Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A Chair Planter for Joyce ............ & Change in the Wind ............

Mid Week Greetings dearest friends & readers,
My friend Joyce turns 70 at the end of this month & is having a small informal party to celebrate.
Even though Joyce said "No Gifts" in her invite, I wanted to make her something special.

 This chair has been languishing in my sleep out since last winter - it was a $10 purchase from St John's Op Shop.
Knowing Joyce loves her garden, I decided to make her a chair planter that could sit outdoors & not deteriorate.
 I unscrewed the padded base & scrubbed the half inch of dust off the chair.
Then I painted it with 2 coats of my Resene Amulet test pot

 Underneath my house in amongst all my rubbish treasures I knew I had some wire hanging basket frames.
I found one that fitted inside the chair perfectly & removed its chains.

On my next trip to the Garden Centre I purchased a punnet of petunias & lobelias, & a coconut fibre basket liner
I planted the basket up a couple of weeks ago & have had it in a nice sheltered spot on the decking area

I am hoping that by the date of Joyce's party, it is a mass of colour 😊

I think it would look equally as nice planted up with a variety of succulents.

I came across the remnants of a large white towel in my sewing room so I stitched up another 6 bibs for my youngest grandson Sid.
Sid's Mum Nicole frequently tells me these are "the best bibs ever" !!
The pattern is a free download from *here*

Last week I picked the last of the lemons on our tree ... it is only a young tree but has produced an amazing bounty this season.
I got the idea in my mind to make a Lemon Drizzle Cake - for some reason I became fixated on this !!?

I have been feeding various animals around our district while Owners are away on holiday so I had a small stash of fresh duck & chook eggs

Yesterday morning I decided to bake the cake ...... I used this recipe *here*
 It turned out lovely & moist, with a real hit of citrus - just the way I like it!

Well dear friends  - it is a time for change in the wind !!
After a great deal of consideration, to-ing & fro-ing & long talks with The Mr, I have made the decision to close my Craft Cottage.

There are a number of factors contributing to this but I feel in my heart this decision is the right one.
This would be my 15th year of running my little Cottage.
I plan to have a half price sale for the month of February & then close the door.
What I don't plan to do however - is stop creating!
Creating & crafting is what I LoVe!

 For the future I will look at possibly opening a small online etsy shop in which to sell my work.
I will still keep blogging & life will continue much the same here at Threadbear ....................
No doubt the antics of these two below will continue ....................

Thank you all So Much for stopping by today,
I hope the rest of the week brings you only good things,
Be kind to yourselves & to each other,
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. you turned the chair into a planter!! that turned out just awesome!! so creative you are..

  2. Awesome. Great idea, love it. Hugs, xx

  3. LOVE the chair! The bibs do look like they would soak up lots of dribbles etc. Big hugs for the future, I know it wasn't an easy decision for you to make to close the cottage doors but you know what is right for you. xx

  4. Hi Julie, wonderful chair planter, and a thoughtful gift. So what will you do with your cottage after you close it up, will that become your new craft room? I'm sure all the ladies who visit in their groups will be so sad your closing, I wish you every success with your etsy store. Chris xoxo

  5. Oh, that was a bit of a surprise!. I've got a great idea - kit it out as a cute place to sleep and rent it on Airbnb. Ha...we've had British friends here for a few weeks and they borrowed my car and toured around and used lots of different and eclectic places with Airbnb to stay in. They loved it.
    So glad you are going to continue to blog - we love to see what you create - so much fun to see -inspirational - and of course we need the gossip on the 'terrible two' and their antics!! Your friend will love her chair - very special. Karen, Hannah, Baa and Snowy xxx

  6. Joyce will love her gift, and a great idea to repurpose an old chair. I will try the bibs out for sure but first I need to make a trip to town to get supplies! Great idea for your cottage from Karen, I could imagine it being turned into some sort of 'She Shed' :O) Great place to have an afternoon cuppa and enjoy the garden! And those two, golly they sure are characters!

  7. Congratulations on reaching a decision though it must have been hard. So glad you are going to carry on showing us your imaginative ideas and crafts and of course your adorable furry 'helpers'.

  8. Joyce's chair is gorgeous. Such a fabulous it! Cute bibs as well. No more craft cottage; that must have been a hard decision. Here's to many more beautiful creations fashioned by your clever hands and imagination. It is always a joy to visit your lovely place, Julie.

  9. HeHe! I did get a little concerned regarding the chair
    planter...!:). Especially when you put the hanging
    basket in the middle, l thought..Hello! What's Julie
    up to now...A portable Loo...! No! No! Once the plants
    were put looked great..! :).

    Love Lemons of course, and l love duck eggs, especially
    fried with sprinkled cheese!
    And, l agree those bibs are the best kind, because food
    and juices that are spilt, can stick to the material,
    and saved for later...! :0). Bless!

    And Blackie making 'rash' statements...or is he right,
    look forward to ALL your creations Julie..And, we ALL
    care...always forward your Blog link to my daughter to!
    Now! Where did l put my lemon tea....!

  10. Who wouldn't be thrilled with such a beautiful gift? Your chair transformation is wonderful.
    Sounds like your life is going to take an exciting route this year.

