Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Five Small Projects .......................................

Good Wednesday Greetings dear friends & readers
Five small projects have been completed this past week at Threadbear Cottage .........................
I mentioned in my last post that my neighbour Lea had gifted me a large pile of junk unsold items left over from her Garage Sale
This cute wooden "what not" & the tray below were two of the items .   .   .   .   .

.   .   .   . as were the two oval frames below .  .  .  .

After I had given them all a scrub & a warm up by the fire, I then gave each item 2 coats of pale duck egg chalk paint.
When dry, I lightly distressed the edges of the "what not" & also gave it a good coating of wax

I think it looks rather "french country"perhaps?

In my scrapbooking bits & bobs I found this string of cute paper butterflies & circles which I modpodged onto the tray.
The inner base of the tray was given 2 coats of modpodge to make it wipeable & then I thoroughly waxed the outer & underside 

The frames were also lightly sanded & then I mounted some wallpaper remnants left over from the 
 fifth project below ... 
This wallpaper is Cath Kidston, which I purchased last year from my dear friend Catherine's trademe store

All these items above are going for sale in my little Cottage.

The grubby old apple box above was pinched acquired from Mums shed on my last visit ... it too needed a really good scrub & a warm up by the fire

Last week the sun made a brief appearance for a few hours so I was able to paint it outdoors while Miss Pippi slept on the table beside me.
I only painted the inside edges as I planned to line it with some Cath Kidston wallpaper ..... the same wallpaper as I used in my nail box upcycle in this post here

Miss Pippi very kindly warmed the interior of the box up for me before I lined it with the paper !!
Miss Pippi's help is unfortunately - entirely non negotiable - in other words, she is there whether you want her to be or not !!!

The finished apple box .... which is going in my Cottage as a free standing shelf ... I will show you in my next post.

A longtime customer Paula, dropped out two of her childhood bears for repair while Mum was still with me .  .  .

I am annoyed I forgot to take a before photo as they were indeed a sorry sight .... no eyes or noses, one was arm less & many holes & tears in them both!
Here they sit waiting for Paula to collect them & take them home.

My friend Sally arrived for a cuppa last week & presented me with this cute little box of goodies

 "Happy Belated Birthday" Sally announced !!

Beautifully wrapped inside was one of Sally's handmade dreamcatchers, which I just adored
along with two vintage pomanders to add to my collection

I remembered about the vintage tray I had purchased on special from Ethel Anne's so I gave it a polish with some Brasso & sat my collection of china pomanders on it .  .  .  

 *** Just simply perfect ***

 Though it is now spring here in our hemisphere, the weather is telling us this is not quite so just yet !!!
I hope the week is treating you kindly - thank you so very much for your visits today dear friends 
with much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x  


  1. Love your projects. Cats & boxes just go together whether you like or not. I had a box arrive the other day & my Bengal was at it. I told her she could at least wait until it was empty before trying to get in it. 😊😊. Hugs, xx

  2. I get the feeling you are getting your life back to normal again, phew. Busy painting and sanding and titivating old things. What is it about cats and containers? Toebee gets into EVERYTHING!!!

  3. Hi Julie wow you are amazing how you transform bits and pieces into beautiful usable goodies,well done my friend and wow what beautiful gifts you received from your friend xx

  4. magic makeovers once again! Even the old teddies can see that! winter is hanging in there :-) I always have a giggle when you and I do a blog post in the same day.

  5. I have to say this is one Blog l follow, that l come back to
    a few times during the course of the day, and week. And, send
    off to friends, family...! :).

    It's amazing what you do to something 'old' or 'vintage' Julie!
    I'm 70 in a couple weeks you think you can help me
    out to! HeHe! No! No! Only joking! I feel like a million dollars,
    ALL green and crinkly...!!! :0). Bless!

    As l scrolled down, and came to the wooden box, l thought....Ah!
    Something for the furry ones..and sure enough, who's that in the
    box...Pippi!x I think a nice soft 'pink' cushion is now required,
    in the box..and l'm sure Pippi agrees! :).

