Sunday, November 9, 2014

A bits & pieces kind of week . . .

Hello there friends & readers,
It has been a bits & pieces kind of week but I have miraculously achieved lots of completions ...

I managed to put together the horseshoe for my daughter-in-law-to-be that I mentioned last post

And I found a plain white box to decorate  -  for her to store it in

I had offered to make a name bunting for them to hang above the bridal table  
 Nicole had requested the buntings please be scalloped

It is times like this you wish you had given your sons short names (like Sam or Ben) . . . & that they were marrying girls called Sue or Ann !!!!!! (wink)

And then yesterday afternoon Nicole & her lovely Mum Julie came, & we sat in the cool of my dining room & decorated jars for the tables - we needed 16 all up ... a mixture of small & large sizes

these are to hold gypsophlia & 1 or 2 rose buds, for the table centrepieces

Nicole wanted the jars to be all different, but along the same theme, of the hessian & calico & very natural colours.
I really enjoyed doing this little project with some pleasant company thrown in  :-)

Around this time of year I usually make up some stuffed christmas stockings ... I have done these for a few years now ... I had stitched the verse onto calico & sewed the candy canes a few weeks back, but the stockings needed to be assembled & then decorated ... 

It was a rather painstaking "enjoyable" process as I had assistance along the way from Jinxy . . .

. . .  whether I wanted it or not !!!!

One of them has been teadyed quite darkly, the other left paler ... different people like a certain shade/look I find

I really love these stuffed stockings - it is a very old pattern from Melissa Duncan of Mogs Designs - every year I really enjoy making them up.

Two of the things I sold completely out of last Sunday in the Garden Ramble was my herbal mothball sachets & my citrus potpourri.  
I decided I had better rectify this as I had all the ingredients in the cupboard for the mothball sachet mixture ...

You can find the recipe to make these in this older post here

My dehydrator has been working overtime as I dry the oranges from my tree to make up a fresh batch of citrus potpourri

Once again, this is a process that I never grow tired of doing . . .
(thank goodness!!!)

The Mr has been organising a big finale for his Moto X Club as the winter series comes to an end (he is the President of our local Club) ... he wanted to thank the ladies who gave their time to the Club so he requested me to make up 6 large gift baskets to present to them

I had to do this job at the last minute, just prior to the meeting, as otherwise I find if the chocolate is in the house too long, it tends to fall into my mouth melt quite alot!!!!

I have been watching this self sown poppy seedling come up in the path to my Cottage ... just this morning it opened & I just loved the variegated colour ... these pop up regularly in my garden & some I pull out, but decided to leave this one amongst the lavender edging my path

There is such pretty colour in the garden at the moment ... it's nice to capture it on camera to enjoy a little longer & appreciate

And then just this week I harvested & cooked up my very first batch of beetroot for the season ... delicious  :-)

Well friends I am off to make us a salad for dinner, & to feed the rascals 
thanks so much for stopping by today - may your week ahead be filled with many good things
I shall leave you with Blackie pondering life in general !!!!

Cheerio for now,
much love & friendship,
Julie & the rascals x0x0x


  1. Hello Julie,

    The poppy is such a pretty one, hope you keep the seeds for next year. Love the old kitchen scales in the photo, do you use them or are they just for show. Yum beetroot, could eat that until the cows come home. The jars for the Wedding tables are just so pretty, hessian is the in thing at the moment. As always it is a cats life.

    Happy days.

  2. Looks like you have had some lovely weather. The horseshoe and box are beautiful. I like the bunting also, I think both names are of medium length, they could be much longer. How lovely to have your future daughter in law and mother in law helping with wedding preparations. LOVE the stockings, I bet they are a hit every year. Your garden is looking fabulous, the poppy is most unusual, I like it! So pleased you have the furry creations on hand to help out!

  3. "Every day may not be good..But, there is something good in every day".

    And, it ALL looks lovely to...And, the beetroot looks really good enough to
    eat...I love beetroot! What colour to! :).

