Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Weather was Atrocious ... the day was Beautiful

Greetings dear friends & readers
Last Saturday my youngest son Kayne got married to Nicole
Despite the fact that the weather was appallingly bad  ... we still had a most beautiful day

My dear 85 year old Mum spent all last summer drying this pillowcase full of rose petals from her garden.
When I dry petals I pretty much fling them on a cane tray, wish them luck, cross my fingers & hope for the best.
Mum spreads every one out individually & carefully turns them each day with love & care

Although we planned to scatter lots up the aisle, Nicole asked me to make 20 paper cones & fill them with petals for the guests to throw instead of confetti ... I decorated them with a simple paper doiley & some jute string

Driving over to the city on the day - the rain pelting down, my wipers on full & my hair falling down rapidly . . . 
I decided to adopt a "glass half full" attitude
It was lots of fun helping the 3 boys get ready

Kaynes groomsman Simon snapped a couple of us before we left for the venue

One of the major factors in Nicole choosing the venue was whether or not she could have her little dog Karma there ... it was very important to her that Karma be a part of her special day

She behaved impeccably considering it was not quite like this at the rehearsal the night before & was most definately - the star of the show

There were a few occasions when we were asked not to take photos as courtesy to the professional photographer (& I totally understand this) ... plus for some reason, my camera was jamming on me frequently but I did get a few snaps throughout the evening

Nicole is a lovely girl & I count myself lucky to have her as a daughter-in-law

The photographer has released this one photo to Nicoles facebook page ... I was not aware they managed to get down to the grapevines for any photos but I think they found a brief break in the weather ... I just adore this image & look at dear little Karma 
(at the last minute Nicole put her bike in the car & took along in case she got the chance to use it in some photos)

It was a most special day enjoyed by everyone.

While raising my 2 sons by myself, one of the things I always tried to instil in them was how important family & friends are to you ... & not necessarily blood family either.  If you have people around you that love & care about you, you should be thankful & not take this for granted.  Many people are not so fortunate.  
I also wanted to teach them that in order to have good friends, you have to first be one yourself.  Kayne is very lucky - he was surrounded by good mates on the day & his best man & groomsman were wonderful.  Despite the fact they all consumed rather alot of alcohol they got up at the end of the evening & sang a song on stage (with the band playing) ... I was the only one left with a camera by then & I managed some good snaps
This was a totally impromptu performance

The song they performed was this one below by The Proclaimers.

(Many thanks to Catherine for teaching me how to post a video to my blog ... hope this works out okay dear readers)

I think this part was one of the really special moments for me as Kayne has a deep love of music.

Well dear friends, with a bus due tomorrow, lawns to mow & christmas orders to be made, I need to get focused ... 
even though I would far rather follow little Jinxy's lead . . .

. . .  & just put my head under the covers for a wee while  :-) (or a long while actually!!!)
Thanks so much for visiting here today & letting me share Kayne & Nicoles wedding with you all

Left over wedding flowers in the jars we decorated last post . . .  enjoyed now on my dining table
with much love & friendship,
Julie x0x0


  1. Magic post! You must be feeling like you need to join Jinxy after all the excitement and work. You look amazing my friend! Love the photo of you and your son in your sunny's! Everything looks amazing, glad you had the right attitude regarding the weather etc, our attitude is the ONLY thing we have control over! I also love the bike photo and we Karma joining in on the celebrations.Hugsxxxx

  2. OH julie!!! The rain can't stop true love. Amazing so glad all went well.
    What a beautiful bride.
    I love the pic of you and the sunglasses, such a good mama.
    It looks like it was majorly fun at the reception.
    Glad I hopped on the computer tonight to see this.

  3. How fabulous that was - the facebook picture is beautiful - you have a very imaginative photographer there! Everything in your own pictures looks so pretty and thoughtful (I love the rose petal confetti) - what a wedding! what a wonderful start in life together for them both. Betty

  4. What an absolutely wonderful day Julie!
    I do like the photo of the couple+one on the bicycle..
    HeHe! That's really lovely! God! Bless Them!

    And, lovely Jinxy, showing off her little tummy....
    Scar and all!x

  5. Oh Julie the photo of them on the bike is so beautiful, imagine that as a canvas on your wall. I thought of you on Saturday when it was raining and wondered how things were going. You a so right about the values you installed in your lads, I tried to raise mine in a similar fashion. By the way, you looked very lovely in the photos, perfectly groomed mother of the groom. Fingers crossed for some drier weather if you have a bus tour coming.

