Sunday, April 29, 2018

These Autumn Days .........................................

Greetings dearest friends & readers

These autumn days seem to just pass by in a blur of activity
There has been lots of gathering & harvesting going on here at Threadbear 
Last week I picked my pumpkins, the last of my tomatoes as well as a basket full of walnuts - there have been two more baskets collected since this photo

This bag full of feijoas was gathered while visiting my grandson Alec - I hope to stew most of these for the freezer

I picked the last of my hydrangeas this week before they turn brown for winter - I give them a good drink in a bucket of water for about a week, then hang them to dry
I just adore their muted vintagey colours.

To satisfy my (endless) sweet tooth, I baked a tray of Citrus slice as well as The Mr's favourite - Weetbix slice

Yesterday the winds blew & the rains came down!
 Just prior to this I noticed the last of my roses still in bloom so I picked the remaining flowers to enjoy indoors.

Last Wednesday was Anzac Day & I thought of my dear Dad, gone 17 years now.
Dad served in both the Army & the Air Force as a young man, getting his oldest sister to send a telegram confirming his date of birth but Dad falsely gave a year earlier so he actually joined at just 17, instead of the 18 legally required.
 I always light a candle for Dad on Anzac Day.

My daughter in law Sarah & I took Alec over to the City & caught the end of the Parade, then we visited the Cenotaph to see the wreaths laid for the fallen soldiers.

It is always such a poignant sight.

This delightful Children's Park is right next door so we spent some time in there with Alec & had a picnic morning tea.

Though he started off fully clothed, it wasn't long before the outer wear came off & in the water he went!

Then on Thursday I took Sid out to the farm to see the autumn calves ... he has learnt to say "Mooooo"

Though there has been very little creativity going on, I did manage one completion.
I think it's fair to say that when my friend Sally gave me this vintage needlepoint to make into a cushion for her, 
my heart skipped several beats!
Though the edges were very frail, the needlepoint itself was in immaculate condition.
I knew I had THE perfect piece of vintage black wool fabric in my stash to back it with.

It took a HuGe amount of stuffing to get it nice & tight .... I shall be sad to hand it back to Sally 😢

Thanks so much for stopping by today dear readers,
I have the heater on & am off to make a cuppa .... these two are tucked up in their rightful positions for the evening!
 It feels like it's going to get chilly!
Have a wonderful week dear friends,
With much love & friendship to you ALL
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. oooO! Food! Food! And more food! :).
    I do like the look of that basket of walnuts!
    We have them over here, but they are quite
    expensive, don't even see them in bags of
    mixed nuts any more! :(. And l buy a bag every
    Thurs/Sat off a guy on the market, quite cheap!

    And Alec looks a though he enjoyed his bath come
    shower..hope he took some soap with him! :).
    And little Sid chatting away with the calves,
    Always great fun visiting a farm, so much to see,
    so much going on..! Bless!

    Oh! And l was admiring the vintage needlepoint,
    at the top of my stairs, l have two framed, similar
    needlepoint that mia Mama did a they are
    90yrs old...I'll try and take a photo of them later,
    and send them off to you..see what you think Julie!
    They've been framed as long as l can remember! :).

    And! And! Last..but by no means least...The stars
    of the show, the top of the bill..HeHe! Bless!
    Two pussy~cats asleep and cuddling..what could be
    nicer on a Sunday'll just creep
    away, without waking them...BIG hugs and BIG X's
    when they wake! =(^..^)=

  2. Those two cats look so very content curled up together! I made a cereal slice this week too, with weet-bix crumbs that I've been saving from the bottom of packets and some oat flour too. It's a favourite around here. Meg:)

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Meg. Yes I love the cereal slices & always save my Weetbix crumbs too ... there always seem to be quite a few in the bottom of the box!

  3. Oh Julie, I would not have been able to hand that gorgeous needlepoint are a true friend. =) I have never eaten feijoas. I googled them and they do sound delicious. Love those pretty Hydrangeas and the tablecloth displaying your baking is a pretty one. You Kiwis and us Aussies share a wonderful bond of mateship don't we. I find Anzac Day always a poignant and special day. The Children's Park looks like so much fun for the little ones and bigger ones. Hope you have a fabulous week, lovely Julie.

  4. The cushion is wonderful - I would have a hard time giving it back too!. What fun watching Alec and Sid grow up so nice you can spend time with them and not worry about the shop. Lots of yummy stuff out of your garden. I have Hannah and a friend of her from BTI here at the moment. They are about to start two weeks at a Tongan Preschool in Mangere - full immersion! That's gonna be fun! Give cuddles to the wonderful kitties - they look adorable as usual.

