Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Falling Ceilings & Going Batty

Tuesday Afternoon Greetings dear friends & readers,

We have just had a long weekend here in New Zealand in which we celebrated Waitangi Day
We had visitors to stay which is not really, quite what you want when you are in the midst of alterations
The Mr - in his wisdom - decided to take the old lounge ceiling down, right in the middle of visitors !!!!

The builders had accidently put their foot right through it during the week ... no matter, it was coming down anyway

My son climbed up into the rafters & pushed his gumboot really hard through the hole ... a large section came crashing down.
Oh No I thought ... this is going to all just come down in pieces & take forever
I turned my back to shut my bedroom door to stop the dust from going through
I heard a loud Woooooossshhh !!!!!
Oh Yes sirree ... that is the entire ceiling fallen down ...layers of insul fluff & all !!!!
Luckily we had put a huge tarpaulin down on the floor first !!
It took us all day to break it up into sections & cart it all outside & then ME to clean up the remaining fluff & also to console the cats !!!

My son Kayne checking the T.V. was undamaged
Cleaned up finally ... looking through the old part to the new addition
Yes we also spent the long weekend lining all the walls with pink batts
The lounge ceiling as it is for now . .  . & Yes I do worry about little visits from rodents during the night !!!!!
This will be my large new (2nd hand) picture window looking out from the new section of lounge towards the garden

Enough about alterations ... honestly friends ... they are a nightmare to live through ... I can fully understand why people just chose to move out for the duration.

During the chaos of it all I have been going regularly on Mondays to look after my grandson Alec
I always take some stitching with me to work on while he naps 
(tho' I must admit that sometimes I am tempted to have a wee nap myself!!!)
These wooden noticeboards were on sale at The Warehouse a couple of years quite some time ago now
They were in the half marked price bin ... my absolute favourite place !!
When Leanne Beasley published her Vignette Magazine I only ever bought 3 copies as they were quite expensive here in New Zealand.
Issue One had a lovely noticeboard decorated with this gorgeous "Remember" Stitchery
 I decided to use this for my noticeboard revamp
Each Monday this project would come with me to Alec's house ... I finally finished it just last week.
  I framed it using this wonderful tutorial from Jenny of elephantz

I laced it tightly over some thin wadding & heavy card ... then I fitted it in the wooden frame to cover the Pukeko's

My original plan had been to paint the wood cream - but I quite like how it set off the stitchery colours in its natural state.
I glued a border of ricrac around the edge of my stitchery.

As I had originally purchased two noticeboards I have now traced off my 2nd "Remember stitchery" to begin working on on my "Alec days"

Alec has begun to crawl - more of a "commando type crawl" but it gets him across the ground well enough
Sarah sent me this lovely photo of him outside on the weekend practising his "press ups" ... I just love the determined expression on his little face & he reminds me of his Daddy so very much

The Mr grows Japanese Millet at the farm as feed for the cows.  Some paddocks of it get made into silage for winter feed & some paddocks get break-fed now to keep the cows going through the drier months.
He also grows sunflowers in amongst the millet as they add oil to the cows diet & they love eating them.
I was helping The Mr with some farm chores last week & snapped some pics of the gorgeous sunflowers waving their happy faces upwards

No matter what anyone says ... I believe you can't help but feel happy looking at these gorgeous flowers

And then Nicole, the girl that milks the cows for us at the farm, took this lovely picture of her young daughter Izzy in amongst them 

It is the time of year for picking & drying my statice ... I love to see my Dads old ladder fill up each year as I hang bunches from it to dry

And lastly - & especially for my dear friend Willie - Yes the cats are unfortunately  - back on the table !!! And quite honestly, at this stage, I could not care less !!! (Even though I am ashamed to admit that)

Lord & Lady Muck !!!!
Thank you So much dear friends for your visit today,
May the rest of the week bring you all good, kind & happy things
(& no alterations to live through!!!)
with much love & friendship,
Julie, Blackie & Pippi Longstocking


  1. Oh my goodness Julie!!!! That ceiling sure came down fast!! Your son must have a heavy gumboot!!! Lol! The new window will be beautiful looking out on the garden there. Hang in there, the alterations will get done and you will survive! Love the message board...have to admit I kind of like the pukekos, but your stitchery is lovely!! Your grandson has such a determined look on his face.....I am going over there!!!! Lol!! The sun flowers are gorgeous, as is the statice...well what can ou do about the cats??? They feel safe on the table!!

