Monday, November 3, 2014

Ramble - ing

Good afternoon dear friends & readers,
Yesterday we had the Garden Ramble that I spoke about last post
After a week of bitterly cold, wintery weather, the sun actually shone for us
I did not manage to accomplish everything that I had hoped to ... but not to worry . . .
. . . I found a way round it all . . . 

My sign covered all my bases I thought . . . & made people smile    :-)
Another blackboard I wrote a sign on made them smile also, & click lots of pics of it . . .

The menfolk all commented that next time I have to have a spare blackboard beside this so they can all write a reply!!!

My daughter-in-law Sarah came to help me yesterday & snapped some photos of folk enjoying the garden

Around the pond area - the lavender is not yet flowering
The Cottage was nestled in a frothy pink sea of granny bonnets

The last of my cherry blossom trees still just in bloom

Although the morning was definately busier, we had a constant steady stream of people all day long

I guess the greatest compliment was when 2 posh very well-dressed ladies asked me for the name of my gardener!!
I laughed & explained that I do all the garden myself ... "but you are the "shop girl" aren't you??!!" they exclaimed
"Yes, but I am also the gardener too" I am sure they did not believe me ... I guess its hard for some folk to comprehend that some of us actually have to do everything ourselves!!

When the last of them had gone & I went down to close the gate I took a couple of snaps looking back towards my garden from the depot yard
Our property is rectangular shaped, running parallel to the road & at the far end is a depot yard which we rent out to an Agricultural Contracting firm ... this means I can use the yard for parking for buses or any functions like yesterday

There is a large established border of native trees planted between our lawn & the depot yard & I had planted some baskets of white Impatiens to try to add some lightness to this area. Unfortunately as it has been so cold, they were not blooming well & giving me the effect I had hoped for . . .

Just a week ago a friend popped in to do some early christmas shopping & bought the 2 "pinkeeps" I had out in the Cottage

I found these 2 odd looking stands & also another 2 mini baking tins, so decided to put together a couple more, in between running round like the mad woman that I have been lately !!

I really love these pinkeeps, they are one of my absolute favourite things :-)

After making the cup/saucer birdfeeders last post, I found a few extra china cups that were "surplus to requirements" . . .  so I potted some of them up with delicate baby's tears as thought these may appeal to the gardening customers
I was lucky enough to sell 2 already  :-)

Also - a week ago - I was invited to my future daughter-in-laws Hen Party ... I must confess I have never attended one of these in my entire life til now ... the theme was "1920's dress up"
Yep, thats me, wearing the fox ... but don't panic ... its fake!!! 
And I got my very own sash in case I forgot who I was  ... "Mother of the Groom"

Nicole, my daughter-in-law to be (in 2 weeks time!!) - her bridesmaids dressed her up, she had no idea about any of this!!
(incidently Nicole is dark haired, they put a wig on her)

Nicole & her lovely Mum, also named Julie  :-)
(also wearing a sash in case she forgot who she was too!!!)

Well dear friends, thanks for staying with me through this lengthy "rambly" post
I am off now to put together a horseshoe for Nicole - Oh it is lovely not to have to be outside gardening today
We are getting gentle rain which is watering everything nicely for me
Cheerio for now & thanks - as always - for your welcome visit today

Resting up after a stressfull few days "helping Mum"
with much love & friendship,
Julie (shop girl/gardener)
Jinxy & Little Big Blackie


  1. What a busy time you have had. Your garden looks wonderful and I love your signs. It is great the weather was perfect for you.

  2. Great to see the ramble went well Julie, what a gorgeous day you had, your garden was looking beautiful even if you didn't think it was all done properly! Surely you don't do it ALL yourself, do you :-) I didn't realise you had another wedding coming up so soon - hope you all have fun at that. I see the kittens haven't lost their cuteness!

  3. Loved seeing and hearing how the ramble went. I knew that it would be hard not to love it all. The gardens look beautiful! I have to say that I love those pinkeeps too! I am so happy for you that the day was such a success. Very chic MOTG x

  4. Your garden looks so beautiful Julie, I'm so glad to hear the ramble went well, I'm sure they all loved it. I love your fun signs and your gorgeous pincushions. You make a beautiful mother of the groom, I guess you are going to be busy again! So cute to see Blackie with his arm over Jinxy! Hugs Wendy xx

  5. Oh Wow Julie!! How gorgeous is your garden looking. I laughed at you being "the shop girl", so funny. Did they offer you employment in their gardens?? Another wedding, how exciting, and I would probably need a sash to remind me who I was at something like that. Glad to see those kittens are not doing to much.
    PS: If you don't have any Purple or Yellow Granny Bonnets let me know and I will save you some seeds from mine, like wise with my sweat peas.

  6. ooooO! It all looks so, so, lovely Julie!
    The photos are absolutely wonderful, and
    the colours, in the garden are marvellous!

    And, of course, the two little/big scally~wags
    at the bottom there! Taking time out! Great!

  7. Hi Julie
    Your garden looks amazing! I love all your granny bonnets too... so pretty! The signs are a great idea, what fun.

  8. How nice to see a picture of you! Your garden is huge, no wonder you are out in it so much, it must take an enormous amount of planning to keep on top of all the maintenance. Betty

  9. Ooohh Julie it all looks so wonderful. I'm so glad that it was a Summer like day which showed your wonderful garden at it's best. Lets hope the wedding day also turns out bright and summery. The granny bonnets are so lovely aren't they.Hope the shop/cottage emptied out a lot of stock for you. Great photos. hugs Shirley

  10. So glad so many came and enjoyed your garden! Looks like great weather. I bet they enjoyed your cottage too. great laugh with the blackboards!!
    hello to Jinxy and BIG Blackiexxx

  11. Hello dear Shop Girl/Gardener (so funny!) Well done you!! I'm so pleased that the weather was well behaved & pleasant for you. I hope you're feeling very proud of yourself. That was nice that Sarah came along to help...difficult to be in all places at once. I love all the wit, interest, colour & innovation through-out your garden & cottage. It all came together wonderfully well. Your set up must be relatively unique really...having areas like the blackboards & the baskets of toadstools for sale & of course the Cottage itself must have made it all such a wonderfully interesting destination for all your visitors. Glad that you're having a bit of'll help to give you a bit of time to catch up on yourself.
    Well there you go, now you've been to a Hen Party! You look like a Blossom/Beauty Queen with your sash on...lovely!
    Much love for a more restful sort of week, Catherine x0x0x

  12. That's so funny as Catherine has taken the words out of my mouth!!!
    Your garden looks amazing - the granny bonnets are a picture of soft pink!
    One of your last photos looking back from the depot is stunning.
    Baby tears in tea cups - almost as good as tea and such pretty cups.
    It seems life's never dull in your neck of the woods with another wedding looming and the hen party looked fun, love the fox fur!
    Julie, hopefully you can put your feet up for a day or two and enjoy a well earned rest!
    Shane xox

  13. What a beautiful blog post! I am drooling over your property and all the gentle sweetness. :-)

  14. You're getting a cold spring and we've had a hot autumn...whats going on? Love the happy hen pics and garden tour, all looks very tip top and tidy... hope the shop girl, gardener, head cook and bottle washer got some treats. xx

  15. Hello Julie,

    Smile smile, shop girl indeed, me thinks she was rather English and came from upstairs! You have to laugh at some people's attitude towards things don't you. So glad to hear that the garden day went smoothly, the garden looks so lovely Julie, all your hard work paid off. The fox around you may have come from my garden! The 1920's theme suited you all perfectly, hope all goes well into the lead up to the wedding.

    The cats look right at home Julie.

    Happy days.


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