Saturday, April 4, 2015

Revamping, Repurposing or Upcycling ???

Hello there dear friends & readers & Welcome to my lovely new followers

Do you get confused by the different phrases "revamping", "repurposing" or "upcycling" ???  I sure do ...
Its pretty much one & the same to me !!
This week I have spent some time revamping & painting some wooden opshop treasures out on my deck table ... 
It has been really enjoyable in the pleasant autumn sunshine we have been having lately

These 2 little wooden shelves were the first to get a makeover
Although I forgot to take a "before" photo, they were in rather a sad looking state

They got the usual "threadbear treatment" ... a wash, a wax (wipeover on edges with old wax candle), a paint, 
& a sand (lightly sand the edges for the distressed effect)

This little two-tier shelf was in very bad repair ... I do love it now though

When Sue came to visit me in this post here she bought me a boot load of goodies
This little varnished shelf was in amongst Sue's treasures ... it came up beautifully with a revamp & some shiny new hooks

Thank You So Much dear Sue

Also unearthed in my sleep-out this week, was this wooden tool box

I should say "mini tool box" as it is only 13 inches in length & veeerrry cute

After the clean/wax/paint/sand proceedure, I cut a square of thick cardboard for each compartment
I then glued wadding to my 4 cardboard squares & covered them with fabric
Then the fun part begins  .  .  .  .  embellishing   

. . .  some wooden embellishments & some rub-on words . . .

 One end had the name "T Rise" engraved into it, which you could still faintly see after my painting over it

 I solved this dilema by mod-podging doilies on each end
(should you come across T.Rise at any stage, please don't tell him I have his tool box !!)

showing the four lined compartments inside
I just love my mini tool carrier & can think of 101 uses for it   :-)

My friend Gail is closing her Gift shop after 20 + years  -  all her stock is reduced by 50%
I purchased this frame thingy from her  .  .  .

As the frame was $15.90 I paid the princely sum of $8 for it 

It is actually a jewellery hanger ... you hang your necklaces etc from the 4 hooks
I didn't especially like the colour or the style of it ... but I did have something else in mind .  .  .
First I removed the hooks & filled the holes
After waxing it I applied a couple of coats of my cream wall paint
However, when sanding it back to distress it, I kept getting yellow coming through & couldn't seem to get down to the raw wood underneath
(this serves me right incidently, for not thinking it through properly & just firing ahead impatiently)
To solve this I wiped the whole thing over lightly with some wood stain I had on hand ... just lightly with a rag, let dry, then gave it another coat of cream paint
Then I sanded it all again . . .
When happy with the finish, I replaced just one hook in the middle & hung it up

"well that looks interesting" the Mr noted on his way past ... "pity you forgot to put the picture in it" !!!???
I wound some wire tightly around the rim of an old jam jar, tied a lace bow around it, & also to hang it from
(what - no cream lace on hand - only white?? Just dunk it in parisian essence for 2 minutes)
I tied a small dainty key charm onto my lace bow
Although there are limited pickings in the garden just at present, I found some rosemary which smells wonderful
(Note to self . . .  remember to put some water in the vase Julie !!! )
I am so delighted with my hanging vase-frame & look forward to trying camelias in it when they start to bloom
Thank you all so much for your visits today dearest friends & readers
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break

I hope I have inspired you to go rummage in the shed for the Mr's old tool box, perhaps a frame, a jam jar or two??
with much love & friendship to you all
Julie & Blackie x0x0x
Willie ... please note ... no leg in the air today !!!!!


  1. You always inspire me to rummage in my other half's man cave, Julie. The words "revamping", "repurposing" and "upcycling" always lead to the same destination for me....a gorgeous new pretty!! Love all your pretties. Isn't it amazing what a lick of white/cream paint will do! Love, love, LOVE your hanging frame glorifying a vase of floral gorgeousness. 'Tis a clever gal, that you are Julie!