  2. Holy heck my friend, is there any chocolate & wine supplies left after your weekend!!!?? One couldn't blame you for hitting the Chockie & blonk! It will all be worth it when it is over. I guess when the cats are not in the comfort of their basket on the dinning room table they must be stressed from the noise alone! Alec looks like his Daddy. You constantly amaze me with your recycling efforts, fabulous place for your lovely 'Alec - time' Stitchery.

  3. Wow! The ceiling came down alright! Amazing it was all in one piece like that. Love the big window you are going to have. Super overlooking the garden. Alec looks gorgeous. Loving the sunflower photos too. The stitchery looks wonderful on the notice board. So pretty.

  4. Naughty of me I know, but I did have a little giggle at the ceiling falling down. Horror of Horrors! Do please forgive me. There is nothing quite like a renovation is there. So glad your son didn't come hurtling down as well...AND...so happy he has the most important things sorted....such as the TV....such things are of utmost concern!!. =) Those picture windows will make all this stress very worth it when you look at the lovely vignettes they reveal. Your new room is going to be amazing, Julie. Love your Forget Stitchery, notice board. Lovely stitching there. Those Sunflowers are amazing aren't they.....so bright and happy. I love the photo of Izzy standing amongst them all. That photo is worthy of a prize! And lastly, but certainly not least, your Alec is the most beautiful boy. There will be no stopping him now. He is just too adorable! Hope you have a great week. Hang in there just think of that view those windows will soon reveal. Oh.....and I do hope no pesky meeces and and their bigger cousins pay you a visit. That, for me, would be the straw that would break my back. Kim Xx

  5. It looks very stressful at your house but that picture window is going to fabulous when all is finished. I hope the mess and dust doesn't last long. I think your message board is one of the loveliest things you have made, very pretty and practical too. Betty

  6. HeHe! Pink bats...You have pink bats in New Zealand! :).
    They must be an unique species! Wow!

    I was trying to think of something to say about the ceiling,
    all l could think of was Jericho...'And the walls came tumbling
    down'...Still...instant air conditioning...!
    Oh! Love the picture window..You'll have to put a shelf along the
    bottom, for Blackie and Pippi to sit and admire the view! =(^..^)=

    And little Alec...Goodness! Crawling already, you know who he'll be
    chasing next...or even trying to get into the basket..! :). Bless!x

    The sunflowers look lovely...As l always say....That's where flowers
    belong in fields, hedgerows etc..NOT cut and put into vases...
    "Every flower has a soul, blossoming in nature, please don't take their
    life by plucking them".
    (Lessons Taught by Life).

    And..A basket FULL of fun to end with...I've never seen such a lovelier,
    Lord and Lady Muck...Bless!x

  7. Hi Julie,oh my ,just think the reno's will be over before you know it,it is a pain while its going on but it will be all worth it in the end.
    Oh i just love your memory board its so pretty and your little GS is adorable,they grow up so fast and my DD used to always say that sunflowers make you happy,enjoy your evening my friend xx

  8. OMG! Julie.....I thought I was the only one with a husband that does that sort of
    crazy stuff when you have visitors!!! lol. At least it's done now. We couldn't have
    the TV breaking now could we, well done Kayne for checking that it was still in good
    working order. lol Stitchery is just adorable and the photo of Izzy in the sunflowers
    is one of those postcard pictures, very lovely.
    Cheers, Anita.

  9. Hi Julie! I feel for you having all that construction going on.
    Little Alec is adorable!
    Your stitchery is SO cute!

  10. Thank goodness you have some stitchery to keep you sane.
    Look on the bright side...no need to do house work for a while!
    Get the chocolate out. xx

  11. Hello Julie,

    Hope you enjoyed your long weekend.The good old Wharehouse, gosh that place has some bargains. Love your take on the memo board.Alec looks like he is ready to start a 100 metre sprint in that photo. So you gorw Millet, do you keep any to grind yourself?

