Tuesday, September 18, 2018

" To Create Something New From Something Old "

Greetings dear friends & readers

Our Craft Group challenge for this past month was "to create something new from something old"
As is usual for me ...... I left mine to the very last minute!!

I knew the meeting was on Monday so over the weekend I pulled out this wooden builders trug, purchased on my last trip to Mums at the Hospice Shop for the sum of $2, due to the fact the wooden handle had come out & was loose.

I soon glued & screwed it back in, & then decided to give the trug a coat of chalk paint.

I left the base unpainted as I planned to line this using a gorgeous Tanya Whelan fabric that I had on hand 
which matched the paint colour beautifully

Some embellishing then took place to cover the several tiny faults in the trug's wood

Even crochet doilies got mod podged on each end!

Though the photo is showing blue, the colour is actually a gorgeous soft green called "aquamint"
I then mod podged some Tilda sewing cards onto the front to give it a "sewing theme" .... I thought it would be ideal for carting sewing projects around in & plan to put it on my stall for sale at the Christmas Craft Fair.

I hosted the craft ladies at my place yesterday so I baked an apricot slice & a lemon drizzle cake ... 
unfortunately the lemon glaze drizzled off the cake & onto the plate !!!

Sharlaine's project was to take an old frame + a vintage doiley & make it up into a picture using some other small embellishments ... I loved how she fashioned the vintage doiley into a dress.

Maureen had taken a coathanger destined for the bin,  padded it & added satin, a doiley & some silk flowers

I really loved Gail's project ... she had rescued a broken porcelain dolls body from the Op Shop where she volunteers.
The dolls head was smashed in, so she removed the remains & found a tattered rabbit soft toy destined for the bin, then attached the head & made clothing for it.  It reminded me of something you might find if you fell down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland 😉

While I had the paint brush out over the weekend, I upcycled this vintage Singer Sewing Machine drawer, gave it a lick of paint & lined the base with Cath Kidston wallpaper.

I have been gathering together some oddments of vintage china cups & saucers & finally got around to making up a dozen vintage teacup birdfeeders, in readiness for my stall.

I have bagged up 12 cellophane bags of Wild Bird Seed & like to pop one in each cup when I sell them.

Sid was delighted last Thursday, when the cows were in the house paddock for a change.  When he wasn't digging in my veggie garden, he happily stood at the fence watching them ... he just adores cows! 💜

Meanwhile a certain furry Miss had built herself a small fortress on the couch & climbed in ... 
no doubt hiding from Sid who is fascinated with her!

Have a great week dear friends ... don't forget to be kind to yourselves & to each other! 💕
Thanks so much for your visits today,
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. Clever ladies all of you, seems like some good revamping going on. I love the singer sewing machine drawer. Sid is a wanna be farmer! Pippi, I shall have to have words with you!

  2. Hi Julie wow lots of amazing items made from this challenge,l love what you did with the carry box,so pretty. Gee Sid is growing up so fast and how cute does he look watching those cows,hope you have a wonderful week my friend xx

  3. HaHa! Great! I was half expecting, as l scrolled
    down to see Miss Pippi tucked up in the wooden
    trug..Not Blackie of course, but l'm sure Miss
    Pippi would fit...Bless!x

    Oh! And! Love the rabbit..looks a bit scary, but
    l think that's great..Rabbit head with human hands,
    the mind boggles! :).

    And those lovely teacup bird feeders..there amazing,
    and so, so different, l can image the birds saying,
    more tea, more sugar, more milk...Hope the birds
    manage to get the seeds out of the packets o.k. :).

    And little Sid..loving the cows..bless him! l love
    cows to..especially roasted with potatoes and gravy!
    ooops! Sorry! There l go again..thinking about my
    stomach..! :).

