Monday, November 13, 2017

Teddy Bears & Craft Fairs .............................

Monday Greetings dear friends & readers

Exactly a week ago I tidied up my sewing room & covered up my machine ... I decided I wasn't going to make any more stock for my Christmas Craft stall
Right after making that decision I noticed an old box way up high on the top shelf 
An inspection inside the box revealed two vintage bears - given to me by my friend Gail a Very Long time ago as she no longer wanted them .... they had been part of a collection of handmade vintage bears she used to stock in her Gift Shop many years ago

I studied this one for awhile & decided I might be able to do something christmassy with "him" perhaps??
To begin I made him some pants, then a coat & matching Santa hat using some deep red coloured fleece I already had in stock

The wadding style fabric I used to trim his coat & pants was white but a quick dunk in parisian essence soon turned it the nice vintagey cream shade I was hoping for

Next I made him a bag using a panel of lovely Santa fabric I had in my stash - I sewed the bag to his hands
It was at this point that I realised he was probably going to be a "hanging Santa bear" to get the full effect of his Santa sack which I planned to fill with goodies

I gathered some goodies to put in the bag

If you were ever to pop in to visit me unexpectedly,  this is what you might find on my dining table ... I decided the wooden golly needed some hair & the merry christmas sign needed to be attached to a black stick !
Painting the golly hair with PVA glue so it sits upright !!!

I like my Santa Sacks to be stuffed really full

I was thrilled with how "he" turned out .... but thought he looked lonely, so I decided to make the other vintage bear (pictured below) into a "Mrs Santa's helper" !!

I sewed her a dress using the same deep red fleece & tea dyed more wadding for her trims

I have NO idea what Miss Pippi was doing here but I think its safe to say, she was Not checking my sewing !!!

I found part of a broken felt christmas swag which just seemed to sit perfectly in her hands .  .  .  .
Isn't it a GOOD thing I keep all these old junk broken bits & bobs for use "one day" !!??
.  .  .  . & then a sweet Boyds Bear brooch at her neck - I gave her a bow in the same fabric as "his" pants

Don't they make a great couple ???
(& they were my very first sale at the craft fair on Saturday)

The Christmas Craft Fair was a great success in that the rain stayed away & the crowds came out to shop.
Unfortunately the wind was so strong I witnessed a couple of gazebos get blown over!
It made it impossible to do any nice displays & instead I just plonked my work down & hoped for the best!!
A great deal of the day was spent retrieving things that blew to the ground!!
I have borrowed the photo below from the i-site website ... you can click *here* for more photos from the day

My stall is the blue gazebo right by the arrow

My neighbour was the same as last years fair - my friend Julie from Bo and Co

Yesterday was spent sorting & tidying & repacking the Cottage
To be honest, today I feel more shattered than I did yesterday!!
I have family arriving to stay for a funeral in the Bay of Plenty later in the week & a house that currently resembles a bomb site!!!

And these two below .  .  .  . are no help whatsoever !!

Resting up after a busy weekend of .  .  .  .  .   resting up !!! 😻

Thanks So Very Much for your visits today dear friends,
I hope the coming week is filled with good things & great moments,
with much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Looks like there was a great turn out for the fair Julie and not surprised those fabulous bears were snapped up immediately. Btw have been looking on your blog for the herb moth bags but cannot find them, can you point me in the right direction please. xx

  2. The fair looked wonderful Julie, so happy the weather was good for you. No surprise the bears were snapped up quickly, they are beautiful. Hope you got some help with the clean up, although it looks as though the furry ones are settled in for a long rest!!

  3. The top photo made me chuckle...reminded me of my
    Dad..and what he used to call old fashioned ladies
    underwear...'Passion Killers'. HeHe! "I see your
    Mother's got her passion killers on the line then".
    He used to say...And, l'm afraid l have to confess,
    l've carried on the tradition..! :).

    The Santa looks lovely, as does Mrs Santa..The filled
    sacks certainly sets them off..really nice!
    Lucky Miss Pippi, taking a closer look....marks out of
    ten...! :).

    Looks as though the craft fair went well then, except
    for the wind...lots of lovely things, l liked the
    cup/saucers on those green they twirl
    round and round...! And..the golly dressed in pink...!
    And..did you manage to sell the 'arrow'..! :0).