    And, do you know, l love Dreamcatchers...but l've only got one,
    a nice BIG pink one in the dining room window, it's fairly new,
    as the last one faded!

    Well, it's gone seven over here, suns out, time for a second lemon
    tea, then, it's off to my 'bubble gum' pink bathroom, to beautify
    myself, then a bit of breaky, then off down town, for coffee, and,
    a wander round...! :). Wednesdays always seem to be quiet days!
    Still, plenty to do around, l'm always busy, and, there's
    always visitors...Goodness! The visitors! :).

    BIG (((HUGS))) and BIG X's for the furry ones, bless their little
    furry paws...Bless!xx

  6. What beautiful makeovers, Julie. If I were to visit your cottage I would never leave. Sigh. xx

  7. loved what you did with the 'whatnot' & frames, so very pretty
    gorgeous apple box!
    love seeing what you do with other peoples treasures
    thanx for sharing

  8. Beautiful projects Julie, Love what you did with the old apple box. I have an old chest that I keep my crafty stuff in and I would love to paint it make it look vintage, it is varnished, do you sand it as well as clean it before painting with the chalk paint? I just love the teddy bears! have a great week and hope you get some sunshine this week.

  9. Hi Julie, You have been so busy! Isn't it amazing what a little work, time, energy and talent can do! Nice! Pippi seems to be a nice little companion. Your friend must be very pleased with her teddy bears now. Enjoy your day! Nancy

    1. Thanks Nancy, for your lovely comment. I still have lots more unfinished items to revamp!!! Yes, Pippi is there no matter what I am doing ... if I sew, she sits in my lap !!!

  10. Your ability to see what will give new life to unwanted objects never ceases to amaze me! Always a treat to drop in and see what you have been doing

  11. Such beautiful things, I love how you've transformed them all from unloved pieces to pieces that should be treasured xx

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Cheryl.

  12. beautiful projects.. love the way you change..

  13. Love how you turn old unloved things into beautiful them a new lease on life. Had to smile at Miss Pippi helping and checking things over. Good to se you have time again to create things for the cottage.

  14. Great finishes, Julie. It is lovely how you have given them all a makeover. I have the same pomandar as your one on the top right hand side. I've had it for many years.

  15. You are truly a miracle worker. My favourite thing is the frame with the large flowers. I think blue chalk paint my favourite of all colours. How determined cats can be. One of mine loved walking on my keyboard. A really good way of getting attention!

  16. Hi Julie, your painted items look wonderful, as does the old apple box, cannot wait to see it in your cottage, how about a looksy around in there also, for those of us unable to come for a visit please.
    Love your collection of pomanders, have to agree with you on the weather, even over her in Melbourne it is freezing, so hope you and the pussy cats stay warm, and take care. Chris xoxoxo

    1. Thanks so much Chris, it has inspired me to paint some other "treasures" tucked away in my sleepout. Yes I shall definately post some pictures of inside the Cottage once I have finished my rearrange ... its still a bit of a mess but am almost done. Have a great week Chris Xxx

  17. I love the colors and color combinations you choose, sweet Julie! You're so productive!
    Bill had fun in Queenstown and other places on the south island and he always has fun in Auckland with the friends.

  18. Love the duck egg blue you paint your different things with Julie, it's a lovely colour. Love all the projects you have done. The weather has been pretty awful, so wet and cold still.Never mind each day gone is one closer to the sunshine and warmth.. Take care and guessing you and miss pippie and Blackie are keeping warm by your fire.Certainly not gardening weather.

  19. Dearest Julie. I always know where to come for inspiration. I happen to have a couple of wooden wine boxes that could do with a facelift and a tin of duck egg blue chalk paint!!Next project coming up!thanks for leaving your lovely comment Julie. Always great to see you at mine.I hear your weather's warming up. It's gone a bit Autumnal here!

  20. Beautiful! Just catching up on posts as I am still here at work at the Community Centre. Always seem to be working more hours than I am paid for! Ha..ha... So lovely to see all your pretty projects! Love them all! They look so good. The pomanders look wonderful all together on the vintage tray. It's miserable here today - been raining so much and so cold this morning - brr...rrr.

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