Saturday, August 18, 2012

Claires House (+ 2 "Sunshines")

Hello everyone,

 Hope your week is going great out there. 
 When I took Mum home last week I had the opportunity to catch up with my friend Claire.  Claire & I met a few years back when she owned the most amazing little Patchwork Shop in Hawera called Cinnamon Lodge.  I used to go in there whenever I was down at Mums & be inspired by all her amazing creations (& a few new patterns & fabric would inevitably come home with me too :-)
Claire closed her shop about 2 years ago & took all the remaining fabric & stock home with her so now I catch up with her at her (incredible) home.
I was most excited to see her this visit as I knew she had re-decorated her lounge & (knowing Claire) I was pretty sure it would be amazing.  And friends - I was NOT disappointed . . . 

Prior to her "make-over" this room was alot of wood panelling with  a deep burgundy colour on the walls & dark green couches & touches of country colours like mustards thrown in - honestly, it was still gorgeous & warm & very inviting.
Now however, she has lightened the whole room & it is just sooo beautiful - my mouth fell open & I was speechless (very unusual for me I might add!!)
Her initial plan had been to base the room around a black/white/cream quilt she was making but she changed her plans along the way and this beautiful girly, vintagey pinky "shabby chic" sort of room emerged.

This cabinet is the only darker piece of furniture in the room - she had been sanding this down & broke a glass panel so took them both out & filled it with treasures

The sofa where I got to sit & drink tea & eat delicious lemon cake

This cabinet was so beautiful & shabby chic & once again filled with treasures & handcrafts made by Claire

What I wouldnt give for this yo yo quilt ! !
This ladder is used to display just SOME of her amazing quilt collection

this shelf unit was originally in her shop filled with fabric & bits & bobs
This is around the corner as you go in the doorway - by now my hands were shaking ! ! ! It wasnt until Claire pointed out to me to look at my photos that I realised she had done this cabinet in colours - a pastel theme going on here - more treasures...

In the corner to the left hand side
A close up view
I actually thought I may have died & gone to heaven :-)

Looking upwards to the lights . . . 

Another little corner display (more quilts underneath)

And out in her dining room area . . . 
Her actual dining table - our conversation went something like this . . .   "So Claire do you actually eat meals at your table??"

Across to the opposite wall - if you look closely at the next pic you may see that around the chicken mesh cloche she has wound ivy & there are tiny fairy lights also switched on . . . 

At this point I think I bumped something on my camera as lots of my photos from here on were quite blurred.  Or it may be that I was simply dreaming of living here myself . . .:-)
These next 2 are quite blurry but I wanted to show them anyway - ... as you walk into her actual house from her sunporch you are greeted by the most beautiful (huge) angel & Claire painted her door colour to complement the angel - I dreamt about this angel the other night - I dreamt that she lived at my house . . . 
Isnt she just beautiful ???
The visit to Claires inspired me & made me feel so creative but also - upon my return home - (when my head stopped spinning) - I had the overwhelming urge to throw half my possessions out & start again !!! 
 Claires handwork is amazing & she is soo creative & wonderful with colours - I told her she should have a job doing shop windows - her display skills are incredible.  Everywhere you looked there were these little vignettes going on 
- I must add that I did check with her first that she was okay with me doing a blog post about her (& she was fine & happy for me to share it with you). 
So there you go friends, a little sample of life at Claires house  -  & to Claire (should you happen to read this) - your home is a credit to you, you are an inspiration, a visit with you is such a treat & I count myself lucky indeed to have you for a friend (allbeit a long distance one)


I wanted to share the 2 "Sunshine" raggedy dolls I finished last week & also show you a couple of Op Shop bargains I purchased while down at Mums . . . 

Although I did them both in very similar colourways (true Raggedy Anne colourings) they both turned out different - do you have a favourite ??  I can't decide myself . . . 

Miss Polka dot or Miss Stripey ??

I was pleased to be able to use this lovely wooden button finally - I purchased it many years ago & love the little Annie face on it . . .

Doing my usual round of the Op Shops in Mums town last week I came across this lovely doiley - it was $5.50 which is much more than I usually pay but I had it in mind to make a jug cover & set to with  my glass beads one night .
 . . 

 I was so pleased with the end result 

My other thrift store bargain was this lovely patchwork cushion which needed a good soak & a wash & a few little stitches here & there (& a new inner made for it as the old one was foam chip & had started to break down & turn to dust)

I think this pattern is called Cathedral Window patchwork (??)

It is the most gorgeous vintage lemon colour & looks great on my bed with my other cushions - I was so pleased with my bargains.

I am off to load up the car as I have a craft stall tomorrow in our local town - as always I am feeling very nervous - this always happens before these events & I dont know why - so wish me luck friends & take care & have a wonderful weekend wont you. (hope you enjoyed your "virtual tour" of Claires house)

Thanks for stopping by :-)
See you back real soon,
Love/ hugs/ friendship,
Julie  Xoxoxoxox


  1. Hello Julie, thank you so much for sharing Claire's delightful home with us. I am so amazed that there are so many vintagey, crafty, gifted people living in little old Hawera! or should I say that I am delighted! Don't the pastel shabby chic colours give everything such a sweet feminine lift. Funny thing was though...I clicked on your pics to see them bigger & wandered through them happily & the photo I loved the most was the pansy doily jug cover...& that lovely was yours : ) I like Miss Spotty best. Hope you enjoyed your craft stalling once you got there! Much love & friendship Catherine x0x0x

  2. Hello Catherine, thanks as always for your comment - my craft stall was a bit of a fizzer :-( Nevermind.
    Yes I would've loved for us to have lived in Hawera at the same time - we could've had a lovely fun vintagey time I am sure.
    Glad you enjoyed the doiley jug cover - makes me smile seeing it up on my shelf - hope your weekend going well dear heart.
    Luv always, Julie Xx

  3. Hi Julie,I really love Claire's home and would be so happy in it. My favourite color is pink. Could see how you would shiver and shake with excitement while walking thru her wonderful looking home. Here I must add though, YOUR home is fantastic as well and folks reading your blog are missing a treat,also your garden. Maybe you will share that with them sometime.I love going and visiting you and especially your to die for cottage. Much love and hugs Shirley.

    1. Thanks Shirley for your lovely comment - I feel a bit like that when I visit your home too - always looking everywhere at your beautiful handwork - exquisite! This couple of days sunshine is great for the soul isnt it. Luv/hugs, Julie Xox


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