Monday, September 25, 2017

Some Cottage & Garden Snaps ........ blogging friendships ........ & books ........

Greetings dear friends & readers,
Gosh, I did not mean to be so long between posts ....
 Along with some (more!!) computer issues, I have been spending quite a bit of time with this little cherub below ....
Sid is now 5 1/2 months old  .... loves his food but if you take too long getting it ready, he starts to eat his bib !!!

As promised last post, I am sharing some pictures of my Cottage now I have given it a change around & a freshen up.
 It is difficult to take good photos inside as there is very little natural light & lots of lamp light, hence the photos often appear yellowy
 As you walk into my little Cottage, directly opposite is my "angel wall"

 The mantle piece above my fire surround (above)
Some of the "baby area" (above)
Fresh stocks of fragrant new soaps on my oak dresser (above)

A little sewing supplies area (above) ... needlecases, pincushions, workbaskets

- soy candles made in vintage china cups (above left) -

That is just a small random selection of the different areas in my little Cottage .... soon it will be time to be thinking about a christmas display I think !!

Though my poor old garden has been more of a neglected jungle this past winter, there are definate signs of life popping through the soil again ...

My veggie garden on the other hand, has been amazing with all the growth .... planting by my moon calendar along with copious amounts of worm tea have given me a bumper spring crop of so many different vegetables

Last Easter in the pouring rain, I remember planting 5 pots of bulbs - hyacinths & a variety of tulips 
 Nothing happened for a very long time & I began to despair but I have a riot of colour now that the tulip bulbs are in full bloom on my deck
Some of these were old bulbs I lifted & gave fresh potting mix, & others were new bulbs I had been gifted

Blogging friendships .........

 Earlier this year I wrote about meeting up with Sue from the blog Kiwikids
We had a wonderful time together so when Sue wrote that she was coming over to put some help in place for her elderly Mum & would I like to meet up again, I jumped at the chance.
We decided to meet up in Tirau, a good half way point & a pleasant spot to have some lunch together.
I remembered there was a Christmas Heirloom Shop in Tirau so after a lovely lunch we wandered up the hill to browse in the store
The Shop Owner took this photo of Sue & I amongst the trees !!
Sue & I in the Christmas Heirloom Shop ..... I could've bought one of every thing !!!!!
About 3 days after our get together an unexpected package arrived in the post.
Imagine my surprise when I opened it to unfold this gorgeous play quilt that Sue had made for my grandson Sid !!

It just so happened I was babysitting Sid at the time so he got to "test drive" the beautiful new quilt covered in gorgeous Boyds bears .... you can see by the photos how delighted Sid was !!!

Thank You Sue for your kindness & this most wonderful gift.

Another blogging friendship that I so enjoy is with my friend Willie
He leaves wonderful comments on my posts & often sends through emails about the things he loves the most 
..... cats, pink, family & lemon tea !!
It was on Willie's recommendation that I purchased the following book ... I Could Pee on This!!  A humorous compilation of poems relating to cats & Yes indeed, I am sure Miss Pippi is featured in quite a few of them!!

Willie has just celebrated a special birthday so I sent him this e-card featuring 2 of his favourite things, cats & pink !!

I first saw a vintage copy of this next book at my friend Sally's house & fell in love with it ... I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a 2nd hand copy from Trademe for $7.00.
I am sure many of you will be familiar with it dear friends - it is such a beautiful book

Thanks So Much for stopping by today dear friends,
I shall attempt to blog more frequently now we have (hopefully!!) had our computer issues sorted
Your visits are always so very welcome here  .  .  .  . 

old mossy work boots planted with pansies tucked in a corner of my garden
I hope the week ahead brings you many pleasurable moments,
with much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Dear Julie I feel I have been waiting ages for. Your next blog and it was really worth waiting for. Isn't Sid adorable . I enjoyed every moment o it and how I wish I lived across the ditch. It would be so great to come and browse your lovely shop, and meet you in person. Look forward to your Xmas display. Xxx.

