Monday, January 1, 2018

A Special Angel Doll for "Bob" . . . & A Happy New Year !!!

Happy New Year to you all dear friends & readers !
Welcome to a bright shiny New Year . . . . a New Year always reminds me of a fresh clean sheet of paper & a newly sharpened pencil . . . . maybe a chance to do some things a little differently this time around - perhaps make some subtle changes ?

My lovely neighbour Jenny came to my Cottage just after the craft fair in early November.
She had seen a primitive doll that had caught her eye & had an idea brewing around in her head.
(This is the doll in the photo below with the arrow pointing to her)
The pattern is by Sun Valley Primitives & is called "Raggedy Angel."

Jenny's stepdaughter Emily lives in Australia & owns a vintage caravan which she has fitted out as a mobile hair & beauty salon
Emily has named her caravan Bob ... which stands for "Beauty On Board"
Jenny wanted me to make a Primitive Angel doll that Emily could hang in Bob
She emailed me a couple of photos so I could get a feel for the style of the caravan & thanks to the wonders of facebook .... I was able to do some research on the interior aesthetics of it all.

Jenny had put a great deal of thought into this gift for Emily & was quite specific in her ideas.
Her requests were for a doll the same size as Raggedy Angel, not painted striped legs but more stocking style with perhaps some painted flowers, a shorter dress not with a felt christmas tree stitched on but possibly flowers again, the same colour hair but tight curls (to match Emilys hair) & definately a raggedy style face
She wanted the doll to have some things in her arms that could be interchanged for different seasons ... for example some berries/greenery at christmas time.

After much research on the caravans interior, Jenny & I decided on a pale-ish green fabric to compliment the many plants that Emily has, & the fresh, clean, natural palette.

I began by cutting out some wool felt flowers & blanket stitching them to the lower part of the dress
I sewed some legs in a stripey fabric & then handpainted black boots onto the foot area

Miss Pippi oversaw this part of the construction !!!
Rather than paint flowers on (as Jenny had suggested) I felt more confident hand sewing tiny lazy daisies around the stocking part of the legs

After I had hemmed the dress I added a gathered black tulle petticoat to give it some extra dimension ......

...... & left the bottom of the petticoat just peeping out.

Next came the challenge of the curly hair - thankfully I had some hand dyed Jute left over from the previous Prim Angel that I could use
I found a great tutorial *here* about curling dolls hair, but instead of using just water as suggested ... I used a PVA/water mixture as I was concerned about the curls dropping

Winding the strands around knitting needles & waiting to dry was a labour intensive project but gave me exactly the look I was after  -  tight bouncy curls, just like Emily's hair

Next came the issue of what to sit in her arms?
I was able to click/save the image of her logo & print it off onto some calico with freezer paper ironed to the back

I cut out a raw linen heart & blanket stitched the Bob logo to my heart shape
After I stuffed the heart I found (online) some miniature comb & scissor charms which I stitched to the top, then attached the heart to the dolls hands

Thankfully I had one set left of the corrugated iron wings I use for this Angel - although these are detachable, I think they definately finish her off - anything smaller would look quite lost

This is how she looked without any embellishments

I had fun playing around with some bits & bobs to tuck into her arms behind the heart ... chalkboard signs, small silver nail scissors, some christmas berries & greenery, rusty stars etc ... all removable

This is how she looked with all her added bits &pieces

I must confess I felt quite nervous about Emily receiving her .... dolls are such a personal thing & you tend to either love or hate them, there is seldom any real middle ground.
So I was relieved on Christmas Day to receive a gorgeous text photo from Jenny of Emily holding her doll, smiling & giving the thumbs up, & a message to say "she adored her & can't wait to get her home to hang her up in Bob" 

May the year ahead be a good & kind one to all of you dear friends & may you find some time in all the busy-ness of your days to take care of yourselves

Thanks So Very Much for your visits here today,
With much love & friendship to you All,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Hi Julie what a lovely story and Bob the angel is gorgeous,happy new year my friend 💋

  2. What a wonderful angel. Emily's caravan is gorgeous. I hope you had a lovely Christmas, Julie. Happy New Year! xxx

  3. What a lovely posting.Dear Julie I wish you and your family a wonderful happy and healthy 2018. Look forward to lots of more postings this year.🌹

  4. LOVE your special Angel! You are a marvel the way you made it so personal. Happy new year Julie xx

  5. Happy New Year Julie. Couldn't wait to see the finished pics of Bob. Just knew she would be beautiful!!!There's a great deal of thought and work gone into her. Well done again.xoxo

  6. Happy New Year Julie. The angel is gorgeous. Love the photo of the legs in the cup. 😊. Hugs, xx

  7. Wow! Look at that caravan...Love It..! :).
    I could certainly retire and live in something
    like that..though l'd have it sprayed a different
    colour....HeHe! Maybe...Pink! :). Yes! Pink!

