Monday, January 8, 2018

Off on a tangent ...............................................

Good Monday Greetings dear friends & readers,
At the beginning of December I purchased two new patterns for myself with the hope intention of making them up before Christmas

I bought Jenny of elefantz Homemade from the Heart mini quilt pattern & a cute little felt sewing machine ornament from betz white

Needless to say ... it was not until the day after Boxing Day that I finally found some time to sit at the table 
& make up the little felt sewing machines

 They were simple to make & turned out rather sweet !!

As the day was stifling hot I had company in the cool of my dining room while I sewed !!
(whether I liked it or not !!!)

Next I decided to tackle the stitchery mini quilt

I was lucky enough to receive several "tea gifts" for Christmas ... this one was a Harney tea & the flavour is 
"Holiday spice"

I very much enjoy stitching Jenny's patterns

Although my original intention had been to sew it up into a small wall hanging as per the pattern ....
 I came across this wooden boxed frame that my friend Sally had recently tossed my way 
 . . . .  so off on a tangent I went & changed my plans entirely

I realised the stitchery panel would fit rather well in the frame.
Luckily Sal had already chalk painted it so I re-attached the glass, then lightly sanded the frames edges to distress it

My stitchery panel fitted perfectly inside

 I decided the frame now needed something to hang from the hooks

So once again ..... off on a tangent I go - & make a trio of hearts & a small felt sewing machine 
NoT in christmas colours this time !

However .... now it needed something to sit on the top
It was while I was browsing *this Tilda Book* over New Year that I came across the sewing machines
Thats it !!!   
I stitched up the small size machine in Tilda fabrics & fussy cut a piece of a vintage linen to sit under the needle

 I took a small wooden spool, wrapped it in Tilda fabric & glued a felt ball to the top ... a mini pincushion to go with my sewing machine !!

I think that tangent was rather worthwhile because I am thrilled with my little sewing vignette 😊

(Photographing rather pinky/yellow for some reason?!)

When Sally has her "de-clutters" she is definately the sort of friend you hope will keep you in mind!
This vintage stitchery panel also got tossed my way -  I LoVed it ... I think it is stump work embroidery?

Yesterday I trimmed & backed it with a pretty muted Tilda fabric, then stuffed it tightly & made up a small plump cushion to sit beneath a vase of last years dried hydrangeas

I LoVe the colours & look forward to drying this years hydrangeas soon.

We had a wonderful Christmas - well two actually as we had one with Alec two days before the 25th.
 We gave him a toy chainsaw for christmas - & little Sid loved his stocking but, as I fully understood, was far more interested in the wrapping paper than anything much else !!

Dear little Sid with their dog Karma on Christmas Day

Thanks so very much for your visits today dear friends,
I hope the coming week is a good one . . . .

with much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. just brilliant!
    love Jennys' embroideries too though am yet to do any. i think the effect is gorgeous! love the handmade sewing machine! it was awesomely generous of Blackie to help too! little angel!
    glad all had a lovely xmas time! hope the hedges survived the trim!
    thanx for sharing

  2. Oh my Julie...I LOVE your tangents! Look at what they produce! I am in awe of the sewing vingette, it is so very well done.

    Absolutely beautiful work, the little hydrangea cushion is so cute and looks great paired with your dried ones.

    Jenny is one very talented lady, her work is just so gorgeous. I am going to attempt some of her patterns this year.

    Glad your Christmas went well. The photo of little Sid with Karma is perfect!


  3. My eyes kept getting bigger and bigger with each new bit of loveliness you created! I just love the little cabinet and everything you made! Clever lass!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  4. Magic! All that magic taking place one photo and tangent at a time. Love what you made! What fun that saw looks for Alec. I remember that our Matthew had a lawn mower that he spent hours outside using. Sid and Karma look so cute together - both smiling.

  5. Hi Julie love your sewing machine vignette ,very clever and looks fantastic,how cute are your two boys. The grandies make Xmas so much fun xx

  6. WOW such a beautiful sewing themed vignette! The stuffed sewing machine is fabulous! Look at your sweet grandson's, did Alec manage to trim that hedge he looked so sure of himself. Happy week to you ALSO.

  7. What a gorgeous arrangement you have created.....I love it! Adore that framed shelf! Your reborn Hydrangea cushion is just lovely. You have 2 beautiful boys there Julie x

  8. Love your vignette. A wonderful idea. The hydranxxgea cushion is beautiful. The grandies are very cute. Hugs, xx

  9. You've done it again! Everything you do is sew beautiful. Those boys are just too cute, and that chainsaw I can just see him helping you in the garden, does it make a noise? Can't wait to see what tangent you take next...
    You know you've created 2 projects that fit in perfectly with out KHS challenges this year. For January we had to make an ornament for the tree - check. And for February something 'Tilda'

  10. Goodness! Love the little sewing machines, they've
    come out so well...especially the small size machine!
    And the Vingette sets it off a treat! Lovely!
    It's a good job you have Blackie to keep an eye on
    the glue...HeHe! Bless!x

    So, not only have you Blackie as a little cherub...
    But..Alec and Sid...Love the photo of little Sid
    with the dog...! :).
    Strange about cats and dogs and they
    love the wrapping more than the present!
    One of my daughters Staffy's Nushka, tore her prezzie
    open, disembowled the toy, and played with the wrapping
    paper...! She sent me a photo...their front room was covered
    in stuffing...!

    I know it's not pink...but, love that cherub with the rosary
    around it...nice that!

  11. Good Morning Julie! When I read "tangent" I thought you were going to voice your dislike of something but instead I read of all the beautiful things that you made! God has sure given you a wonderful talent! Your little grandsons and dog are so cute! Have a pleasant day! Nancy

  12. Ohh--I love your new little shelf and all the work you did in creating it--I think it would look lovely in my apartment!!! Good projects for a new year--and what cute grandson's--
    enjoy, di

  13. A tangent well travelled - what a great result, I love all those bits and pieces that make up your vignette...I have drooled over the Tilda machine before now...! Sweet wee photos of your grandsons - lovely to hear you all enjoyed your Christmases :-)

  14. Oh I love the little sewing machine!!! How cute!!!! I can remember my boys loving boxes or wrapping paper more than the gift itself. lol. So funny. Your new patterns were a great find and glad you had fun with them. xx

  15. I love all your wonderful little sewing machines!!! Especially the Tilda version. I may have to follow the link and get that book. The fabrics you chose are just perfect....

  16. All the sewing machines are so beautiful..

    1. Thanks so much Krishna - they were fun to create.

  17. Be still my beating heart! How gorgeous, and satisfyingly homely is your sewing machine vignette?!
    Your boys are so cute. Those smiles... 💕

  18. How I love your sewing machine vignette and those tiny little felt machines are just so cute. Beautiful boys, glad you enjoyed them over Christmas xx

    1. Thanks so much Cheryl ... they were surprisingly easy to make & I hope to make some more for next christmas.

  19. Love your sewing machines, cute result in the end with the frame, I miss my hydrangea bush we had in our old home, beautiful stitchery. Christmas is always great when there are little ones around, wonderful gifts for your grandsons.
    Have a great week Julie. Chris xoxo

  20. You go off on some very jntereating tangents Julie!! Your little sewing machines are very cute, love your mini quilt and wall hanging, the frame is perfect. How cute are the boys, lovely to hear you had a happy Christmas time.

  21. Everything you make is so gorgeous, even those little grandsons!!!!

  22. All adorable! Look at you go!
    Everything you do is cute, cute, cute!

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