Monday, November 11, 2019

Home Again

Greetings dear friends & readers,
Welcome back to my poor neglected blog -  & also Welcome to November!
Since my last post (a whole month ago!) I have been back down to Mum's again  (4 trips in 6 weeks) - but I am pleased to report that Mum has finally returned Home again, as per her wishes

In order for this to happen lots of changes had to be put in place in Mums Home & also daily routines.
This has meant that I am finally able to return Home again myself - I miss my Home so much when I am away 
& I miss my two furry friends far more than I care to let on 😉
Miss Pippi frets when I go away & upon my return, she becomes my shadow for a week or so.

While I have been away I have been conscious of my Orders piling up & not getting done so I took some hand sewing with me on my last trip
My lovely friend Jane bought this pattern out earlier in the year along with some Liberty print fat quarters & requested me to make it up for her

I managed to get the bears stitched & stuffed while down at Mums & also the doll body stuffed.
Upon my return I have finished her off & Jane was delighted with her Order

The pattern also comes with a drawstring bag pattern to be made as storage for the doll & bears - but Jane & I 
both agreed they were far too nice to spend their lives tucked away in a bag 😉

Also on the "half started pile" was this old suitcase that I had put one coat of chalkpaint on - & then decided to add a glue-on embellishment before continuing to paint.

I purchased several of these embellishments from Paint Me Vintage - they are just glued onto the item & then 
when painted they look just like they have always been part of it.

The suitcase was painted in Old Linen & then lightly scuffed.
Now you will no doubt be wondering why I put the embellishment on the side of the suitcase & not in the middle ??

Because I had something (or someone) rather pretty to sit on the suitcase . . . . . . . . . . . 

This Autumn Angel is a free pattern from the Tilda Website - I just adored her & decided to make her up in some of the Plum Garden fabrics as I had a few fat quarters of this range

Her patchwork Plum pattern is also free to download on the website

I made her apron longer & added a bobble trim - otherwise I just kept to the original pattern
The merino wool dolls hair I purchased from Millymac Supplies

Though I have been diligently working on a large Christmas Order, it has been lovely to create something just for myself for a change also.

I potted up a sweet little Op Shop china Jug with babies tears for my friend Jane's birthday a couple of weeks ago.

Also my Aunt is turning 90 next weekend. 
Though we have been invited to the birthday luncheon Mum is not up to the trip - I am thankful for this as the journey would involve 7.5 hours of driving for me.
So I decided to make Aunty Noeline a lavender bag & send it off with a nice card - she likes nothing frilly or flowery so I kept it very plain & simple on a nice piece of linen in her favorite color way.
It is filled with my own homegrown lavender & smells divine. 💗

Over the weekend I harvested half the beetroot ready in my garden - my crop has done really well this year.
I cooked most of it for eating & then grated some of it & made a delicious raw beetroot salad.
The recipe is * Here * for anyone that might be interested.
(I didn't add raisins & just used Balsamic Vinegar for my dressing)

Well dear friends - that's me all caught up I think.
Thanks so much for your always-welcome visits here today,
I shall be back soon to share a beautiful Christmas Order I have been crafting.
Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead,
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0 


  1. Hi Julie i am pleased for you that things are sorted out with your mum and you can be back home,i always miss home when i am away too.
    Oh i love your doll and bears that you made for Jane they are so cute,well done my friend also on your lovely tilda doll,she is gorgeous.
    We love homegraown beetroot but we arent planting any this year.xx

  2. It's always nice to come home isn't it. Hopefully your Mum will keep well. More beautiful makes from you. I love the Tilda dolls hair, her buns remind me of Princess Leia! The doll with the little bears is very sweet, I'd be tempted to make one if my granddaughters played with dolls....but they don't! Yummy beetroot, have you tried it roasted? It's yummy!

  3. That is wonderful news your mum is back in her home, Julie. How lovely you are back home and spending time creating your beautiful pretties again. Oh my, such a sweet little doll donned in a Liberty fabric dress no less. She is cute, as are the teeny tiny bears. Your Autumn Angel is gorgeous and how pretty she is sitting on the old suitcase you made beautiful, once again. Thank you for the beetroot salad recipe....I love beetroot. I have saved it to my favourites bar. It is lovely to visit your gorgeous place again. I cannot wait to see what other Christmas orders you imagine. Have a beautiful week, lovely Julie.