  2. such a long wait for your lovely update! Your tulips/bulbs look spectacular and your cottage is crammed with wonderful things - I like the little cotton potted Christms trees especially. If only we lived near enough for me to pop in and explore! Fun to meet a fellow blogger, I will go and visit her blog in a minute. How kind to make the baby quilt a beautiful picture of baby by the way. And happy birthday to your loyal follower Willie, the card is delightful. Betty x

    1. Thanks Betty ... yes it did seem to take me ages to get this post together & the computer issues did not help!!
      I do love the tulips - they are such a bright happy looking flower .... a shame they don't last long in bloom. Thanks for your lovely comment Betty - hope you have a super week ahead Xxx

  3. Oh! My goodness Julie...Where to start..Where to start! :).
    Hang on..just wipe a little tear away..Julie! ALL this is
    amazing..Thankyou again..I've tucked the furry ones away
    in my pussy~cat folder, after sharing them with a few
    contacts..! Ah! Bless!xx

    I'm going to get myself a lemon tea of many,
    and scroll through ALL your lovely things!
    My family are off home to~day after a long Burfady..
    running from last Thursday! :).
    Oh! And! Did you know...An Angel is a Grandma with wings....
    HeHe! Bless!

    ALL the garden looks lovely to, l love
    my greens, even as a boy l did, my Mum never had to shout
    and go at me, for not eating greens! Love'em!
    And..little Sid, little? He certainly growing up, loves a
    chuckle by the looks of it...Bless him..! :).

    Well Julie, it's nearly nine over here, and l'm an hour late
    with my breakfast...Egg, bacon, mushrooms etc all ready, just
    have to cook it..But, l'll be back, during the day to scan
    through your goodies!
    Thankyou once again for your Burfday wishes Julie, and the
    photo of Pippi and Blackie...Goodness! Have you ever seen a
    grown man cry...Bless! There little furry paws...!
    Thanks again...! And! Yes! Think Pink! :0).xx

  4. Oh, Sid looks so cute eating his bib! Love that picture. Wonderful greetings card for Willie! He will be chuffed. So many treasures in the shop! Love the new tables and their curtains you did in the last post too. You are so clever!! Love the tulips. One lovely lady left her two big containers of them at pre-school while she is in England for a month and it is so nice to see their smiling faces as I walk past to the Community Centre. The baby quilt is beautiful too and Sid looks quite comfortable on it. It has been a lovely, lovely post to read. Thanks

  5. Firstly, congrats on having such a Bonnie Baby of a Grandson and secondly huge respect for putting your little cottage together with such style and charm. Wish I lived much, much closer!!Thirdly, well done on meeting a fellow blogger in the flesh! I tried meeting up with my fav crochet superstars at last year's Edinburgh Yarn Festival but alas they were apparently too busy!!Your post has brightened up a very dismally grey day here in Scotland, Julie.Thank you my

    1. Thanks Anne for your lovely comment ..... I am pleased my Cottage is all finished now & fresh & spruced up but Oh Gosh .... it felt like it took forever this year !!! Yes it was wonderful to meet Sue again .... we both seem to really enjoy each others company & have lots in common. Have a super week Anne Xxx

  6. Oh, your Sid is so very sweet. Cute blanket he is laying on. Oh my goodness, your little cottage is burgeoning with gorgeous pretties; you have been busy. I too have a copy of the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady, it is such a lovely book. Your pretty garden is beginnning to greet Spring; how wonderful. Have a most beautiful week, lovely Julie!

  7. Hi Julie, I have just discovered your blog and what a delight it is - thank you. I will return again. Kind regards, Wendy (South Islander here).

    1. Hello Wendy .... thanks so much for your lovely comment & how wonderful to have a fellow New Zealand blogger even if we are in different Islands !!! You will be looking forward to some spring weather down your way as we are up here too Wendy. Hope you have a super week ahead Xxx

  8. Hi Julie! The cottage looks lovely! Tulips! How nice. I hope the weather has warmed, giving you lots of spring hopefulness.
    Sid is adorable and the bear quilt is very fun!