    HeHe! And Jinxy helping out to...Should have called her Holly! :>)
    And, lovely Blackie...His tummy does look a bit empty! Bless!x

  4. That poppy of yours is spectacular - I never have luck growing poppies so an envious! Your dried oranges and things look so delicious - what are those huge brown things with holes in I wondered? I don't think we have dehydrators in the UK yet, they must catch on soon, surely - I want one!

  5. I have never seen a poppy like that, how gorgeous!!! Those kittens are so funny, naughty, but funny. Helpful? Not. How lovely spending time with you soon to be daughter in law and her mother doing wedding things. The jars look great. I love bottling beetroot and have quite a crop growing, you cannot beat home made.

  6. Such a pretty,colourful post, Julie and lots of hints and tips to take away. You're so lucky being allowed to get involved in wedding preps. I was just expected to turn up on the day! Lovely Bridal Horseshoe - a definite keepsake - and I just adore those stuffed stockings. Have a good week too. :-)

  7. Lovely post - again - Julie, and nice to see what you are up to for the wedding...guess we'll soon be in a similar fever! The stuffed stockings have so much personality - lots of fun! The colour in your garden is gorgeous! Have a great week :-)

  8. Everything looks so lovely Julie. You sure can't beat home prepared beetroot.I love your Xmas stockings they are beautiful.Adore puddy cats:-). Hugs Shirley

  9. Its been so long since I have popped in again.
    OH wedding season! it looks wonderful Julie :)
    They are so lucky to have such a crafty mom.
    Okay I am going to make those stockings this year. Last I was so caught up with illness that I never got around to your beautiful gift.
    But seeing yours inspires me to get going on them...they are beautiful
    Well Julie you are just as busy as ever and I hope that the weather goes well for your family for such a great occasion.

  10. Lots of lovely preparations for the big day! Your garden is looking beautiful. Nothing nicer than home grown beetroot. I am totally in love with those stockings xxx

  11. Julie as always a delightful post! Such a beautiful adorned box to keep a very special gift in celebrating a special occasion! Every girls dream I say..... The horse shoe and bunting is lovely. I can see a lot of love went into this special occasion about to be celebrated. Love the table centre piece jars. They will be so pretty with Gypsophlia & Rosebuds. The poppy is beautiful and sits perfectly amongst the lavender. The Christmas stockings are a must have for everyone who enjoys Christmas! Take care Julie and please take time to enjoy a cuppa tea before celebrating the big day!

  12. Hello dear Julie, what a lovely session you had decorating the jars together. Makes for lots of sweet memories around the wedding time for you all. The jars look great too. Isn't it wonderful that such a pretty effect can be achieved without costing the earth.
    Your floriferous wheelbarrow looks glorious & your beetroot scrummy. Do you ever roast beetroot? really condenses the flavour & the colour.
    I find those opium poppies quite fascinating. They seem to make a habit of turning up just wherever it suits them on the day! That particular one is most intriguing. Yes, do remind us what the large holey things are in the potpourri?
    Hope you all have a wonderful wedding. Much love Catherine x0x0x

  13. Hi Julie,
    As always it is so cheery to visit your blog.....loads of fantastic pictures and happenings
    around here. That poppy is pretty cool, I have never seen one that colour before. Love
    the Chrissy stockings, very cool.
    Cheers, Anita.

  14. Ahh Julie, you are SO inspiring!! Where do I start? Just love that you are sharing precious moments with your DIL-to-be, making accessories for her wedding... they will be treasured memories! Getting together and crafting around a table with friends is one of my favourite things to do! The Christmas stockings are amazing! Love them to bits! Then there's the pot pourri - that looks as good as I know it will smell... sigh... then the garden... and that Poppy! Wow! You really are such an inspiration - when I read your blog I want to get active!!! Hope you have a great week! Warm wishes! Vikki xo :-)

  15. Hi Julie, sorry I missed this post! Everything looks lovely, I especially love the Christmas stockings :) xx


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