Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Craft Group Decoupage & "Paint Me Vintage" .......... Catch Up Post # 2

Greetings dear friends & Readers 
Welcome to Catch Up Post No 2 !!

On Monday of last week our little craft group got together again - our meetings have been sporadic this year but 
there are no rules πŸ˜‰
We all met up at Joyce's home to do some decoupage using paper serviettes.
Sharlaine's work above left & Joyce's to the right

Some of us had painted wooden items to bring along to decoupage.
The technique we used was simply to mod podge the cut out serviettes onto the items.

Maureen's wooden bottle & letters for her grandaughters
(Note - I have photographed these items in their "wet state" - they will smooth out as they dry)

Gail worked on two wooden birdhouses

I had painted this wooden box the week prior, & then decoupaged it with some cut out tissue flowers 
I am not happy with my box & plan to sand it right back & begin again (sometime !!!)

Late last week The Mr needed a tractor part collected from Tauranga.  I rather quickly volunteered my time to drive across country & pick the part up for him - he is calving at the moment so he is especially busy.

You see I had a "method in my madness"  πŸ˜‰ as I wanted to visit a certain shop over that way that I had come across on the internet

This shop right here !! πŸ’•

The beautiful Shop Counter created & upcycled by Carla
I spent a wonderful hour browsing at all the gorgeous things in this store ... the Store Owner Carla, was just delightful & so helpful & generous with her information.

She was also happy for me to snap some photos.

SOooooo many beautiful things that made me Wish I had a bigger bank balance πŸ˜‰
(& perhaps a trailer !!!)

You can find this wonderful shop's website Here

* Here * on Facebook     
 & *here* on Instagram

And Yes - of course - some purchases came away with me!!

I had been wanting some transfers & a stencil for quite awhile now so I treated myself to these, along with some rice paper (for decoupage) & a small pot of a new paint colour to try.

And this gorgeous upcycled 3-tier tray just might have come Home with me too πŸ’—
I am looking forward to displaying some pretties on it.

While I have been busy lately creating birthday gifts for friends celebrating "special birthdays" my Orders have somewhat piled up on me .... so I made a start last weekend with these candles for my dear friend Shirley.
The containers are Shirley's own & she requested the fragrances Calico & Sandlewood/Musk in them.

With constant winds & rain here today, it is a good crafting day.
Her Royal Highness is in residence by the fire & I am happy about this because . . . . . . it means she is not outdoors bringing in rodents!!!

Have a wonderful rest-of-the-week dear friends,
I shall be back at the weekend with my final Catch Up Post.
Thanks as always, for your visits today,
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0x


  1. Oh what a lovely shop, think I would come away broke to Julie, you got some nice things, I want a stencil to, to do the top of my coffee table. I wish I could sit in front of that fire with miss pippi, looks inviting. Chris xoxoxo

  2. Wow that looks like a fabulous shop....I hope you didn't drool over everything!

  3. ooooO! Lots of lovelies to~day Julie..
    Love the bits and pieces up top there, especially
    the bird box..Nice!

    And the shop is lovely the counter..Pink!
    And the shop and ALL it's contents look lovely to..
    One could certainly get lost in a place like that..! :).
    I'll pop back later with a second lemon tea, and browse
    over the selves and tables!

    And..Miss Pippi..Bless! In the bestest place l see..l
    assume hubbies socks are in the wash..! :).
    Nearly seven over here..suns been up since, another
    nice warm day..cut the grass, finished off the hanging baskets, all looking good! Bless! 😼 🐾🐾🐾 😼

  4. I have some huge church candles that I found while clearing out my garden shed the other day and you've inspired me to melt them down and fill some lovely jars with them. How do you add your fragrances to them? Such lovely things in this post, Julie and I love your little wooden box as it is. Put a lovely plant in it and save yourself some work on the re-do!x

  5. It is always nice to find a shop that is just you. Glad that you got yourselves some treats and treasures.

    Miss Pops is cozing up to the heater now as well, as the weather is just cooling down.

  6. You and Paint Me Vintage are a match made in heaven, Julie. I would imagine there was so much inspiration to be gained in this shop. Love the trays that went home with you. I wonder what you will imagine with your purchases. Those candles must smell divine. How fun to get together with like-minded ladies and enjoy a spot of crafting; decoupage is always good fun, isn't it.

  7. The work of the ladies in your craft group is all so clever. I especially loved the second birdhouse.
    Oh, my! That shop looks like your kind of place, for sure! Well worth a drive to pick up a "tractor part". :)

  8. What a lovely place. I would have wanted to spend too much money there. My shop is so busy right now and I really need to get my rear in there, but I don't want to. What do you do to motivate yourself when you are behind?

  9. What a pity the Mr needed that tractor part! What a beautiful shop to visit. I love the 3 tier tray you picked up. It will be nice to see what you do with it. Have a lovely weekend, Julie. Hugs, Christine xx

  10. That was a great craft activity Julie, the bird boxes are very cute. That is a beautiful shop, I can see why you volunteered to head over Tauranga way!! 😊😊 wonderful treasures made their way home with you. Good to see Miss Pippi in residence by the fire, maybe Blackie is out gathering rodents for you???

  11. I love wandering around vintage shops and we have a few in our town. It never ceases to amaze me at the vision and skill that people like yourself have :)


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