Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I fell in love . . . twice ! ! !

Hello dear friends & readers,

My trip to Mums went well except it was bitterly cold down there ...

Mt Taranaki Egmont was wearing her winter coat for the first time this year

Mum has purchased herself a new "family member" & I must confess I fell in love with this little sweetheart

Her name is Marley & she was found abandoned living under a school hall feeding her litter of kittens
(though she must've been just a kitten herself still)
Her kittens were rehomed & Marley was speyed ... Mum purchased her from the S.P.C.A. - she is 1 year old 

Her little nose looks like it has been outlined with eyeliner - she has the most adorable nature & is so gentle
Though my photos make her appear quite large, she is in fact, rather small & fine.  I bought her a soft ball .... she took it everywhere with her ... I don't think she had ever had a toy in her entire life.  
Though she will not have a greatly stimulating life at Mums, she will be very well cared for & fed & kept warm  :-)

I was lucky enough to be able to visit with my friend Claire on my way down to Mums ... this is always a treat for me.
We had a cuppa & a catch-up & Claire had made a citrus/coconut cake especially for my visit . . .

. . . it was soooo delicious.
I always tell Claire when I visit, if she doesn't feel like chatting too much, I am more than happy to just wander around her gorgeous home.
She is always an inspiration to me with her crafty makes & her decorating skills.
I clicked my way around her rooms & would love to share some of my photos with you 

Top right ... an small Easter table in the entrance
Bottom right ... new pillowcases freshly sewn by Claire

Top right ... Claires recent purchase, a very old Panda bear
bottom right ... gorgeous pastel low volume quilt made by Claire

low coffee table vignette in Claires lounge 

doiley torso on lounge wall - made by Claire
(although I tried really hard I did not manage to sneak this into the boot of my car unnoticed!)
small vignette in spare bedroom

The beautiful Easter display on Claires dining table

Another fairly recent purchase - an antique sampler cross-stitch
(Claire - if this ever goes missing ... it could very well be at my house!!!)

But I think the thing that captured my heart the most would have to be this beauty   . . .
A gorgeous standard lamp with a shade that Claire had decorated herself & added her unique touch to . . .

. . . just sitting in the corner of her lounge - L*O*V*E it 
Thanks so much for the visit Claire - just wish we lived closer
(So I could pinch borrow treasures from your house !!**!!) x x x

Although I was definately standing in the wrong queue when they handed out the "knitting gene" I still try to pick up my needles every now & again. 
Mum has always been the most beautiful knitter & it was always easier to just get her to do it for me

I found some dishcloth cotton/bamboo scraps in her wool basket & have just finished these 3 dishcloths. 
 I really like the double moss stitch pattern which is a freebie from here
I hope to make some more of these over winter - some to use myself, & others will be popped in with gifts for friends.

And upon my return home I find we have acquired a new "family member" ourselves ...  ???***!!!

Once again, found with her Mum & 4 siblings, abandoned & starving ... 2 kittens didn't survive but the other 3 + Mum were taken to the Vets, then the Animal Rescue Centre.
Whereupon it would appear The Mr bought her. 
 I have named her Pippi as in "Pippi Longstocking" - another pale ginger haired rascal, just like this one . . .
. . . really hard to photograph as she never sits still for a minute.
And so it would appear, I have fallen in love again ... twice in one week !!!! Goodness gracious me !!!
Thanks so much for stopping by today dear friends & readers,
May the rest of your week be filled with things that bring you joy,
with much love & friendship,
Julie, Blackie & Pippi Longstocking


  1. Is there no end to everyone's cleverlyness! (New word, I just made it up!) What a lovely home Claire has, love the lamp. Oh and kitty, ooh just gorgeous xx Don't let that one out of the house...ever! And The Mr is just a big softie isn't he! :D

    1. Great new word there Sue :-) Yes I always feel inspired when I visit Claire & when I leave, my head always spins for a few days with all the new projects I would like to attempt. I think the Mr IS a bit of a softie - he says the kitten is to be a "friend for Blackie" but I am thinking perhaps its a friend for the grown-ups a bit more !!!!

  2. Oh! My Goodness! My Goodness!
    Hang on there....Need my box of tissues....! :).
    HeHe! Pussy~Cats coming out the keyboard!

    Marley! Marley! My what a treasure...! Ah! Bless!
    And..I must say, when l scrolled down and saw..
    Pippi...My heart just went a little ooooO! :)
    I thought it was...well, you know who!x Bless!

    I think l said to you in an e~mail Julie...If l'd win
    the lottery..BIG time...I'd jump on a plane and shake
    paws with ALL the kittie~kitties, l know on the Blogs.
    In New Zealand, Canada, etc...Even risk going to Wales..
    HeHe! Morn'in Yvonne...Plus rabbits! :>).

    My! My! So excited with this post....Love the pic of Mt
    Egmont...Love mountains...Well, l was born under a volcano!
    HeHe! You wanna see me when l erupt! :).

    Oh! I must tear myself away....Got a privit to cut...But! But!
    I'll be back....Bless!x

  3. Hello Julie, my goodness it looked very chilly over that way!!! Icy, in fact. Did you have to wear your winter woolies? No wonder you were all about knitting, (I love that double moss stitch) where as, I am still in awe here of all the happily flowering begonias & impatiens. What lovely, blessed & happy wee cats & both so needed a loving home. And like Willie, I thought it was what!!! you know who too : ) for a minute there. Eeeew look at those claws. Golly Claire's place is always so amazing. I'm totally with you on the lamp...wow! Very soft & pretty & clever! My next best thing is the vintage doilies/linen dolly garland....love it!! Thanks for sharing it all with us. Much love my friend, Catherine x0x0x

  4. I do not know how you left your friends home without a few of her gorgeous things tucked under your arm or in your bag. LOVE the doily torso, so OMG!!! Marley is super cute and will have a pampered loving life with your sweet mother. Then there is Miss Pippi, sigh. The Mr had a soft moment aye Julie?? Give him a hug for me because that is so sweet bringing you another fur baby to love and care for. I feel a visit coming on very soon.

