns.xx

    1. Thanks E.E. I can't quite see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet ... but I know (hope) it is there somewhere :-)

  7. Julie the frame looks fabulous with your watercolour in it. Lovely seeing Pippi in his normal pose, I so love it when he hangs like that from the basket.

  8. I love princess sassy pants! I follow them on FB. It's all go at your home, the fur balls don't look too bothered do they? Lovely framed teapot and the old piece of patchwork has a new lease on life.

  9. I think I might just get on my Unicorn and come over and see you!! OMG Pippi is the funniest basket stretching girl. I love both your funnies very much.

  10. Love the unicorn and saying...sometimes it is just how things are!!! Yiunhave done some beautiful creating the cushion and the watercolour of the jug is amazing, looks so good framed with your display! That little patchwork is beautiful and so good you have given it another lease on life...good to see quality control is happening at your work place too!!!! That is alot of stuff to get rid of...can it go to a recycle place or the tip? Hopethe grass green sup quickly for you. Xx

  11. Read your comment on Say little hen about your two sons who are vegetarian but eat meat at your house. Vegetarians don't eat ANY meat or fish. Vegetarianism isn't a part time thing, if you eat meat you aren't vegetarian!

    1. Hello there, thanks for leaving me your comment & I am SO sorry my comment on Say little hen upset you so much - this was not my intention. I have obviously worded my comment quite wrongly. I DO know vegetarianism is not a part time thing. What I should have said was that due to marrying wives who choose to be vegetarian my sons eat no meat whilst at home. But they are happy to eat meat at my home. I would have written & explained but you have commented anonymously. Again, my apologies. Julie

    2. Right! Lets put this to bed...!
      There are varieties of this diet...
      1) Ovo~Vegetarian..Includes eggs, but no dairy products.
      2) Lacto~Vegetarian..Includes dairy, but no eggs.
      3) Ovo~Lacto~Vegetarian..Includes eggs and dairy produce.
      Then of course there are Vegans..Excludes ALL animal
      products, including eggs, dairy, even such things like
      beeswax and honey!

      People have different reasons for following this method
      of food consumption...Cruelty to the animal concerned,
      health name but two.
      Me! Me! Well...I shall be cooking and eating a very 'rare'
      10oz piece of Sirlion later to~day, with a 'BIG' baked
      potato, and butter...HeHe! So there! :).

      AND...I'm not afraid to put my name to my comment.....!
      It's Willie...And, l live on a little island called
      England....(I think). =(^..^)=

  12. Hi Julie! Your cats are hilarious! I wanted to stop at the kitten store today, but hubby is not in favor so I didn't.
    You are very ambitious! Inspiring!

  13. Wow Julie, You still manage to create beautiful things while living in chaos! You inspire me!! I really love how you bring old items back to life again! Your watercolour painting looks stunning in that frame, it's the perfect colour. I have a bunch of old doileys sitting closeby and I'm inspired now to get stuck in to them... Thanks, sweet friend! Much love, Vikki xoxoxo

  14. Wow Julie, You still manage to create beautiful things while living in chaos! You inspire me!! I really love how you bring old items back to life again! Your watercolour painting looks stunning in that frame, it's the perfect colour. I have a bunch of old doileys sitting closeby and I'm inspired now to get stuck in to them... Thanks, sweet friend! Much love, Vikki xoxoxo

  15. Hi Julie... Love that you rescued that little patchwork cushion... and it's always nice to have helpers, even if they are only there for company.
    That is a LOT of wood... I am surprised you haven't found a use for some of it;O) Maybe some wooden signs or something...??? hehehe... Like you need more projects right now. Hope the building is nearing the end...

  16. Yah! Everyone is sharing the dining room table now! What fun! How cool your watercolour looks in it new frame - much cheaper and so much more you! I love what you have done with the little patchwork cushion covers - it will be a super memory and treasure. I am glad the kittens were able to help you! Everyone needs help you know!!! The cushion is brilliant - the buttons finish it off perfectly

  17. Hello clever Julie! How well you are doing in the midst of the shamozzle! Poor old garden. I do hope that it recovers from the indignity of all that dumping upon! What a delightful vignette with the cream & green enamel bits & pieces.
    Funnily enough I had a random enquiry this week from a man in the South Island. He had done a google search for Amulet & come up with my sewing room! I'm surprised he didn't also find Threadbear Cottage. So...Amulet will now be used in a restoration of a very old caravan near Queenstown. Quite a special colour...don't you agree : ) I passed him on to you in the case that he wanted to view the said colour some more.
    Hope you're not sweltering quite as much as we are...that would be truly unbearable along with the dust & chaos.
    Much love, Catherine x0x0x

  18. Your 'helpers' are so clever you should let them do all the sewing. I love the teapots in your vignette.

    1. Haha thank you Phil ... yes I am sure the "helpers" would just love to do the sewing themselves!!!! Doesn't bear thinking about :-)

  19. HI Julie - I thought it was time to do some catch up blog reading and didn't realise I had missed several posts! and adventures with ceiling and fluff. Hope there's a bit of normality nowadays and you're on the homestraight with your extension... we did a bit a few years ago - what an upheaval!!!! As usual you've been making beautiful things on the crafty front... just love your 'Alec's naps noticeboard' and your watercolour looks perfect in its new frame. Lovely upcycling of the patchwork piece, I'm sure you will find a special spot for it somewhere - when you're done with building :-) PS L:ove the legs hanging over the edge of the basket pose!!!


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