    I honestly can't believe that Pippi and Blackie are
    no help at all...I'm sure their busy! busy! when your
    not about...Bless!xx
    HeHe! I know one thing...that photos going into my
    pussy~cat folder...! :).'s mid morning over here, just got back from
    town..time for a cuppa lemon tea, hazel~nut whirl, may
    be two...! Then l may iron my 'passion killers'...!!! :).

  4. Dear Julie what a ttreat to read your blog. Those bears were delicious. No wonder they sold quickly. I can't imagine how busy you will be re stocking your cottage for Christmas. You have magic. in your fingers. Your two fluffkins are absolutely adorable. Xxx

  5. what a gorgeous couple! the bears that is but so are Pippi & Blackie lol! too adorable
    glad your fair went well
    hope you get plenty of rest before the family gets there
    thanx for sharing

  6. Good morning! Your bears turned out darling and I can see why they sold first! How do you organize your "bibs and bobs" as you call them so you know and can find what you want?! I would say the cats are very useful! They provide entertainment, comfort and lower your blood pressure! I am sorry the weather did not co-operate for the sale. Enjoy your guests and the rest of the week! Nancy

  7. Beautiful teddy bears. I love all of your 'crafty' work and wish I could buy some things as they are all so charmimg. We may be having a trip to NZ next year and if we do I will definitely be paying you a call. What part of NZ do you live in Julie?

    Jean x

  8. Good Monday Tidings to you too Julie and thanks so much for visiting at mine. My friend who makes the vintage bags did a craft fair last week and hardly sold anything. She said it was soul-destroying. I'm not sure that folks here really appreciate all that goes into 'handmade' and are therefore not willing to part with their cash for something which can be bought for a quarter of the price from some High Street shop which has absolutely no manufacturing or environmental ethics. I try and avoid those types of shops. I'm getting so much inspiration from your posts but have to report, I haven't had time to start my Angel yet. I'm really trying hard. Have a great week, Julie. xx

  9. your bears have turned out beautifully, although for me, it's your gollies that really stand out, you are so good at them and I see them popping in your pictures here, I think they are your trademark and you should feature them on more of your lovely work.

  10. I'll admit that the top photo of the bear left me thinking there was no hope for that poor thing. But I should have known better! You spiffed him up and gave him new life, and a perfect lady companion to boot! I can see why they were your first sale. You work magic with your bits and bobs, and it fascinates me!

  11. They are so cute!! you are so creative..

  12. The bears look fabulous. Glad you had a good day despite the wind. Typical cats. Doing what they do best. :) My ginger cat has taken to sleeping on my scrap bag & now all the top bits of fabric are covered in cat hair. Hugs,xx

  13. Mr & Mrs Christmas Bear look lovely! I love stopping at your table for a cuppa with all your creative 'mess' around! So good you didn't get blown away at the craft fair. And I see Pippi is doing her 'Cat Scanning" again.

  14. Hi Julie, Happy to read your craft fair was a success, we use to have plastic bollards filled with sand that went around the poles to stop the tent from flying up up and away, gorgeous bears, they must of smelt lovely for Miss Pippi to look so intrigued 😂 I checked out the pics from the craft fair, and couldn't go past the homemade chocolates mmmmm. Lots of warm weather here at the moment, take care. Chris xoxo.

  15. Oh my goodness they are a gorgeous pair! Beautiful pieces on your stall Julie xx

  16. Love the bears, cats, gollies and your stall looks lovely. Glad I am able to visit you again (I spilled coffee over my computer and had to wait till I could buy another one, teach me to drink at the computer).
    Have a lovely weekend Julie, I so love that last pic of Blackie and Pippi.

  17. Hi Julie wow you are amazing with your revamps,love what you did to the Bears,what a wonderful new lease of life they have,glad you had a successful market but sad for you that the wind was a problem xx

  18. 'Tis a brave woman to cover her sewing machine and turn her back to it. =) I am not at all surprised your gorgeous bears were the first of your beautiful creations to find another home. They are both gorgeous. I have no doubt what didn't sell at the fair will be finding new homes very soon from your 'cottage'.

  19. Your beautiful bears, no wonder they sold first, glad you had a lovely day for it xx

  20. Love those bears. No wonder they sold ! Loved catching up with you.

    Hugs, fee xx

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