    Nearly 7:30 over here, time for a second lemon tea,
    and, it's blowing a gale outside..
    Hope that rabbit does'nt give me nightmares to~night.
    I'll look at it a few more times during the day, just
    to get used to it..! :). 😸 😻

  4. Our grandson Will is fascinated with our cats, we have taught him if they are in their baskets, they want to go to sleep, so if he see's them there he does the shhh sign and leaves them alone, but if they are anywhere else, they are his toys.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Marlene. Yes I am trying to teach Sid to not chase the cats when they come inside .... mind you, they don't often come in when he is here but the minute he goes home, they are at the door as if to say "has he gone yet??!!"

  5. What a fun group you belong to. All so creative and clever. Miss pippi is a real trick.

  6. Oh my goodness, what a clever group of ladies you all are. Each refashioned pretty is gorgeous. I love your 'new' sewing box...and I wouldn't mind that prettified Singer box at all. I know I have said it before, but your stall is going to be amazing!! Love those tea cup feeders. They will fly off the stall in a minute! Such a fabulous idea. I can just see some of those in a garden amongst the pretty blossoms. How sweet Sid looks standing there at the fence. Doesn't he have the sweetest face?? Perhaps he will be a farmer. =) I did smile at Pippi looking from under cover of those pretties. Small children and cats are always an interesting combination, aren't they. Have a fabulous week, lovely Julie. Is it warming up over there yet??

  7. I'm sure Gails project put a smile on everyone's faces. Such a clever idea. I think you are all amazing talented ladies. Your stall will be filled with all sorts of wonderful things. I love the tea cups bird feeders. I'm sure they'll be a big hit. Happy Tuesday to you too Julie. Happy crafting and Happy Spring!
    xx Beca

  8. I still think you are the queen of making something new from something old, but it appears that you associate with a group of ladies that are all skilled in that way. Such clever up-cycling from everyone!

  9. What great recycled projects you all did - I love the rabbit dolly! Miss Pippi and Sid look adorable. Happy days.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Penny. Yes the ladies in the group all bring different skills to our little group & its fun to see what everyone comes up with. Xx

  10. Lovely projects created by the ladies. So very clever. Love your little sewing caddy & the bird feeders. I should borrow your idea for my loose singer drawers. :). Bless Sid, he's so adorable. Hugs,xx

  11. Beautiful post Julie, filled with so much creativity 😆 love what you have done with the trug, I am sure it will be a much loved sewing box. The ladies were all very clever with their creations. Sid is so cute watching the cows, had to laugh at Miss Pippi, cats kmow how to keep safe don't they?? The lemon drizzle cake looks so yummy, the sauce is there tomne scooped up with each mouthful 😆.

  12. Hi Julie, You and your friends create such amazing things! Your trug sure turned out nice. Never would have thought of putting doilies on it! Love the red and white cups too! Smart cat to hide from Sid! LOL I love the bird feeders made out of cups and saucers. Have seen those before. Wondering if I could entice a bird into my yard with one. I had to take down my bird feeder. Rules! Ugh! You will do so well in your craft show. Will the others in your group participate in the craft show also? Take care! Nancy

  13. Love the sewing box Julie, I'm sure someone will snatch that up at the fair, and your framed doiley dress looks wonderful.
    The rabbit head doll is fabulous, I have seen a woman on Pinterest who does that with a lot of old dolls, they all have animal heads, so creative. Those cows are so cute, I can see why Sid loves them so much. Poor Miss Pippi the little ones can be so scary for them. Have a great week Julie. Chris xoxo

  14. What a lovely post with ao many beautiful examples of upcycling. Love them all. Your little "cow" boy is very cute xx

  15. I love all the crafts.. you ladies are so crafty..

  16. Always something beautiful going on here Julie. I love your work!

    Wishing you a peaceful weekend, hope the weather is kind to you.


  17. I love the way kitties hide! Your crafty group is very clever! You're always whipping up wonders, good Julie!

  18. Wow everyone made such cool things, I must admit I do like the rabbit doll!! Sid is far too cute, and I'm with him, cows are way cool!!

  19. What a talented bunch you and your friends are, some beautiful items, I love repurposing. Sid is a cutie, our grandson is fascinated by our dogs, he likes to stand for ages talking to them xx


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