Saturday, March 28, 2020

Staying in my Bubble ...............................................

Greetings dear friends & readers

As of midnight last Wednesday New Zealand went into Level 4 Lockdown due to the Covid 19 virus.
For us here this means everything is closed to the public except supermarkets, chemists, medical centres & 
petrol stations.
Our Prime Minister has said "we all have to stay in our bubbles in order to flatten the curve of this pandemic"
Personally I am more than happy in my bubble, but I know there are others that will really struggle with it & 
my heart goes out to them πŸ’—

I have a new (step) granddaughter due in 2 weeks time whom we will not be able to visit until this is all over.
Over the past couple of weeks I have been doing some sewing for her just using up bits from my stash -
 I thought I would have no feminine fabrics but I was able to rustle up some pretty colourways.
I made 3 bibs using this free pattern from the internet - I have made these for my other grandsons & their Mum's 
tell me -  "these are the best bibs ever" !! 

I always buy white or cream towels when I see them on sale & use the toweling for the back of the bibs.  
I had an end left over from a white towel so I made two burp cloths & bound them with pink bias binding.
I knitted two pink organic cotton washcloths using this free pattern 

I made a flannel wheatbag & the bunny rattle is made from a vintage wool blanket - I tucked a rattle into 
the bunnies tummy before stuffing with fibrefill.
I found a length of fleece large enough to sew two cuddlies.

The little cloth doll is called Maisie & is a pattern by Kate Henderson of never enough hours blog 
I packaged everything up in pink tissue paper & The Mr was able to deliver it over to the city before the lockdown came into force.

Once we were in lockdown I decided to spend some time giving my sewing room a good clean, tidy & sort.
This was looooong overdue dear readers. πŸ˜‰

It was lovely to give it all a good freshen & a fluff up & when I was finished I thought I would sew a new 
ironing board cover. 

Whenever I do this I just take the old cover off, cut the elastic & pull it out of its casing, open the fabric out fully & lay it on the new fabric on the floor - cut around the shape, make a casing, new elastic & voila .  .  .  .  .
This fabric is Cath Kidston & was purchased a couple of years ago when Mystyle first closed its Cambridge shop. 
I originally planned to cover a chair with it but used something else instead.

Last month my friend Gail turned 70 & had a small party.
Although she said "no gifts" I wanted to give her something but was not quite sure what as Gail has everything 
you could ever want  πŸ˜‰
I had this vintage cane dolls pram in my sleepout so I lined it with a black rubbish bag & planted it up with petunias for her.  On my way to her party I stopped at the Variety store & purchased a helium filled balloon that said 
"Happy Birthday" & tied this to the handle.
Gail said it has continued to flower away beautifully & she was thrilled with her gift.

Like alot of you I am sure, every now & again I feel this tight knot of anxiety about this horrid pandemic in our world -
 I worry for my children & grandchildren & what the future holds .....
When I feel this happening I try to distract myself with some home remedies

I play with Pippi alot - she is a great entertainer & very much lives in the moment

Blackie has been bringing in on average one mouse a day (!!) lately so he prefers to maintain a social distance 
as Mum is none-too-happy with him 😐

I burn lavender oil in my diffusers as I find this helps to calm me

I knit dishcloths & I stockpile dishcloth cotton yarn in lovely colours πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‡
I try to cook good nutritious meals & I spend some time outdoors each day if the weather allows.

I find if I keep my hands busy then my mind stays on track so I try to keep creative & do things that bring me pleasure.

I am thinking of you all at this trying time dear friends
Take care of yourselves & each other & stay in your bubbles,
With much love & friendship to you all ! πŸ’•
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. That was a wonderful bundle of goodies for the new grandbaby!!
    Cleaning the sewing room? What a concept! :) Your new ironing board cover is lovely.
    The pram planter is very clever. I'll bet she wasn't mad you brought that gift.
    I don't trust the look in Blackie's eyes. Sorry, Blackie.
    Oh, I don't know why I hadn't thought to put lavender oil in my diffuser. Thanks for that!

  2. Lovely post Julie, you have made some beautiful gifts for the new baby. The ironing board is beautiful and always good to have a bit of a tidy up in the sewing room. The planter pram is beautiful and I bet much appreciated, that is a wonderful gift. Blackie looks like he might be in trouble 😁, Miss Pippi is as cute as ever. Sounds like you are spending your time the best way possible. Keep safe.

  3. Another inspiring eye candy post.....keep safe, sane and creative my friend! xxxoxox

  4. Beautiful parcel of special goodies for your new Grandbaby. I love the vintage pram of blooms for your friend and the new ironing board covers so pretty and fresh. I think most of us feel that twinge of anxiety in these difficult and strange times....sending a cyber hug back to you....Stay well xx

  5. You've made such sweet things. I'm sure your friend loved the flowers in that little pram. What a great idea! MegXx

    1. Thank you Meg - yes my friend was delighted with her planted up pram & has trimmed back the petunias & is about to get another flowering from them. xx

  6. Much the same over here Julie..I've been out
    twice in the last two weeks, and again tomorrow
    to the supermarket..though there only allowing
    so many to shop, no pairs, then one out one in..! :(.
    I've plenty of food, the 'road kill' freezer is quite
    full, l actually defrosted it last week, surprising
    what l found at the bottom..Blackie..shall l send you
    a nice bunny rabbit..HeHe! Not a lot of meat on a mouse!
    Bless! Him! He's only trying to help! :).

