Sunday, April 24, 2016

An Angel, A Hummingbird, & An Elephant

Greetings dear friends & readers,
A couple of days ago marked exactly One Year since Miss Pippi Longstocking came into our home & our lives

To celebrate the day, she decided to bring a mouse inside & promptly let it go.
This simple action very nearly sent me completely over the edge into insanity !!*!!
But alas dear friends  . . .   here I remain .  .  .
teetering on the brink !!!***

Pippi - who spends a large part of her day in her basket . . . supervising & over seeing the household !!!
I must admit she has bought such joy into all our lives, including dear old Blackie . . .

Since she danced her merry way into our hearts, The Mr & I have laughed so much at her endless antics.
But I must confess there are times too, when I wonder if perhaps I have fallen through some sort of parallel universe & am living someone elses life ??
One whose entire day revolves around a small, rather crazy, furry ginger being !!*??
We do love you Pippi Longstocking.

Although we live in the country, my closest little township is Kihikihi (whose name in Maori means Cicada)
We have lived near this tiny township for nearly 20 years now & witnessed shops come & go, & lots of changes.
For several months now as I pass through, I have noticed this cute little brick building getting a bit of care & attention.
This building was an originally old Butchers shop but had sat empty for many years.

It finally opened a couple of weeks ago so my dear friend Carolyn (who is up from the South Island) & I, met up for coffee & a looksy
 Oh My - what a pleasurable experience.
Nita - the Owner of The Hummingbird - chatted away to us both & allowed me to take lots of photos.

I have tried to make up some collages to give you somewhat of an idea of the beautiful interior of this quaint little shop

I love how Nita has retained the old wooden shelf block in the window that the Butcher used to display all his cuts of meat upon

The shop is stocked with a truly gorgeous eclectic mix including fresh flowers, plants, vintage wares, fresh artisan breads, homewares & giftware .... as well as fresh coffee, teas, cakes & Protein balls

The wee dog in the photo above right is Alice who has her own special bed & presides over the daily comings & goings ... she was just delightful
There are two courtyards, one is stocked with beautiful plants, grown by Nita & sold either on their own, or in the arty array of containers they are displayed in ... I loved this outdoor area with small vignettes of seating away from the crowds.
Though I forgot to take a photo, Carolyn & I sat out here - tucked away in a corner - & enjoyed coffee & hummingbird cake.
What a delightful way to spend time with such a lovely friend in beautiful & inspiring surroundings.
If you click on this link here & scroll down to page 6 you can read a lovely article in our local newspaper about The Hummingbird

And of course, some purchases came away with me .  .  .

They sell delicious artisan breads so I bought a loaf of fresh Olive & Rosemary bread for The Mr & I to enjoy
I loved the verse on this wee cushion - I plan to stuff a big wad of lavender in amongst the filling - & how could I resist this little battered suitcase ??

I am hopeful that The Hummingbird marks the beginning of good things for my little township of Kihikihi & that more little boutique style shops open up here.
It is certainly a credit to Nita & I wish her all the very best ... I know for sure I shall be popping back to visit often.

When the builders were banging & clanging endlessly for all those weeks, I would often take my Tilda books down by the pond to have a glance through, to inspire me, & try to lose myself for awhile.

In this lovely book Tilda's Studio, the elephant really appealed to me & I bookmarked the page.

When I was packing away some summer clothes recently, I came across this linen blouse - purchased many years ago in Australia, worn lots, but not for several summers now.
I decided to cut it up to make my elephant.
I was really happy with my completed linen elephant .... it is to be a gift for my grandson Alec, who turns 1 year old next month,

I am hoping Alec likes his elephant made by Granny Julie.
I was especially delighted that I didn't have to purchase anything to complete it .... everything was already in my stash, or like the shirt fabric, was preloved.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend dear readers, & that the coming week is good to you all.
Thank You So Very Much for your visits today ....hope to see you back again.
with much love & friendship,
Julie x0x0x0x


  1. I love the story about that shop!!!! It makes my toes curl up. What a nice experience for you to see the shop come to life after sitting empty for ages.I get them same feeling about houses in our neighbourhood that have sat alone for years and then you see a light on in them at night time. How yummy! What a crack up Miss Pippi is, love the arms hanging over the edge of the basket!! Is that not contentment? lol Pets sure do bring happiness into our world. So love what you've done with your shirt. The elephant is gorgeous. I'm sure little Alec will adore it. Very clever girl.

  2. Hell Julie, I loved reading about the new shop and my first thought was this is maybe an opportunity for you as you make such beautiful things, maybe you could take some samples down to see if she would like to take any of your work for stock. I do hope so. It's certainly a beautiful creative setting to visit, wish I could come and have a tea and cake with you there:D Little Pippi is very much a part of your life and home now and she is a very lucky little kittie. The elephant is delightfulf, I am sure your grandson is going to love him. Betty x

  3. I totally agree with Betty and that was my first thought too about you selling some of your things in that pretty little shop.Can't believe baby is nearly a year old already. How time does fly. I think that pretty elephant will soon become his new favourite friend! Lovely to 'see' you

  4. 'Protein Balls'????????? :).

    I love a good start to a Blog...HeHe!
    And, there's none better than pussy~cats!
    I'll keep it short...'You Willie..keeping
    it short'. Ha!
    If you don't have, or never had a pussy~cat
    in your life...Well! Except for 12yrs, l've
    had cats from day one..My first night on this
    planet l spent asleep with a cat in my basket!
    Yes! Basket! I often wondered my mia Mama, never
    called me Moses!!! :).
    And Pippi, the basket lady is lovely! Two pussy~cats
    or more are shear entertainment..I had four at one time,
    who needs a television..! :). Two pussy~cats asleep
    together....Wonderful...What a picture...! Ah! Bless!x

    That coffee shop...Just up my street...Love it! You can
    keep yer fast food places. That's a little jem! :).
    I could spend ALL day in a place like that!
    And, what an apt name! Love it!
    HeHe! Love the Efalump to..and his cloths..Alec will
    love it...!!!