  6. In spite of the rain it looks like everyone had a wonderful time! You looked lovely as Mother of the Groom in red, and the photo of the happy couple, the bike and Karma is simply gorgeous!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful day Julie, fabulous photos and they look like an awesome couple. Love your red outfit and the photo in the sunnies is awesome and a must for every wedding. I was bridesmaid at a wedding at Villagrads about 28 years ago - it was a fun venue!!

  8. Oh Julie you have raised a good bloke and he looks like he has chosen a lovely bride. I LOVED the photo with them on the bike hope you can share more photos. Who doesn't love a wedding, Looks like a wonderful wonderful day.

  9. You scrub up well, Missus! Loved your outfit. What a fabulous day and both Bride and Groom look gorgeous. You're absolutely right about not taking friendships for granted. Wise words indeed. Hey, I could have sung along with Kayne and his friends, knowing all the words off by heart!!!Great post Julie, on this very grey day! x

  10. Forgot to say, good on your Mum for putting so much love into those rose petals!!!

  11. Oohh Dear Julie, all so beautiful and such a lovely thing your Mum did for the wedding. Hugs Shirley

  12. Absolutely beautiful, Julie! Oh how much I love that photo of the 'three' of them on the bike! Well done, mumma...your family are blessed t have you. x

  13. The day looks beautiful despite the weather. I love the paper cones and rose petals and the bike photo is gorgeous. You look beautiful in red too :) And sweet little Jinxy is so cute. Hugs Wendy xx

  14. A beautiful celebration Julie, with touches of Vintage. Love the paper cones with rose petals. A lovely touch. The bicycle photo is fabulous.The wedding cake - so pretty. Love your outfit and the colours look stunning on you! Also a lovely touch from your Mum!

  15. What a beautiful post brimming with joy and love. So special! Gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing this very special day. Hope you get your head down before too much longer xx

  16. I've so enjoyed having a peek into the big day. Congrats to them both! Lisa xx

  17. Hello gorgeous girl...you looked fabulous in red!! I have been back & forward quite a few times just to take in all of your lovely post & of course listen to the "song". (Must play it to Rob when he gets home in a minute too!) Well I suppose if the weather was going to be mean at least the wedding wasn't held in your garden! Did you're mum come & stay with you? Wasn't that delightful..the careful drying of the rose petals. Rose petals are by far the nicest thing to be scattered at weddings aren't they. Your cones looked just lovely. Look at that little pink rose around Karma's neck...very sweet. Love the wine label too....so many details. A wedding is a big event in the life of any family....so well done everyone!! All looked wonderful from over here. I do hope that the next garden/cottage visit went well. See you soon!!
    Much love Catherine x0x0x

  18. Love the photos and you look great...and isant it great through technology that we can get to know your family and share in your special days.
    Bride and Groom and Karma look fab too!
    Hugs xxxxxx

  19. Hello Julie,

    Congratulations on gaining Nicole into your family. Love the photo of them on the bike. The cake is amazing I bet it tasted yummy. Loved seeing the family involvement in the wedding.

    Happy days.

  20. Hello dear Julie
    Oh what a very special day for you all - congratulations to Kayne and Nicole, they have such wonderful memories to look back on!
    Whatever the occasion Julie you do it so well, Nicole is a lucky girl to have gained such a talented and generous mother-in-law!
    I love the paper cones filled with your mother's precious rose petals, finished beautifully with those sweet paper doilies.
    The bicycle photo of the family of three is delightful!
    Special photos of you and Kayne too and I love your red outfit Julie.
    Time for you to put your feet up and have a rest!
    Enjoy a relaxing week
    Shane x

  21. What a wonderful blog for a very special day from a very special gorgeous lady in red ( no arguments sweets) Now there's one gorgeous looking dude.. Got rock star qualities that one. And his equally gorgeous wife
    Wow two gorgeous sons married to two gorgeous wives a year apart .. You got lucky, but all dues to you .. You deserve every bit of that
    Congratulations to Kayne and Nicole for the happiest of future together
    Much Love from us all.. Felicity, Bevin, Sarah, Rebekah, Ben and families


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