Sunday, June 2, 2019

A Visit to a Special Magical Place .........................................

Greetings dear friends & readers,
Gosh June already - where did May slip away to I wonder ??
(Warning : Photo Heavy Post Friends !!)

Late last month I had the opportunity (& privilege) to visit a very special magical place called Port Charles.

I got up very early one morning & loaded up my car with freshly gathered walnuts, lemon dusters & a batch of homemade gingernut bites, then drove 2 hours north east to my dear friend Donna's home at Thames

We then loaded up Donna's car & travelled a further 2 hours north to Port Charles.  

While Donna stopped in Thames at the Organic Store I browsed in this cute little vintage shop next door ... Yes some purchases came away with me πŸ˜‰
The colours in the vintage sheet are actually much more vibrant but are not photographing well on this dull winters day
I loved the colours in the vintage sheet on the left & the sweet little jug & bowl just finished off a small shelf display of cream ware perfectly

I could not help photographing the soft toy dogs outside this mans store ... people were just stopping in their tracks & smiling at his display ... how wonderful that he set them up outside each day to bring joy to folks

Click on the photos to enlarge them for a closer look

Donna & her family have owned this seaside property at Port Charles for a few years now
Two years ago they completely demolished the small batch that was on the hillside property & built a wonderful new eco friendly home in its place

This is the view from the deck looking out towards the bay
Donna & I sat out on this deck lots & knitted & chatted & drank many cups of tea

The view from inside the lounge area - you would never tire of looking out here

The banana palms grow everywhere & they cleverly built the deck around these two established ones

Looking down from the deck - self seeded banana palms

One of the highlights (to me) about this special area is that there was no phone or internet reception which just added to the serenity & peacefulness of it all
Yes that is Yours truly - surf casting off the wharf
No, I didn't catch anything besides a large clump of weed, but we enjoyed a mornings fishing together 

Views from the wharf - looking out to sea & back towards the inlet

We walked places - lots - even way out across rock pools when the tide went out

This seaweed (that was everywhere) is called Neptune's beads

Each night I enjoyed a hot bath in the tub (& a glass of wine) on the deck outside under the trees listening to the 
night sounds & the moreporks

I love how Donna has kept her furnishings really simple & easy on the eye ... the shelf unit on the left was constructed from old beehive frames - we lit the small fire each day & it heated our water
All too soon it was time to pack up & head home ... what a wonderful magical place this is & I hope to return again one day ... Donna & I chatted non-stop all the way back to Thames & then I had to head home again  -
 back to cats & reality πŸ˜‰

Since my return home I have been busily working away on Orders
My friend & long time customer "D" gave me an large Order which I decided to break up into 2 parts in case 
I found it too overwhelming.
Part One was collected last week ... 10 lavender bags & 10 mothball sachets

A tilda rabbit - the enlarged size - dressed in overalls in a gender neutral colour scheme.  "D" loves mustard so I found this gorgeous mustard spot fabric in my stash.

Two childs size covered coathangers with lavender bunches

10 vintage covered coathangers with lavender sachets

Normally I use vintage pillowcases for these but as I ran out, I used some vintage supper cloths for the last few coathangers
"D" was delighted with the first part of her Order ... in typical Julie fashion I have left the trickier items til last 😟

Thank you all so much for your lovely kind comments on my last Post regarding the banana box fiasco
As you can see from the photo above, I have still not managed to acquire another banana box !!

Thank You all So Very Much for your visits today & staying with me through this photo heavy post,
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead - be kind to yourselves & to each other,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Amazing Julie..Simply amazing...the view from the
    house, and ALL the views in general are really
    lovely..trees and water, nothing to beat that
    combination..! Over the years l've watch many
    programs about New Zealand, and they've ALL been
    stunning..and the wildlife..! :).

    The outside bath..concerned me a little..HeHe!
    Is that really allowed..!! :). And, it looked as
    though it had running water to..Oh! My! :)
    (no selfies then)..

    And..If l was you l would'nt bother with another
    banana least with one their interacting
    with each other, even if it is a squabble! :).
    If you got another box, bet yer life, they'd still
    only use one! :). You know what pussy~cats are..Bless!

    Just gone seven over here..few nice hot days, garden
    looks good, baskets are coming on, all neat and tidy!
    Up to the super market at ten, open at ten over here
    on a Sunday..not a lot needed, but, Sunday is supermarket
    day for me... pleased you had a lovely time up north Julie, as l
    said..the photos are amazing...! :o).
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)

  2. What a stunning place to revive and relax! Gorgeous! Love all your hard work and beautiful creations since arriving home xx

  3. Everything you make is so beautiful, I especially love the vintage coat hangers. I would be thrilled to receive any of your make as gifts, there are going to be some lucky people out there. x

  4. OMG!!! What a treat to stay at that glorious abode!!! What a view and how pretty everything looks. I would love to have big doors to open and let the outside come inside. Your sachets are way too gorgeous and of course your post wouldn't be the same without your.....CEO's in a basket. lol. A beautiful weekend sweetness.

  5. How lovely and fun for you, I just love your work it is so tidy and exacting.

  6. Wow Julie, what a beautiful,place to stay, you would not want to retun back home!! Having a soak in that bath would be so relaxing!! Beautiful. Love your creations for your order, those cats, are they sharing now? Maybe you do not need another banana box 😊😊

  7. Looks like heaven Julie, and such a nice place to take a bath to, love your coat hangers and bunny is so cute, glad to see the cats have learnt to shareπŸ‘ Chris xoxoxo

  8. What a beautiful country you live in Julie! I am so going to move across the ditch...We are planning a holiday to New Zealand at some point as I have relatives over there. My daughter has already been over and wants to go again, she loved it, and I can see why.

    I love Donna's decor, those bee hive frame shelves look great!

    Your craft work is so pretty, you do such a fantastic job with whatever you create.


  9. your friend has a very special home, it has so much charm and personality, what a wonderful break for you. I love the bath! Hope you feel rested and refreshed. Lavender bags look delightful.

  10. What a beautiful place to stay and the weather looked great.
    What an enormous amount of work you put into all those beautiful items. I wonder how many hours you spent. Lucky person who gets those! πŸ€—

  11. Wonderful! It looks simply wonderful!....I have really enjoyed all your post lately. Family, things you have made and all that wonderful repurposing going on too, plus the darling kitties! We have not been well round here so I haven't commented lately. Sorry about that. Now we were going well....then Hannah has reacted to her flu injection! Gee Whiz - give me a break! Apparently my fault as I told her to get one! Ha..Ha.. Well if this is the way she reacts to the injection I am sure pleased she won't get the flu! Glad to see the kitties snuggling together as Winter kicks in. Arohanui

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Gosh the 'bach' and it's views look amazing. What a great place to hideaway to. I imagine even in the middle of winter it would be heavenly to stay there! I bet your batteries were well and truly re-charged after that! Love your makes too - lucky recipients, that's for sure :-)

  14. Looks like the perfect place to chill out and relax! I never thought of you as a fisher women. Gorgeous makes as always, what a big order, good for you. Pippi and Blackie....cosy together.

  15. Sounds like a lovely getaway. What a beautiful place to stay. Lovely purchases and finishes too. Have a lovely weekend, Julie. xxx

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