    And, when l saw the two legs sticking up...I thought,
    Hello! What's Blackie up to now! But! It's ALL come
    together so lovely!

    So..Can l wish everyone a lovely 2018..may ALL your
    wishes come true, take one day at a time, love yourselves,
    but, mostly love your family....God Bless!
    Oh! And your pussy~cats of course...! =(^..^)=

  8. What a beautiful doll Julie. And that caravan ....... I have no words ! Would love a little craft shop like that !

  9. Happy New Year to you and the lovely cats - hope we all have a happy and healthy 2018.

    1. And the same to you Penny. Yes indeed - lets hope its a happy & healthy one (& creative!!) Xx

  10. WOW!! What an absolutely beautiful doll you created, simply gorgeous. Happy New Year to you and the furry ones,

    1. Thanks so much Louise for your lovely comment ... Happy shiny New Year to you too Xx

  11. What a lovely raggedy doll you created Julie! She will look really spectacular in her new home. Oh and that vintage caravan...I love it!

    All the best for 2018, I cant wait to see your creations this year :)


  12. WOW! I love the dolly! I remember years ago when Attic Babies were all the rage and I made a few raggedy girls. It was lots of fun! I made a primitive knot head doll for a friend, too. So fun. I should make dolls again. YOU are so inspiring, my sweet friend!
    Well done!
    I love the TS Eliot quote.
    Happy New Year, good Julie!

  13. I have never seen a beauty shop in a caravan before. That is so clever, and you made a doll to match! As you described what was desired, I wondered how in the world you would pull it off, but had no doubt that you would do it. You worked your magic and the results are amazing!

  14. Hi Julie, You are amazing in what you create! The doll suits the beauty shop so well! I would love to have a little vintage trailer. (dream on) Happy New Year! Have a wonderful one! Nancy

  15. Happy New Year Julie, the doll is fabulous what a great gift, I'm sure she is super happy with it. We have rain today good rain by the sounds of it out there not just the drizzle we have been having hope you are getting some too!

  16. She turned out just perfect!! I love her ringlet hair.......lets hope you get a photo of her hanging in that gorgeous you think it's a bit far for you & I to pop over for a hair cut?

  17. she looked awesome! so glad Emily liked her.
    happy new year
    thanx for sharing

  18. Bob is a very cool caravan indeed and your Angel will be perfect. I love your sentiment on a new year likened to a fresh sheet of paper etc. You are right, another chance at doing things, we all start off with good intentions!! Happy New Year Julie!!

  19. Great post! Love the doll and that caravan is gorgeous. My favourite photo is the legs in the cup and Pippi photo bombing in the background. Love the TS Eliot quote.

  20. Oh how exciting to have that beautiful angel roaming around the countryside in the beautiful "BOB"!! travel around in that gorgeous caravan! Just imagine the gossip and news your angel will hear. Happy New Year, lovely Julie!

  21. Fabulous work, the doll is perfection. My friend has just inherited a 1950s caravan called Skylark, which we will need to refurb this year, so lovely to see pics of BOB. I wish you a healthy, wealthy and happy 2018.

  22. Julie, Emily's doll turned out wonderfully. Just love her "BOB". I think you got thinks just right.

  23. Wow! Lost for words - the follows perfect! How cool for Emily to have such a special one off creation, and what a special step mum Karen is!. You are amazing Julie. Look the quote of TS Elliot. Love Baa. Xxx

  24. is doll is..

  25. Hi Julie, good grief it is 6 days into the new year already, time flies. Your doll looks wonderful, I know what you mean by being a personal thing, I made one for my sil one year, only to spy it stuffed in under her spare bed storage, needless to say I don't make her anything anymore. Happy New Year Julie! Chris xoxo

  26. All the thought and research you put into the Bob doll paid off Julie - so glad to hear that Emily was delighted with her - she's a real treasure! Happy New Year ♥

  27. How good is that caravan! The doll y I u have made is stunning Julie, love all the extra bits you have added to her. You are so clever. Wishing you a safe, ahply and healthy 2018.

  28. That should read,, ahppy healthy and creative 2018!!

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