    Oh! Oh! And, finally the garlic and rosemary bread!
    Wonderful..I make it myself sometimes...I~Love~Olives.
    (But do't tell Popeye)...! :). Love garlic and olives.
    Well..they are very good for you..! I put them in most
    things...HeHe! Not in jelly and custard though...! :(.

    7:30 over here...Another lemon tea is called for, l'll
    pop back for another look and read...Few times during
    the day in fact! Bless!x =(^..^)=

    1. It's All right! It's All right! :).
      I've Googled Protein Balls...I feel really silly!
      Goodness me! I'm a cook...A social cook, never the
      less a cook..I'm 'bloody' good at it, not a lot on
      this planet, l have'nt eaten..But, l will have to
      put my hand up, go stand in the corner...Never heard
      of protein balls...But! Yes! Know l've seen them, l
      have eaten them. I think it must be the name. Not
      heard them called that over here, unless l've missed
      summat...That must be it....! I've known them as truffles.
      Oh! Well! Time for another cuppa....! HeHe!

  5. Hello Julie

    I can't believe dear Pippi Longstocking has been with you for a year!
    I can see why you love her so much, she's so floppy and gorgeous!

    I love a good shop and Hummingbird sounds wonderful. The front of the shop is very smart.
    Aren't the chairs attractive covered in burlap.
    Mmm - I trying to think of a good reason to venture down that way - we have a many clients in the Te Awamutu area so it shouldn't be too hard!

    The elephant for little Alec is delightful - a year old already, how time flies.
    He must bring you so much joy Julie.

    I'm loving your header - the cottage looks so pretty.


  6. Hello Julie ,your fur baby is so cute and i am so glad that she has made you all happy.
    Boy what a wonderful shop ,love the pics you have taken and that bread looks so yummy,hope you are enjoying your weekend my friend xx

  7. oh i meant to also say i love the elephant you have made your grandie boy xx

  8. Your cats are adorable and so lucky to live in such a beautiful happy home with you and the Mr. Pippy looks pretty happy with herself lounging in her basket. Thanks for sharing the new shop in Kihikihi, I will definitely stop in there next time I am out that way. I cannot believe Alec is nearly 1! Where did that year get to?? I am sure he will love Granny Julies Elephant, it is gorgeous just like him and you!!

  9. Great to see new life in Kihikihi.... I hope The Hummingbird catches all the through traffic, it sure looks like a delightful (and inspiring) place to visit. Amazing that your wee boy is nearly ONE!!! Where has the year gone? Love his birthday gift, great recycling there Julie. It's good to know Miss Pippi is giving you as much pleasure as when she came into your lives.

  10. That was a quick year! I've been wanting to make an elephant and now I must, he's so cute. Your makes would look really at home in that shop...I'm voting with Betty and Nana! xx

  11. Hello sweet Julie!
    The bread you bought is beautiful. I bet it was yummy.
    Aw, your elephant is beyond adorable. I am so amazed at how perfect he is. Well done!
    You are a joy, dear one.

  12. The cafe looks fabulous! It's on my list of places to visit when stopping in on you and your tempting cottage. Pippi sure has blessed your life with lots of laughs! gorgeous elephant, is Alec really going to be one?? Fingers crossed no more mice in the house!

  13. Happy year of living in your home to sweet Pipi! What a great shop The Hummingbird looks to be. Those king of shops are the best and I hope she has lots of success and that she's there for a long time.
    Your Tilda elegy turned out great! His ears and clothes are adorable and I have no doubt he will be loved and hugged and carried around constantly. What a great gift!

  14. Oh Julie, love the elephant, he is adorable, and that suitcase, I'm sure I had one just like that for school, so long ago now, lol.

  15. Happy Pippi celebration. What a wonderful place is that cafe....gorgeous! Love the suitcase and beautiful cushion. Ellie is very cute xx

  16. Pippi is completely adorable. A welcome addition to your household, no doubt.
    I love the Hummingbird shop, so many gorgeous treasures to look at!
    You constantly inspire me with your thrifty ways, the shirt/elephant is brilliant.


  17. Love the photo of the 'Pipi'in the basket! Great post, the new shop looks great and I am sure Alex will love the new elephant especially because it is made with love from his Granny Julie!!

  18. Hello again dear friend, what a perfect revamp of your shirt...a delightful wee elephant. I'm sure Alec will love him to bits. Goodness, didn't that year just race by! How exciting for you having a new Hummingbird shop. I do hope that the little business thrives. Every community needs a Hummingbird...crafty, inspirational, warm & friendly. How's your garden. Mine is really quite terribly dry & random bits of lawn have died off. I am desperately trying to find time to plant up my spring bulbs...perhaps I'll fit it in tomorrow. Hope you've had a good week. Much love Catherine x0x0x

  19. What a sweet little shop - I hope it does well.

    Julie Q

  20. Oh I love little shops like that, so very very quaint. That olive bread looks devine x Just found your blog through a blog hop so very glad I have. Xx Have a lovely week. Leah :)

  21. Oh Miss Pippi kows how to make herself at home doesn't she!! She is so cute hanging out on the table there. That new shop is beautiful, I could spend a lot of time there!! I hope the owner is well supported and stays there. The elephant is wonderful and I am sure it will be much loved.

  22. oh, I think I missed this post. The Hummingbird looks so divine! Your elephant is adorable and his clothes are so special on him. Miss Pippi certainly is a treasure! Queen of her domain - and knows it. That front leg look is hard to pull off - just totally relaxed!


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