  4. glad you are home and can get back into a routine, and that your mum is stable enough to return to hers. Your goldilocks/bears are delightful. I hope you catch up on your orders. Betty x

  5. That's really good news about Mum Julie..
    I expect she's a lot happier in herself
    being back home to..'No place like home'.
    Please wish her well..! :). looks like you've been busy, are,
    and will be now up until Christmas..!
    Still you've got the very talented Miss
    Pippi for help..And..l suppose Blackie will
    just look on and supervise..Bless him!x

    Always loved those slender Angels you make
    to..There amazing..and look nice anywhere..! :).
    Oh! And Goldilocks and the three
    those..the faces are really lovely..! :o).

    Nearly seven thirty over here..another lemon
    tea is called for..catching up on a busy weekend,
    few things to see to around the place..Best get on! :o).
    ☕🍰☕🍰 ☕🍰☕🍰 ☕🍰☕🍰 ☕🍰☕🍰 ☕🍰☕🍰

  6. I just love the doll with the bears. Beautiful. Also Puddy tat 🥰 I haven’t left comments for ages as my iPad had a glitch. Had it fixed for something else and it came back with another hiccup. I fiddled in tools for ages last week and just thought I would test on your lovely blog. Worked on preview so here goes wish me luck.

    1. Yes ! Yah ! Love you Julie you brought me good luck.😁

  7. Hi Julie, so pleased that your Mum is on the mend and back in her own home and you are also back home. Who looks after your furry ones when you are away? xx

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Mo. When I go down to my Mums my husband is here to look after the furry ones - the ginger girl one frets so much & doesn't eat so if I am away any length of time, she loses quite a bit of weight. The black male one could live on his reserves for a month at least!! xx

  8. So glad you're Mum is home and settled. It's a worry for us when our elderly parents reach this tremendous milestone in their lives where independent living becomes questionable. I love Goldilocks and her friends and goes without saying your Angel is beautiful.Have a restful week

  9. I'm sure being home for your mum is just what she needs Julie, its good you can get back to your own home to, I know I would rather be home than anywhere else. Beautiful makes Julie, the suitcase looks awesome, I made my own embellishments from a Prima mould and paper clay, which I stuck to that cupboard that yes I'm still painting, need to finish it soon, cause its in the spot my Christmas tree will go this year. Chris xoxoxo

  10. Glad your Mum is able to go home....there is nowhere quite like your own home. I love your sewing and Tilda Angel looks gorgeous on your revamped suitcase. Happy birthday to your Aunt. Lo e homegrown and home cooked beetroot...a lovely memory of my Grandmother....hers was the best ever!

  11. I'm glad to hear your mum's settled and I hope she keeps well. The decorated case is beautiful and I love your Tilda Angel.
    Best, Jane x

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Jane.

  12. So happy that your mother is back home and returning to her old self. I love your work. It is so exact and perfect.

    1. Thanks so much Kim - I am happy too & I hope & pray her good health continues.

  13. Lovely to see you back home Julie and creating beautiful things again. Goldilocks is beautiful, I agree too lovely to be packed away on a bag. Your Tilda lady is beautiful , she looks very elegant sitting on her bag. Lovely photo of the furry ones. I hope all goes well for your Mum and she is ok back home.

  14. I don't like to be away from home for very long either! Your doll and bears are adorable and also you Tilda doll. I love your baby tears arrangement. Your cat looks very happy now! Nancy

  15. The beautiful lavender bag is such a thoughtful gift. Thank you of rt. link to the Tilda website too. x

  16. So glad to hear your mum is home and so are you...and your sewing/crafting enterprises are gorgeous as usual!
    Miss Pippi adores you. As we all do, sweet friend. xx

  17. lovely creativity as usual but have just caught up & so will wish your mum a speedy recovery & hope she will be as active as she once was
    thanx for sharing

  18. Your Goldilocks and three bears are gorgeous, Julie. As is your angel. So glad to hear that your Mum is much better.

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