Sunday, March 25, 2018

Purses & Frames

Greetings dearest friends & readers,
I had to take my car for a warrant this past week - the young Garage Mechanic told me it would be about an hour 
so I had enough time to do a trawl of the local Op Shops.
I found some treasures !

Though I already had the black bag on the left, the other two vintage embroidered purses were such wonderful finds .... $5 each which I was happy to pay, at my local Hospice shop.
I now have the beginnings of a new collection of sorts !!

I have long admired the groupings of frames that you see on pinterest & have pinned some to my pinterest boards ....
 I love the stark simplicity of them.
When I helped my neighbour Leah with her garage sale last year I came away with some oddments of broken frames that she was going to toss out.

These two below were in the Habitat for Humanity Op Shop last week - one was $7, one was $5
 However they were both in the half price bin so I got the two for a mere $6.

When I came home & removed the glass & backing from the silver rose frame, it was actually broken in 3 areas .... the arrows show where the cracks are.  I didn't notice the cracks before as the tightly fitted backing was holding
 it all together
I quickly squeezed some glue into the cracks & hoped when I painted it I could disguise the joins

I spent a couple of pleasant days painting the assortment of frames out on my decking table - they each got 
about 3 coats.
I used chalk paint Vintage White, which can easily be applied to any surface, including the brassy metal frames
When I proudly showed the Mr my display his words were "well when are you going to put pictures in them then??"

I love my little frame display ... I have 7 so far but feel sure I will probably add to it

While I had the cream paint out my friend Gail commissioned me to paint a large shiny gold mirror for her

Here it is hanging back up in Gail's entrance way
A gentle scuff with fine sandpaper at the end & it turned out beautifully

My other completed Order this week was the two vintage barkcloth cushions below - a friend commissioned me to make them for her after seeing my own one
The pattern for these roundie cushions is from the Granny Chic book

The Mr has been away since VeRy early this morning - I got up & made my grandson Alec's favourite 
banana/white chocolate muffins, then went & spent the morning with him.

When I returned home I gave the house a "lick & a promise"  & decided to burn my new waxed melt .... 
"spiced pumpkin"

The whole house smells wonderful !

I had planned to spend the rest of the day sewing but it would seem that someone has other ideas & has taken up residence on my machine cover !
I may need to have a bit of a re think!

I hope the coming week is good & kind to all of you dear friends,
Thanks so much for your visits here today,
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. fabulous frames! They make an interesting display. The muffins.........why didn't you say? You know I'm always available to tastings!

  2. Aren't those bags fun? Yes, you have a collection now. :)
    Wonderful job on the frame display. Now people will be pinning YOUR frames!
    Muffins are making me hungry--they look yummy!
    Now THAT is a relaxed kitty!

  3. Actually! I must say, the frames look lovely without
    any pictures in...! Especially displayed as a group!
    Though! If they were mine, there's only one type of
    photo l would use...! HeHe! Bless! :).

    I do like those handbags...Don't laugh, l have bags
    to..though there shoulder bags, men's shoulder bags,
    several pink ones..of course..a leather one, a suede
    one, and a very nice buckskin one, now that is quite
    old...50yrs old in fact..!

    HaHa! Blackie!x Bless him...l bought a couple of pussy~cat
    books yesterday, in a charity shop, funny photos with funny
    sayings...there's a photo of a kitten, on top of a pile of
    books...and the saying says...'Dogs will sit and watch you
    work..a cat will sit on your work'...! :0).

    Well..just gone 7:30 over here, clocks went on and hour this
    morning...So l'm off for another lemon tea, and an almond
    slice that's sitting all alone on the kitchen hatchway....!
    But! importantly..breakfast in half and hour...!
    Tickle Blackie's!x tummy for me, and Pippi's when she climbs
    out of her basket...Bless!xx

  4. I have seen some little bags like yours in charity shops recently but they are expensive here as everyone wants one! yours are lovely.

  5. Love your new purses, they are gorgeous. Your frames look fabulous. Yummm muffins. Hugs, xx

  6. What a sweet post. You have a charming home and I love that the furry two find the best spots to rest and nap.

  7. I love painted frames of all kinds displayed en masse. Yours look fabulous, Julie. Oh, your Mr makes me laugh every like a man. Thank goodness you are there to give him a little bit of chic, a little bit of sophistication. Those purses are pretty. You always happen upon the best op shop finds. Have a lovely week, lovely Julie.

  8. I think I would enjoy shopping with you! Such gorgeous finds. I love your little yoyo mat, too!

  9. I think all kitties seem to love anything to do with sewing--whether it is helping the machine needle go up and down in the machine--help with ironing and rotary cutting--laying out of quilt blocks--or just napping on fabric!!!
    enjoy, di

  10. The purses you have found are beautiful Julie. My hubby would make the same comment about the frames, or take one to use himself!! Your display looks wonderful. Ah Blackie, they always find the best most comfy places to rest. The cushions look wonderful, enjoy that great sounding melt.

  11. Good morning Julie what great finds with your new purses,they look great hanging together. Love the white frames all sitting together what a lovely look. And those cushions you made are beautiful,well done my friend ,hope your day is a good one Julie xx

  12. Ha ha The poor Mister! Just like my husband - not a clue they are art! I've nearly been married for 30 years and Mark is still completely puzzled by the things I do. Heh...heh... Love the display. Looks perfect! Dear Blackie is just confirming how nice and comfy your cover is - doing his job I say!. The baking looks great! Making me hungry - I forgot lunch at work today.

  13. I like those little purses. Will you be hanging them on the wall? I have a plain black one like that and used it for my dress up purse years ago. I still have it. My husband would most likely be like yours about the picture frames. The muffins look delicious although I have to eat gluten free. What a spoiled cat! LOL We sure do love our animals, don't we! Have an amazing week! Nancy

  14. Hi Julie, the purses look awesome hanging on the wall, what a great find, I think most of our husbands would say the same thing, love the frames, great job. Oh to be able to curl up like Blackie, I need to, it is freezing today, well not freezing exactly, but colder than yesterday hehehe. Muffins look delish, lucky Alec, his gran sure spoils him.
    Have a great week Julie. Chris xoxo

  15. Such a lovely viewing as always. I just love chalk paint and your 2 cushions amazing. Sounds like you are having such fun since you closed your shop

  16. Love your "new" collection! How great dod your frames look.....well done to you! Those muffins looked delish. I also love those cushions xx

  17. Love the purses and the frame so nice made,greetings,joan

  18. cornici favolose, vedo che amche il gatto gradisce :) un bacio

    1. "fabulous frames, I see that even the cat likes :) a kiss"
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment Xxx

  19. Great op shop finds, Julie. I love the bags. I spent yesterday afternoon baking 4 batches of biscuits. Two choc chip and two white choc chip and cranberry. Lots of happy faces when the family got home!

  20. Lovely to see what you are up to Julie - what you do with a 'lick of paint and a swipe of sandpaper' is always amazing as the transformations work so well. Love the wee yo-yo mat your frames are sitting on too! I hope you had a great day with Alec.. he must be getting quite a big chappie now :-) Oh yes and your waxed melt sounds divine and perfect for this time of the year!

  21. Good morning Julie what great finds with your new purses,they look great hanging together. Love the white frames all sitting together what a lovely look. And those cushions you made are beautiful,well done my friend ,hope your day is a good one Julie xx


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