  5. What a delightful read. I hope your dad made it back safely as mine did but I find it a very sad moving day each year.
    What a garden you have. I grew up without a garden but my man hah 1/4 acre. His fat at her hated gardening and so my man thought the same. I bought a Yates book on my honeymoon and with advice from my boss I managed to start to learn all the things that are so vital. We never did have a vegetable garden but roses and trees galore. Just last week I bought the most beautiful cyclemn for inside and my garden has been my delight all my married life.
    So love your kitties. I need one badly. Always wish I had kept one from each litter.
    Thank you for such a delightful blog. Xxx

  6. Oh yummy stuff from your garden Julie, and feijoas miss them so much, yes Anzac Day and Remembrance day always have me turning down the sound so I don't hear the last post, I ball my eyes out, they played it at my Dad's funeral, but by then I was already balling. What a great place for the kiddies to visit, and such cute baby cows. Great cushion Julie,and the cutest pic of the cats. Take care Julie. Chris xoxo

  7. A lovely see your grandson's is the best! Anzac day brings many emotions for people, my Mum never like to hear the last post being played. Your cushion looks fabulous. The colder weather coming coming to me too isn't it??

  8. Lovely to catch up on your news Julie. Autumn is a busy and rewarding time. Glad you managed to do some harvesting before the weather packed up altogether. The needlepoint cushion is beautiful - how nice that it can now be used and enjoyed again - it looks like it came off a chair (or soething?). Fabulous to see you spending time with Alec and Sid - they are growing up aren't they?

  9. Lots of wonderful produce from your gardens a bit envious to see that bag of feijoas!!! Wonderful to get the last of the roses before the weather packed up. The slices look yummy. That is a nice photo of your Dad, so many amended their age to join up didn't they. You have done a beautiful job with that needle work piece Julie, it will be treasured even more now. So nice to see photos oy your Grandsons and wonderful to spend time with them. Your cats looks so cosy there cuddled up on the Willie says Bless!!!

  10. Hi Julie you cant beat homegrown fruit and veggies and i love your hydrangeas such beautiful colours and they would look awesome dried.What a lovely story about your dad,he certainly was a handsome man.And your little guy is growing up so fast ,hope you have a wonderful week my friend xx

  11. A nice Anzac day tribute to your Dad.
    Love those hydrangeas--yes, those muted colors lend themselves well to a vintage look.
    Fun times with the wee ones. :)
    That is a gorgeous cushion. Looks like you did well creating it, in spite of the delicate edges.

  12. Thanks for all your wonderful posts Julie. I have been reading them and looking at your wonderful projects for quite some time now but never commented. I am from North Carolina, USA, so coming into spring and finally some warmer days. My garden is planted and just beginning to pop through the earth. We had a long and very cold winter her in the US - hoping for better for you "down under". I really started following your blog because you were a cat lover as I am. Those two in that last photo are so sweet. I just wanted to say thanks and keep posting and I will keep reading and loving reading about all that you inspire me to do.

    1. Hello Beverly, Thanks so much for taking the time to leave your lovely comment. You have come up as a "no reply blogger" so I cannot email you but wanted to thank you for your lovely words. I am so pleased you enjoy my blog & my endless "ramblings". Yes it is autumn here & winter will be not far away. I love my cats ... I am ashamed to admit they are both really quite spoilt & I regret some of things I let them get away with!! Anyway Beverly I hope you have a lovely week & thanks again so much. Julie Xxx

  13. Hi Julie! Oh, the kitties. I love them so much. They look so warm and wonderful.
    Wow! You have been busy! I'm so glad you get time with Sid. He's a star!
    The needlepoint is incredible. I'd want to keep it, too!
    Hydrangeas are so gorgeous. I wish they grew well here.
    Sending heaps of love your way, friend!

  14. Hi Julie, Beautiful harvest and hydrangeas. We are just starting our garden season here. What a fun day with Sid. Your needlepoint is beautiful. What a find! Love the pictures of your cats cuddling! Hope you have a wonderful week! Nancy

  15. You had a beautiful time.. we are still waiting for spring..

  16. Nothing like homegrown fruit & veges. I'm waiting patiently on my passionfruit. :) The hydrangeas are beautiful. My Dad joined the navy at 17 but somehow managed to get his dad's permission to go off to war. Awww give those beautiful kitties a smooch for me please. Hugs,xx

  17. This is the second lovely blog that I have found today. That cushion looks gorgeous. I know just how deceiving it can be when you have to stuff them. It takes a lot more stuffing than you would expect it to.

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Cherie. Yes they can sure eat up the stuffing sometimes I agree! Happy Weekend to you Cherie. Thanks for visiting.


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