  9. Your cottage is just beautiful! I hope all the Kiwi girls know how lucky they are to be able to visit! Sid is so adorable and loving his Sue quilt. Lovely photo of you both. Sue is a beautiful lady. A very happy birthday to Willie. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous cottage xx

  10. lovely photos of your cottage, friend & Sid! gorgeous quilt!
    would love to come browse your little cottage, it's adorable!
    garden envy! it's so dry here i'm losing plants :((
    loved the card & pink for Willie, hope he had a lovely birthday. love his poems too, very clever
    wonderful post
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks so much Selina .... it seems everyone loves Willie & his poems & comments! He is a special person & a fellow cat lover (like you are too Selina!!) Some of my commentors tell me they only read my blog to see Willies comments !!!!

  11. Hi Julie, So many lovely things in your cottage shop! I could spend all my money quite easily there! It would be so hard making choices! How neat that you could meet up with a blogging friend. Your little cherub and our great granddaughter are about the same age. Aren't they adorable at that age! I love the smile. Your herb garden is beautiful and all your bulb flowers. Enjoy! Nancy

    1. Thanks Nancy for your lovely comment. Yes I did think that your great grandaughter was about Sids age when I saw her on your blog post. She is just gorgeous. Hope you have a lovely week Nancy Xxx

  12. Hi Julie, your grandson is adorable, especially with his gorgeous quilt, great pics of your cottage, love it, and one day I'm going to come over there and see it for my self. Oh don't say that C word just yet, but I know for you selling things time is of the essence. I'm going to send you something I do with Edith Holden books, I also have The Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady. Garden looks great. Bye for now Chris xoxo

    1. Thanks Chris. I hope you can indeed come over one day ... let me know & I will have the kettle on!!!! Look forward to seeing what you do with the Edith Holden books .. you have me fascinated now!

    2. Oh I hope you won't be horrified :-)

  13. Your cottage looks amazing Julie, lots of beautiful things to admire and want to take home!! How cute is Sid sitting up there in his high chair! Your garden looks sensational, so much growth in the vege garden. The tulips were worth waiting for they are stunning! So happy the quilt arrived, it was so hard not to say anything the day we met up!! Love the card you sent to Willie, very appropriate. I have that same book somewhere here!! (The Edwardian Diary, not the Peeing Cat one!! Lol!!)

  14. Oh what a sweetie grandson you have Julie, the bear quilt is so cute. Your cottage looks amazing, the hard work has paid off. I am envious of your garden, things are only starting to put on a spurt of life here. That e-card you sent to Willie is gorgeous. I was given a vintage copy of The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by an elderly neighbour a couple of years ago, I love it. Your post was well worth waiting for!

  15. Such a gorgeous wee man, I'm sure he loves spending time at your house.
    I wish my garden looked as pretty as yours! And so many goodies in your cottage, you've been busy and it looks fabulous as always!

  16. Your little grandson is just delicious, a beautiful little boy. I would love to look around your cottage, there's so much to see, looking forward to seeing your Christmas displays xx

    1. Thanks so much Cheryl ... it is pouring down here again today so I have been attempting to work on some christmas sewing.

  17. Your GS is a cutie. Love your shop & garden. Hugs, xx

  18. Hi Julie oh your little Sid is just so cute,love the pics of your beautiful cottage,your angle wall is gorgeous.
    Wow your veggie garden is amazing and looks very healthy,i think you have a great green thumb,hope you have a lovely day xx

  19. Your post is full of beautiful things my girl!!! I loved looking at all the little goodies gathered together and I am full of curiousity about the bag? with the words 'Paris' on it. I'm not sure what it is for but it looks yummy!!!! lol Little Sid is so cute and no wonder you have been busy. Have an awesome day. x

  20. Lovely to see your wee cottage again - your gorgeous displays prove how prolific you are! How special to see Sue and how lovely she was to send the quilt...a perfect gift by the looks and Sid looks right at home on it. He's sure growing heaps and it looks like he brings you lots of pleasure. My garden has a mind of its own right now, growing all the wrong things..waiting patiently for it to dry out a little so I can pull a few weeds! Have a happy weekend :-)

  21. Catching up on Blogs, and there is the very gorgeous wee Sid. OMG I want one!!! Your shop is looking good and likewise with your garden. Your talents are endless Julie.

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