Friday, February 11, 2022

Hearts πŸ’—, Coffee Table Vignettes ...... & Disobedient Cats 🐱

Greetings lovely friends & readers

Some of you may remember the Tilda Swap I did with my friend Claire in * this post * early last year.  We both enjoyed it so much & we chatted about doing another Swap together.  Claire decided we should do a LOVE Swap for Valentine's Day this year.  I took my swap gifts down on my recent trip to Mum's but I can't post about what I made yet as they are still un-opened.  

Whilst browsing Pinterest for ideas this stunning but simple picture kept popping up on my feed.  I LoVed it so much πŸ’—

Source : Pinterest

Just prior to my trip to Mums I decided to do a new vignette on my lounge coffee table. I like to change this out with the seasons but had done nothing on it since clearing away my Christmas decor.  I decided to try & recreate the heart/basket picture.
I knew I had this old chicken wire basket in my sleepout so I dug it out & gave it a wash.  These quilted pillow shams were an Op-shop purchase that I had initially planned to cut up but were in such perfect condition I didn't have the heart to.  I folded & stacked them in my wire basket.

Using some oddments of fabrics & vintage laces I sewed & stuffed two hearts & added some mother-of-pearl button embellishments.  I really loved the effect of these sitting in the wire basket.

My friend Joyce had gifted me this heavy cotton lace tablecloth for Christmas - Joyce works in the Church Op-shop so no doubt came across it in there. I loved it & once again, it was immaculate.  I arranged a vignette on my table just using up bits from around my Home & some thrifted finds ... candles, old books, vintage china - all my faves.

Another thing I like to collect is Vintage Bibles, Prayer & Hymn Books  ... seen above on my book rack.  I mostly come across these in second hand bookstores & even have one written in Croatian.

I felt so happy when my coffee table vignette was finished & the wire basket just set it off nicely - & I felt pleased that I had used treasures from around my Home.    I sit beside this coffee table each night on the couch, & do my knitting or my stitchery work & watch TV. 

You know dear readers - I had thought that by covering the vintage lace tablecloth with Lots of display items there would Not be room for any furry four-legged creatures to park their ample proportions on !!! 
It would appear I was Wrong !!!!  Here is Madam Pip the other night watching the lovely Sherry Iris's Stitchy Podcast on YouTube  ......   & as if that wasn't enough, The Mr sent me this photo below while I was down at Mum's to tell me "everything is under control here"  !!! πŸ˜–

Seriously dear friends ... goodness knows how I managed to raise two sons into quite decent adults when I can't even get two cats to do as I want them to  !!! 😟

I used the dried Rose Petals in my Potpourri's

We are getting good light rain as I type this & I am so thankful.  This morning I picked all the roses that were about to drop their petals as this is a good time for drying them.  I spread them on cane trays in my Sleepout to dry.

I also picked a bunch of mixed dahlias to enjoy inside.

The Mr has gone to Auckland today on farm business so I made a banana cake this morning as I had banana's going brown.  I only ever ice half the cake as The Mr doesn't like icing & always picks it off.

And I cooked myself my Most Favorite Lunch Ever - poached eggs fresh from the neighbors chooks, on toast with cherry tomatoes & basil straight from my garden.  

I saw this funny on Instagram & thought it was perfect ... I am off to clean up the Craftermath that is currently in my Sewing Room !!!

Thanks so very much for your visits here today dear friends,
With Much love & friendship to You All,
Julie & the naughty furry Ones x0x0x


  1. Hi Julie your valentines creation is beautiful. Your favourite lunch is my favourite breakfast! I hadn't tried putting any herbs in though, looks delicious. Those cats are so interested in everything aren't they! Mollie has just started coming up on a chair at the table next to me when I am in the kitchen - the other day she watched me peel sprouts and took one to play with - seems a small thing but for her it's a new step showing she feels confident that she can join us, choose a seat and touch things to explore. Your dahlia are beautiful, we never see them in shops here, I wish we did as I would buy them. Not many people grow them around here either - I might try a few this year in a tub.

  2. I love the basket goodies. I'm a sucker for your cats, they would be more than welcome on the table if i lived at your house. Rainy and cooling down here.

  3. Oh I do love your posts full of lovely things .
    Have fun , the cake looks so yummy .

  4. There's a new game from America..just catching
    on over here..It's called 'WORDY' don't understand
    to well at the momment.summat about changing
    one letter at a time..I think!

