Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Miracles . . . & "Life According to Pippi"

Rainy Day Greetings dear friends & readers,
It has been nothing short of a miracle that I have anything even slightly craft related to show you this post 
The days are lost in a blur of cleaning cat bowls, bedding, kitty litter trays & feline related activities in general

It took me the best part of two days just to cut out two hottie covers 
.... as you can see, I had some "assistance" along the way

I managed to make up the two hottie covers, one is for a gift & the other is stock for the Cottage

I lined each one with lovely soft flannelette fabric ... so cosy & warm

A couple of months back, Vicky had given me a cross stitch that was done by her late Nana.  It was one of the last things her Nana had ever stitched so held sentimental value for Vicky, but she didn't wish to frame it & wondered if I could do something else with it.

I suggested making it up into a cushion that she could have sitting out & still get to enjoy her Nana's work

I "framed" it in some co-ordinating fabrics & made it up into a cushion. I used a nice piece of neutral linen for the backing & stitched on the words to show the area in the U.K. that it represents

Vicky was really thrilled with her cushion when she collected it this morning.

When I am spraying my section perimeter I also wander over into the depot yard next door & spray the boundary for them.  I often notice the area out the back where they put their "scrap metal".  This wine rack had been sitting there for a couple of weeks so I asked if I might perhaps have it ??

(sorry I forgot to get a "before" photo of it when Pippi wasn't using it for a jungle gym)
Firstly I scrubbed it ... surprisingly, under the layers of dust & grime, it was actually in immaculate condition 
I spray painted it with some cream spray paint I had in the cupboard ... then I embellished it a little ...

It turned out so lovely .... sort of fresh, clean & feminine looking ...

I have popped it for sale in my Cottage    :-)

I have decided that seeing as Pippi dances merrily over the keyboard when I am typing (& deletes alot) that she can jolly well do a post today ...

" Life According to Pippi "

(1) Seeing as My Father chose me, he told my Mother that she could name me.  She named me Pippi Longstocking.  He says it is such a mouthful  . . .  he calls me "little one"

(2)  I have been trying to get Little Blackie to play with me.  I honestly don't know why  they call him Little Blackie ... to me he looks like big fat Blackie.  I have decided from now on, I shall refer to him as Fat Black ... a name much more suited to him, the big lazy oaf who won't get up & play with me.

(3) My Mother tells me I have some serious personal hygiene issues I need to sort out.  She wants me to "watch fat Black" washing & grooming himself & learn from him!!!  I can think of much more fun things to do instead of wasting time grooming myself.

(4) My Mother likes to pursue crafty pastimes.  I don't actually know why she does, but when she gets fed up with me, she lets me play with the things on her sewing desk ... its quite fun mostly & when I get a little bored, I just chew on her machine cord & she quickly stops sewing!!! She tells me she knew a girl once called Julie who had time for creative pursuits & a reasonably clean house, but now she thinks perhaps she was just an illusion in her head or a figment of her imagination??!!   I have no idea what she is on about.
Re-organising my Mothers bobbins for her                                                Chewing on the machine cord    

(5) Sometimes when My Mother is doing chores, I like to "help her".  I know I can be most helpful.  The other day I "helped her" wrap a birthday gift for her friend
(as you can see .... I am warming the paper up before she uses it - helpful aren't I??)
(6) The other night I heard My Mother yell loudly at my Father & use at least 3 bad words in the one sentence!!!  It appears my Father had left the toilet seat lid up & I accidently fell in when I was pirouetting around on the seat. I have never heard My Mother use 3 bad words in one sentence before. My Father just rolled his eyes & smiled.
In the mornings when My Mother uses the toaster I like to sit in the appliance cupboard amongst the crumbs for a bit

(7) My Mother tells me I am "such a pain" but when she strokes me in her (quite large) lap, she tells me she loves me.  AND she puts a wheatbag in my bed & my blankets in the clothes drier to "warm them" for 5 minutes before I go to bed, so I guess she must care a little tiny bit.
. . . & so I think . . . all in all . . . I am kinda lucky I came to live in this rather odd little house.

I hope you all have a week filled with love & kindness,
thank you all so much for your visit,
with much love & friendship,
Julie, fat black little Blackie & pain Pippi


  1. Pippi is such an expressive writer! Thay was just so goof Julie. I look forward to Pippi sharing blog space in the future. The wine rack is precious.

  2. Magic post! I love wee Pippi (no I haven't forgotten Jinxy), looks like SHE is running the household! Blackie seems to be adapting well, please don't tell my Mr as he is on about Simon having a play buddy! Well what you DID get made looks great!
    Pippi if you are reading this, which I am sure you are, your new Mum does love you and you couldn't find a better home! P.S don't forget to wash behind your ears!

