Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Some rain, sunshine, some "doileying" & a win

Hello there friends & readers,

This past week bought some rain (lots) & then in the middle a few days of real sunshine to remind us that days can still be beautiful & that spring is just around the corner . . .  & then the rain came back again.

In the midst of the sunny days I sat out on the deck with Mr Wolf & we made "apples" . . .

 I should rephrase that a fraction  . . .  one of us made apples, one of us supervised & made sure no mistakes were made.

If you put your nose up real close to the screen & take a big sniff - you should be able to smell the lovely apple/clove fragrance that I have scented the cinnamon stick with ! ! !

There is definately a change going on in the garden as it wakes up after a long wet winter . . . 

Not sure the name of this bush but it has a lovely yellow flower on it
the view from my dining window - soon to be in full bloom

After being inspired by Claires wonderful house (in my last post)  I did a bit of "doileying" myself . . .  

 My Dads old aluminium kettle got "doileyfied"  :-)

During the wetest part of the week I dragged all my doilies out onto the floor & attempted to make a sort of "crazy patch doiley runner" (an idea that I had inside the "fog" that whirs around inside my head) -
- now this is to show you the nice tidy orderly fashion that I like to work in when I am crafting . . . 

Note that I have moved OUT of the sewing room & into another room . . .

this is called "creative play" & this is my dining room floor - its lucky theres not many people live in this house ! ! ! (its also lucky the fattest & fluffiest one was Outside this day)
This is what I ended up with 2 days (& much changing of mind) later . . . 

this also is called "creative play" - also known as "dragging out all your nice china & imagining you live in a lovely old vintage house & all your meals get served like this . . .  "

Anyway - enough playing for one week . . . I had something really exciting happen to me - I entered a giveaway on a blog that I often follow
Louana writes some delightful posts & she was celebrating her 3rd blog anniversary - I entered her giveaway & was lucky enough to be selected from the random number generator - here is what arrived in the post last week . . .

A bundle of the most wonderful vintage fabric fat 1/4's - but she had also very generously included the following little extras . . . 

some of her beautiful postcards & a notebook - it made me smile all day long & I still have my package sitting out where I can admire it - thank you so much Louana for your generosity & I hope you keep up your wonderful blog :-)   (I must just mention here that I Never Ever win Anything - so it was such a treat to be selected)

Remember a couple of posts back where I showed you the penny rug I had made for Elaine to sit on an old wooden tool box ??  Well I happened to get a couple of pics of it in its new home & thought it looked delightful & just perfect for the spot  . . . 

LOVE the colours in the potpourri Elaine has sitting on top ! !
My Mothers Day Tulips in pot bursting into flower - love that red :-)
 Well folks thanks for stopping by today & may the rest of the week bring you only good things - I am off to pull some weeds (they are beckoning me - yes weeds DO beckon I am sure) - Mr Wolf (fat fluffy)  has sneaked himself inside while I have been writing this - he is working on the theory that "if I cant see them, they sure as heck cant see me" ! ! ! ? ? ? 

Take care out there everyone - 
Love Julie & Mr Wolf   (in hiding)  X o  X o   x  x


  1. Hello dear Julie..oh I do love your apples. They smell so yummy! I do declare that the paper serviettes that we bought at Mitre 10 (of all places ) yesterday (for picnics) match all your apples quite perfectly! Very pretty doily runner. I've been collecting creamy doilies & small cloths for ages thinking that I might make some curtains kind of along the same lines but mmm might take me a month of Sundays & them some. Luckily I haven't started yet. How's the tea pot coping with it's doilyification? Very cute. Your yellow flowering bush is a forsythia (no scent but pretty). Aren't magnolias just so lovely..we had one like yours when we lived in Hawera. That is definitely a "you can't see me pose"! Thanks so much for your encouragement at my place. Much love to you my friend.. Catherine x0x0x

  2. Stunning Julie! love the apples.....


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