    Happy days.

  12. OMG with the ceiling coming down. I giggled though with thoughts of you , your face and what you said or may have said:-) Love your "remember" board, it looks wonderful. I stitched that in brights and attached it to an artist canvas. Love Sunflowers, they always make me smile and they look so beautiful. The little girl looks delightful in amongst them.Adorable Alec and last but not least "way to go Blackie and Miss Pippi".

  13. My goodness...destruction on a large scale. Why do boys love it! Your view is going to be beautiful when its done. Love your Alec stitching....looks fabulous! I love the gorgeous "Sunflower Maiden" photo. Stay calm and keep stitching xxx

  14. Oh Julie...what a trooper you are! Breathe, remember this too shall pass, and set your thoughts on how beautiful the end result will be.
    Love your remake!! And that photo of the young girl amongst the sunflowers? Wow. xx

  15. At least the weather is co-operating! I can't wait to see update photos of what you do with your new space, I'm sure it will be worth it even though it might not seem like it at the moment;O)
    I love what you did with your notice board, I had one too and made mine into a blackboard.
    Aww Alec is just adorable, and oh those chubby cheeks!

  16. Julie, your alterations are moving along really nicely. I absolutely adore the change to your notice board, what a fabulous idea, and little Alec is absolutely adorable.

  17. Dear Julie, goodness that is quite a renovation going on! At least Rob has been replacing boards on the outside of our house but I have still had baskets of things off shelves sitting all over the place. Oh the dust...& I bet yours sneaks under doors! I hope you haven't had too many garden tours/visits while all the upheaval is going on. Perhaps you could move in to Threadbear Cottage, meantime! Aren't the sunflowers just glorious & what a huge lot of statice. I remember hanging statice on the walls in our wee house in Hawera many years ago. You don't see dried flowers around quite so much now so I'm glad you still grow them. Larkspur dries quite nicely too. Isn't crawling a funny baby stage? Alec looks such a delight. Hope you keep your sanity this week in the dust & the heat. Much love & iced tea, Catherine x0x0x

  18. Hi Julie! Wow - lots going on for you at the moment! The reno is coming along full swing... I think I would have had palpitations if that was one of my ceilings coming down! You made it look wonderfully clean and tidy - that must have been no mean feat! Love the pics of your sunflowers! Such a beautiful photo of your young friend amongst them, really shows how tall and magnificent they are. Your little grandson is the cutest - he really is a gorgeous little boy! Love your stitchery project... looks fantastic! Lots of love dear friend, I really enjoyed reading your post! Vikki xoxo

  19. Oh Julie how exciting all the chaos is, just look at that gorgeous huge new room you are getting with the best ever window and view to your garden!! Just keep telling yourself how great it is all going to be and you will survive the alterations. I swear your grandson just keeps getting more handsome, obviously comes from a beautiful gene pool. The cats look so relaxed and at home in the middle of the table, I would gladly have a cuppa with them in the middle. Before I forget, your needlework is stunning, you really are a gifted person in so many ways. Catch up soon.

  20. OMG renovating is such a test on relationship! We did up an entire house when we were first married and I said never again!!!
    Your little grandson is adorable Julie and crawling already! Isn't he just the best thing that's happened to you? I already know your answer.

    The sight of a paddock of sunflowers takes me straight back to a little village in France where my family is!
    A lovely post Julie!
    Shane x

  21. Wow you all have been very busy, and as everyone has commented the work in progress will be worth it in the end...hopefully not too far away!! Alec is very cute and how precious to be able to spend Mondays with him and of course your stitchery which is lovely. And what a great photo of the young lady in the sunflowers very special photo for her Mum to treasure. xxxx

  22. Wow you all have been very busy, and as everyone has commented the work in progress will be worth it in the end...hopefully not too far away!! Alec is very cute and how precious to be able to spend Mondays with him and of course your stitchery which is lovely. And what a great photo of the young lady in the sunflowers very special photo for her Mum to treasure. xxxx


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