    All looks lovely as usual Julie..Impressed with Gail's pram..
    Looks like the one my Mum used for me..though when we went
    shopping, she'd strap on her back..and put the shopping in
    the pram..What an awful upbringing l had..HeHe! :).

    Going back to the virus..PM Boris is in isolation, he has
    it. and the home secretary Hancock has it, and one other
    cabinet minister..Oh! And Prince Charles of course..And,
    it's surprising the film stars, footballers and famous
    people, who have it...To think in 1998..50,000,000 people
    died worldwide of the Flu pandemic..
    Still.As long as we take the advice of the expect, and
    follow'll not only help us, but others as well....
    And also..take the advice of Aretha Franklin.."Say a Little
    Prayer"...God bless! One and all..and..keep safe..! :o).
    😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼

  7. The gifts for the new baby are so lovely Julie, and I'm sure Mum will love them to, we don't have stage 4 lock down over here yet, I'm sure we will soon, hubby is still working, thankfully the construction industry is still operating, a big queue at centerlink for a lot of people though. Good your keeping busy with crafting, gee I packed up my craft area at the wrong time, oh well I can fill in my day looking at every ones beautiful things, stay healthy and safe. Chris xoxoxox

  8. What a lovely package, they will love it I'm sure. When you start feeling anxious, turn up the music and dance, it'll make you feel better I guarantee it xx

  9. I am very happy to be staying safe a home with my books, my sewing, my cross stitch, and a tin of Quality Street chocolates. I honestly don't care how long I stay here as long as we are all safe. Sunday was hard because it was mother's day in England and my daughter wasn't able to visit but we could FaceTime which is something.
    Your gifts are all lovely and so thoughtful too. I treasure it when I receive things that are handmade because I know love an time has gone into them. Stay safe. x

  10. Not being able to see your new grandchild when they are born will be hard. It sounds like you have been keeping yourself busy. In Australia we are not in lock down however we are doing the "stay at home" which is the same as your lock down - voluntarily staying at home to flatten the curve and only going to the supermarket when we need to. Stay safe - loved your tip for making a new ironing board cover - not that I have any fabric however it was very logical. Regards Kathy, Brisbane

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Kathy. Yes the ironing board covers are so simple & quick to make - I think it only took me about half an hour all up & I am so thrilled with how fresh it now looks. Stay safe & well Kathy.xx

  11. Lovely news about the impending baby, Julie and she is going to be the best-dressed baby in the neighbourhood with all those beautiful, lovingly made things by you. I'm finding it very frustrating not to be able to see my new grandson and in particular, to give his Mummy the help she so obviously needs right now, having had high blood pressure since the birth, which they're trying to bring under control with drugs but that's hardly an ideal scenario with a new baby to breast-feed. Every day without this awful virus is a bonus and I've shut myself away too, much to my Mother's annoyance and disappointment but there's very little else that can be done at the moment. I'm so missing my granddaughters too. Stay safe, Julie and thanks for sharing your uplifting post. xxx

  12. I wonder how long we will all be staying in our little bubbles?? You have been creating joyous pretties in your bubble, dear Julie. All those pretties for your step granddaughter are adorable. How sad that it will be a while until you can meet her. That is one of the difficult things today, grandparents can not spend time with their sad. LOVE Gail's present. LOVE the pram overspilling with the flowers. Such a fabulous gift! Aah that Blackie, I suppose a cat has to do what a cat has to do. =) Take care, lovely Julie.

  13. It's fun to see what you're up to, sweet Julie! I love the gifts you made for your soon to be born granddaughter.
    That little pram is adorable! Sending love your way! xo

  14. The baby gifts are beautiful Julie, I am sur the Mum would really have loved them. The planted pram is amazing and stunning, a very special gift.It would have been fun making it up and a superb 70th birthday gift. Those washcloths/dishcloths will be fabulous and make lovely gifts as well and for your own use. Maybe you might like to knit socks sometime, they are a super thing to make. Once you master those you won't stop- - - - - just saying (*!')

  15. I think the bibs and things for the imminent new baby are beautiful, made with such love and care too. We, like you, are only allowed out for a walk or to the supermarket, the streets are very quiet and the planes from Gatwick airport are silent, so we can hear the birds.

  16. Lovely gifts for your new grandaughter. Keep safe, well and busy. xx

  17. Lots of good things happening in your bubble! You made some wonderful gifts for your new grand! Pooh is classic! Lovely idea with the cart of flowers for Gail....folks who "have everything" can always use a few more happy thoughts! :-) Stay safe and healthy!

  18. I love looking at all your creations, it gives me inspiration. Although I don't craft I love those that do.

    1. Thanks so much Kim - you might not craft but you made some pretty awesome quilts a wee while back.

  19. The bibs are adorable looking. And the doll! It sounds like the lockdown just helped you get more
    crafting done! Hope you don't have to wait too long after the baby comes, to visit.
    I have gone out to the grocery 2 times in 3 weeks. I just miss my fresh produce, which I can find
    OK. Just a lot of the staples a person like to keep on hand are low or nonexistant. Stay healthy and busy.
    The kitties look like they are happy you are home.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Lynn. Yes I think the cats are probably the ones least affected by all this.


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