  3. What a sweet post Julie!
    That kitten is a feisty one boy o boy!
    Soon enough she will be fat and lazy lol
    What a good idea you had with your friends keepsake. It looks amazing as a cushion.
    It sounds all cozy and fall like at your house...I just love it!

  4. Oh! My Goodness! Nearly seven over here...
    And l'm slowly running out of tissues...It took me a while
    to get through this post...HeHe! :).
    Hang on...I'm popping downstairs for another lemon tea!

    Right! Where was l...Oh! Yes! I'm scrolling up and down...
    Up and down...Hope the little wheel does'nt wear out!
    And Julie...Hope there's enough film in the camera..Though
    it's all digital now, makes things easier! :).
    And Blackie..Bless him...He's got a friend for life. And to have
    two pussy~cats in the home is the bestest thing ever!
    (No Willie...No more cats)...Oh! Still l do have visiting cats.....
    Flossy popped round yesterday, saucer of milk and sleep for
    a couple of hours! She's lovely! :>).

    HeHe! Off for another lemon tea...Then l'm coming back....Hang
    in there Blackie...Hang in there Pippi...Bless!xx =^o.o^=

  5. Such a fun and whimsical post Julie. Your Pippi is a bundle filled with mischief isn't she....but...she is oh so very sweet! I adore li'l kittens. I love the needlepoint cushion. It looks lovely surrounded by pretty fabrics. What a wonderful idea to turn this lovely into a cushion. The wine rack is very cool and some more lovely hotties....they will be needed very soon.

  6. Aaaaah love Pippi's post, she is so adorable. I think I want a kitten now.

    1. Thank You Jill :-) Pippi is lovely but totally time consuming. I had forgotten how time consuming kittens were ... plus I think when we had Blackie & Jinxy in the house together, they kept each other entertained. So perhaps you might like two kittens together Jill ?? :-)

  7. Ha..ha... you are so funny Pippi - love you taking over the blog! You write so well - maybe you will do Julie out of a job! I bet you didn't like falling in the toilet bowl - ha..ha... A wheatbag and the clothes drier - you can bet you are WELL loved!

    Julie - the embroidery has turned out so well as a cushion - it looks great, and love the wine rack and its brand new look - perfect!

  8. Pippi is gorgeous!! I laughed about the loo seat being up and only three bad words?? Such restraint! Blackie looks huge now. That cushion looks fabulous, great way to use some handwork up instead of framing it. Keep warm and dry Julie. You are so lovely warming blankets and wheat bags for Pippi.

  9. Oh what fun! And you do, of course, remember dear that they take quite a wee while to grow up, don't you! What a lot of mischief : ) You certainly won't lack for entertainment through the winter months.
    That wine rack was a great little score. You really are a masterful transformer. I love the cushion you made for Vicky. Just perfect to display the tapestry....very clever the way you've "framed" it. Great touch the Petone Hospital label on the hottie cover. I'll keep you in mind should I end up with spare labels that might be of use.
    Does Pippi play outside when you're gardening? I imagine there'll be great shenannigans amidst the leaves...Fat Black just watching on.
    Have a lovely muddly kitten filled old week, much love Catherine x0x0x

  10. What a dear little thing, how sweet that you warm her bed for her! I don't doubt this one will be in and out of trouble all the time, she has that mischievous look!

  11. Oohh Julie I have giggled so much with "Pippi" I'm in love with her. Love your wine rack, so chabby chic. Hugs Shirley

  12. awesome post pippi! & of cos your mother/mum loves you & cares for you! kids these days!
    pippi is adorable (so is blackie) you are going to have such fun making memories
    love the hotties & wine rack, so talented! what a great idea for the cross stitch! the cushion looked amazing!
    thanx for sharing

  13. Hello Julie and cats.

    The cross stitch on the cushion is just so lovely, a great reminder of Nana. Now look at that innocent face on Pippi in the appliance cupboard. I can't believe she gets up to any mischief.

    Happy days.

  14. Hi Julie,
    I'm so glad that kitty's name isn't Milo!!! Run for the Love your pics, and I love
    what you decided to do with the cross stitch. It looks super.
    Cheers, Anita.

  15. Oh Julie, such a lovely post! Pippi sounds well settled in your home, I don't think she rules it at all!!! You did a lovely job of preserving the needlework for Vicki, and a great idea to put the name on the back like you did. Awesome transformation of the wine rack!! Oops love your cozy hotties too.

  16. I think me and Sue need to come for a kitty cuddle :D

  17. Haha sweets your kids may have gone but I see you have surrogates that get 'the treatment' in their place .... Gorgeous
    Love those hottie covers
    I'm missing NZ.. Bad weather and all.. I know once home I'll be wishing for hot occasionally but your blogs certainly make me miss my homeland.. As always an awesome writer ..takes me always right into your space , would be so awesome to share more cuppa's.. A dream for the future ��


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