  11. I think your friend will be super happy with your gift, you are amazing! A little sad your dear we shop is closing but I totally understand. An Etsy is a perfect idea. Have you ever thought of selling some of your beautiful things in galleries? Next time I see you I shall fill you in on some ideas. Please annoy the cats in your spare time. Spare time? I do not see that happening.

  12. Sua amiga vai adorar a cadeira!!!!!
    As vezes precisamos de grandes mudanças para poder continuar.
    Boa sorte. Não deixe de nos contar suas aventuras. Um beijo da Eliane do Brasil.


    1. Your friend will love the chair !!!!!
      Sometimes we need big changes in order to continue.
      Good luck. Be sure to tell us your adventures. A kiss from Eliane from Brazil.

      Hello Eliane .... I translated your lovely comment so I could read what you were writing. Thank you So Much for your sweet comment. Yes I am sure my friend will love her chair! Have a wonderful day Eliane Xx

  13. The planter chair looks absolutely enchanting, as does the cake :) I think an Etsy shop sounds fantastic, i hope this means you might consider shipping to the UK.
    Have a lovely week


  14. What a wonderful gift for your friend!! I definitely want to try that cake. Thanks for the link.

  15. Oh, goodness, hope you don't stop blogging. Love looking at the things you create. What a beautiful planter you made of that chair! The baby bibs are so cute as are your kitties. I should get busy and make bibs for our great granddaughter. Don't know if I have a terry cloth towel though. Maybe the thrift store? Decluttered when we moved or I might have had one! Good luck on your Etsy store if that is what you decide to do. Nancy

  16. You have created a beautiful gift with that chair Julie, I am sure Joyce will be super happy with it. The vivs look wonderful, and it is always good to get the thumbs up from the Mum!! I am sure you have made the right decision about the Cottage, I am with Willie, we do all care! Love reading your blog and seeing what amazing creations you are creating, I am sure this year you will go from strenght to strenght in what ever you do.

  17. That made me really sad. But as they say all good things have to come to an end and 15 years is a long time. I hope your Etsy shop does well. I know it will. Your friend will be so excited over that gorgeous gift. Tell your kitties that yes they need to worry. You will have more time for lots of cuddles. Xxx 😢

  18. I love the planter chair! That is a fantastic gift for your friend Joyce, and I bet she will love it too. I hope Joyce has a beautiful day of celebrations with her friends.

    I am going to have a try at making some of those bibs for my baby granddaughter. Thank you for sharing the pattern. And that cake looks so yummy...I have eggs to use up, as well as lemons, so even though it is scorching hot here today I will bake that cake!

    Closing your little craft cottage will open more doors of opportunity I am sure. A different season and a time for new adventures!

    Have a beautiful day,


    1. I made that lemon drizzle cake...oh my it is so delicious! Thanks again Julie xxx

  19. Hello from Carthage, Missouri smack dab in the middle of the USA. I found you through Out Back.

    I love the planter! I think I want to try to paint some things. I've never really done it before, but things really need sprucing up here at Harvest Lane Cottage. I don't even know what paint colors are popular right now. Any ideas how to find out?
    Laura Lane
    Harvest Lane Cottage

  20. In love with your chair planter. Nothing like fresh bounty to cook with it. Best of everything good with whatever comes next for you Julie. Look forward to seeing your journey unfold x

  21. I'm sure your friend will love her chair planter it's a pretty idea. I hope you will enjoy having more time for yourself now you are giving up the cottage shop; selling online is always an option and there would be less pressure to produce stock or to a deadline. Betty

  22. love the chair planter! very beautiful!
    for a moment i thought you were going to say you were closing the blog! whew! i have loved watching you make all sorts of things for your cottage & hope you you keep the cottage going even though it's not a shop anymore.
    take care of yourself
    thanx for sharing

  23. Aw, Julie...what a blessing to have seen 15 years come and go in your cottage! And now you're walking into a new season...and I think it may be the most blessed season of all. Can I admit I'm envious? But my day will come to set forth on a new road, a new season. In the meantime I shall still be here to cheer you on and ooh and aah at the beautiful things you create. xxx

  24. 15 years of having your cottage is no mean fete Julie, well done and congratulations for all those years. Your friends gift is fabulous and only you would think of wonderful ideas like that. Take care and best wishes for the future. Hugs.

  25. I want to know how you do it!! lol...You've turned a nice little chair into a treasure...truly. How the heck do you do that? What a talent you have. You have certainly made a big decision there in closing the cottage and it will be the start of a new adventure. On line seems to be the way to go these days, so I send you many best wishes. I'm so glad you will still be blogging because we all want to see what those two little scallywags are up to...the furry ones. lol...oh and you too. xxxx

  26. Oh sounds like a good time for a change. I have always had good experiences with ETSY - buying things from a selection of buyers and would give you a worldwide audience.

  27. First of all, gorgeous planter for Joyce and thank you for the links in this post - I'll be checking them out. It must have been a tough decision to close your lovely wee cottage but I'm sure you will have just as much fun crafting in the future as you do now. Good luck for the change in direction xx

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