    Your lunch looks lovely Julie..though l think l'd
    enjoy it anytime..breakfast perhaps?
    I've just had breakfast..always a fry up..can't
    start the day without me fry up...! :).
    And the suns up and shinning brightly, though still
    cold..Brrrrrr! :(.

    ALL looks lovely Julie..HeHe! Except..mixed dahlias
    in a vase...Argh! Shame! Poor things..! :O(
    The petals look lovely though..Pink of course..! :).
    "My girl friend has lips like petals..Bicycle petals"! :).
    Joke! Joke! HeHe! Bless!
    (((Hugs))) & XX's for the furry ones..Bless!xx
    😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾

    1. Cake looks yummy and as for the cats, they're the cutest things. I have a couple of yellow Dahlias left over from my birthday bouquet from my sons. I love them. Might seek out some bulbs whenever I'm mobile again, which shouldn't be too long now. Have a great weekend Julie. xxx

  5. Lovely table arrangement Julie - I do love the basket. xx

  6. Well of course the cats are keeping every thing under control, except you maybe, lol. What a fun
    Springy looking change up on the Valentine looking decorations. And pink and rose colored flowers
    to go along with. We do not have green grass here yet, simple clean antiseptic looking white! Enough
    already, but none new, just no melt off yet. Maybe later today some will go as we are to get rain before
    it freezes tonight. I'm slowly doing a bit of a very large cat counted cross stitch. It'll last me until
    I'm even older and more grey. Lynn and Precious XX

    1. Thank you Lynn & Precious. I hope the snow is starting to melt for you now. Does it go slushy & grey & slippery when it melts or does it just all disappear. I can't imagine what it must be like. We have strong winds now - hot winds which unfortunately are taking out all the moisture that the rain put in to the ground. We are never satisfied here I guess but I shall look forward to the humidity passing as its so hard to sleep at nights. Blackie has been out wandering & fighting again so he is looking worse for wear this morning. xx

    2. We've 3 feet of snow from Jan 5th thru Feb 3rd. None has melted, instead it has been so cold
      it is just now a foot or more thick snow pack. I tried jumping on it this morn and couldn't break
      through! When it does go, it will be a mess. Silly Blackie. At least he came home to roost.

  7. So many great things in this post. Everything is so pretty! Your kitties cracked me up, they are something aren't they?! Your cake and your lunch both look fantastic! Have a great weekend Julie! :)

  8. Your new creation looks beautiful.
    Ooh! You gave me an idea for lunch, we have sweet tiny tomatoes coming out of our ears, they will be lovely with an egg.

  9. so many lovely pretty things to see.... so clever in making up pretty areas in your home...

  10. Haha! Those cheeky kitties! Your hearts are gorgeous Julie. I love your vignette. You just have a way of making everything look perfect together. Those dahlias are beautiful. We planted some last year and hopefully they come back this year. There's nothing better than home grown eggs. Have a lovely weekend. I'm off now to sit and sew! Hugs, Christine xxx

  11. Cats can always find room to park themselves.

    God bless.

  12. Your wire basket vignette looks are so clever! Giggling at your kitty takeover lol! I think Dahlias are so lovely! I had to go and make a cuppa after seeing your delicious cake xx

  13. Lovely post Julie, your cats make me laugh, they have minds of their own and probably think Mum made us this lovely new place to sit and watch TV!! Your basket looks beautiful Julie as does the table, you are so clever.

  14. Julie your version of the wire basket is the best, I love your entire table as well, it must be so nice to sit uponπŸ˜‚ From what I saw on the news from our weather girl, you should be getting a bit more rain, it showed the whole of the north island covered in Cyclone Dovi, but that it wasn't going to be as bad when it hits, so hopefully you don't get to much. We are having a couple of hot days here, so I'll gladly swap with you.

  15. Julie your table looks beautiful as usual. Will have to file away that heart idea for some gifts.
    As for those naughty cats, they keep you on your toes haha
    Loved the look of your cake and your lunch. We have been enjoying tomatoes from the garden, my fav topping for my toast.
    Hope you survived the weather over the weekend? We had horrendous winds but no rain. My dahlias are flattened.

  16. Delightful post Julie! Just what I needed to push the blues away. Your table vignette looks wonderful and the vintage table cloth particularly at least what I can see of it! Madam PiP obviously thinks it was all set up for her! Gosh! Those hearts are so lovely too! Keep well. Amanda x

  17. Your little display looks so pretty complete with the cats. I have a constant craftermath going on but I like the term. x

    1. Thank YOu so much ... yes I can certainly relate to the craftermath πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š


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