  2. I DO have a tool box, I reckon I should do it, just do it!! That picture frame looks so cool, you gotta love the encouraging words from the OHs sometimes eh! ;-D Have a great weekend, I'm home alone for most of it. Say hi to Leeanne on her way back up the country would ya, so gutted to have missed her. :(

    1. Hi Sue, finally I get round to replying to your lovely comment. I hope you DID drag that toolbox out over Easter & give it a revamp. Wish I lived a bit closer, I could pop round & give you a hand :-) Yes I passed on your message to Leeanne, she stayed again last night & is currently winging her way home again. Have a great week Sue xx

  3. Julie, you are so inspiring and just love what you do with all the bits and pieces you unearth from here, there and everywhere!!! As you know my Mr keeps everything old for his man cave so no stealing from there!!! Hope you are having a restful Easter and enjoying some nice visits along the way!!!

  4. Love the little shelves in their up cycled glory - but especially love the up dated tool box. It look so great now. The jewellery frame is a great idea but even better shabby chic with the bottle and rosemary - so gorgeous

  5. HaHa! Blackie! Blakie! As the song says...."Your a Star...Superstar...." :).
    Bless! You look lovely! And, the leg has to be rested sometimes!x

    And, yes, Easter again...My weekend is a bit up in the air. Though l've
    an 80th birthday to go to this afternoon. Gamekeeper friend of mine.
    Still active, and still working! One of the 'very' old school....!

    Like the frames Julie, good idea that, you could hang all sorts in those,
    as hubby said....Even a picture...That could catch on...! HeHe! :).

    Well, it's 7:30 over here..time for another lemon tea, then a visit to
    the bathroom...I shall be off visiting the charity shops later, see what's
    about...! Job done! :>).

    Happy Easter to one and all..........
    "Bunnies are cuddly, the large and the small,
    but l like the chocolate ones, the best of them all".

  6. It's amazing what a little bit of paint can do! All your projects look fabulous. I have recycled a couple of hubbies tool boxes... one lovely old metal one I turned into a planter... :O)

  7. It's amazing what a little bit of paint can do! All your projects look fabulous. I have recycled a couple of hubbies tool boxes... one lovely old metal one I turned into a planter... :O)

  8. Hello Julie,

    Happy Easter. Love the photo of Blackie. The makeovers this week are so lovely, especially love the one that Mr Rise no longer wanted. Jam jars are making such a comeback aren't they.

    Happy days.

  9. I hope you've had a wonderful Easter.

    I love all your upcycling and have lots of my own to do, but never seem to get a round to it.

    You're an inspiration and I love visiting your blog.

    Blackie is absolutely gorgeous!

    When I was a little girl, I had a cat called Blackie, she used to sleep with her head under my chin most nights, and her litter of kittens were born on my bed.

    1. Thank You Yvonne ... Easter was lovely thank you as I hope it was in your part of the world. Blackie IS lovely isnt he?? He sure does lead the "life of Riley" round here & has us all wrapped around his little paw !!!!

  10. If I could swim the ditch I'd sink on the way back because I'd be dragging along a boat of goodies from your house in a not-so-quick getaway! ;-)

  11. Beautiful makeovers! Hope you had a wonderful Easter, my move went well. Cats are settling in their different ways. Blackie is gorgeous!

  12. Hello dear Julie, oh my goodness I have been so grateful for you in the last few days. I have been painting & re-vamping a few bits & pieces & I found that you have provided more than enough inspiration & instruction that I could actually just go ahead & do it with confidence!! Thank you! I still managed to stuff a few thing ups but, hey, at least I am not going to be putting them in The Threadbare Cottage for sale...phew. The reclaiming process is very rewarding indeed. Truly fabulous pieces you've just completed! What a gorgeous swooped shape Blackie has made on the chair....bliss. Much love, my friend, Catherine x0x0x

  13. I love that frame idea with the jar hanging in it! Men just do not get it, thinking outside the square is not a man thing! Glad that little shelf worked well, bound to find more treats for you to pimp before I next head your way. Give Blackie a pat for me.

  14. So very creative and you think outside the box to such create gorgeous creations :-) xx


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