  5. Beautiful wee creatures, treasures and all in all a wonderful happy post.....loved it xxx

  6. Wow! So many gorgeous photographs ♥

    Marley and Pippi are absolutely adorable! I just want to cuddle them both :)

    1. Thanks Yvonne - yes they ARE adorable. I could easily have smuggled Marley into my car & bought her home ... lucky I didn't though as I had little Pippi to greet me when I arrived instead !!!!!

  7. ohhh my 2 beautiful rescues in one week, you are blessed & so are they to be found, i hope blackie likes the new family member too. both are adorable & just at the time they were needed too.
    i loved pippi longstocking! suits to a T!
    enjoy you new family addition
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks so much Selina ... Blackie is adjusting well it seems - he looks at me as if to say "I am far too old & cool now to play with that little ball of fluff" .... but I am hoping when Pippi gets a bit bigger they will become good little mates.

  8. Oh good! I am so glad you have been chosen to give this little one a safe home and lots of love - also your mum's kitty is so beautiful too - lots of kitty pictures and blog posts to look forward to methinks! Your friend's homely decor is beautiful.

  9. What a lovely happy cheerful post, I am not a major cat fan to be honest but these two are GORGEOUS. I'm a bit afraid of the claws and teeth. Is that silly ? They are so adorable though :)
    And as to your friend's house .... I think actually she lives in a gift shop, everything is so lovely :)
    Well done on the knitting :) Bet you feel dead chuffed :) Jillxo

    1. Thank you so much Jill .... No its not silly at all to be afraid of their claws etc .... Blackie has very sharp claws & can be a bit of a swiper. It looks in my photos as though Pippi has sharp claws but hers don't hurt at all - Yet !!!! Yes my friend Claires house does resemble a gift shop - I always tell her she would be great as a display person/window dresser in shops, she just has the knack for putting it all together so beautifully.

  10. There is oodles and oodles of loveliness for the eyes to drink in at your friend's, Claire's home. It is lovely! Two rescue cats.....how wonderful. Marley is so sweet...he will be a lovely companion to your mum..... and your Pippi......she looks like a bundle of fun! I hope Blackie welcomed her with open paws! Good on you for picking up your knitting needles. Those dishcloths are great....love the double moss stitch.

  11. can you believe one week earlier the mountain didn't have ONE drop of snow on it when I was there!! This morning I saw 3 or 4 plastic mannequins at one of our Opshops and I thought 'what would Julie do with those'?? Now I wished I had brought one..........or two! I love that mannequin! Claire's house sure looks very inviting, perhaps it will work we can go together sometime.
    I never realised you Mum had just got her cat! She is lovely, she has a face like my Simon. And as for your new sweet bundle, I can see why there is love in the air.................blast you and the Mr...........now I WANT another cat!

    1. Hope Derek reads this post and he might just surprise you with a new kitten!!

  12. Julie, sounds like you had lovely travels away visiting your Mum and her precious kitten and your friend. Enjoyed your photos of her house, never forget how special and beautiful your place is though!! As for your new family edition just so cute and sweet, and hope you get lots of love and enjoyment from her. Hugs x

  13. Pleased to see you have a new kitty, what a sweet heart and I like the sound of that 'low volume' quilt... I wonder if it would work on my husband's snoring? Hope your winter isn't too cold... the sun is just warming up here, you can have it back in a few months! xx

  14. I'm pleased you had a great time away Julie and wow what a lovely surprise to come home to! Exciting to see the first snow on Mt Taranaki but brr I bet... I can remember the icy feel to the air it gets there when it snows! Gorgeous little Pippa, she looks well settled already!!

  15. Oh my goodness what a post full of kitten love!!!! The stories break my heart but so glad that you and your mom gave them a loving home.
    Now lets talk about that lampshade! What a wonderful piece of art. I just bet the warm glow in the evening is gorgeous.
    So glad you had a lovely trip. It really is getting to be winter there. Stay warm and snuggle with that kitten.

  16. I remember the cold winters in taranaki very well.. Brrr! Pipi looks so adorable, I'm sure she will be a lovely addition :). All the best, lisa xxx

  17. Hello Julie,

    My goodness your Mum's new cat has the most adorable markings. Claire's home looks like a real treasure trove of goodies and a great place to visit. My oh my Pippi is adorable, looking forward to seeing what mischief she gets up to. So glad the cat rescue people are finding good homes for the strays.

    Happy days.

  18. Aw...Marley is such a cutie! Just arrived home after being at the beach for the long weekend - super - was sewing with two friends - just perfect!
    Claire's house is amazing with a capital A. All those beautiful things on show. No wonder you like to visit! And then at the end of the post is Pippi - last but not least - how adorable is she. What a treasure and she looks like she will be a lot of fun and so playful. Things are right in the house again! Yah!!

  19. Hey Julie can feel the love you have for those furry creatures coming through the computer!!!! Just love Pippi she looks so at home -:)
    And what a lovely home your friend has, I also love the mannequin, must stop drooling got book work to do grr.
    Happy rest of the week xxx

  20. Hey sweets as always gorgeous blogs.. Love the new family members.. Gosh Marley, your mums cat, has such gorgeous striped markings.
    I'm knitting again.. Keeps me busy here.. Pity I can't exercise and knit cos the sitting gets me down haha.. Love you 😘


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