Sunday, March 18, 2018

A Creative Kind of Week

Greetings dear friends & readers,
It has been a crafty, creative kind of week here at Threadbear

On Monday I took the new-to-me frame that I wrote about in this post & made it into a display frame with 
some very old photos found in a box belonging to The Mr.
The 3rd one in from the left is actually a baby photo of the Mr himself!!

On Tuesday (& Wednesday) I finished a dolly I had started about a year ago now.
She is a Rosalie Dekker design ....  "Linen Angel"

I dressed her in Tilda fabrics & fussy cut a piece of vintage linen to make her a little heart - the porcelain rose adorning the heart is off an old broken brooch.

This wee Angel stands at just 25 cms tall & has wooden wings.
I am so pleased I finally finished her.
Each Thursday now I look after my youngest grandson Sid, for the day.
He is such a delight & loves his marmite toast fingers eaten in Granny's kitchen.

On Friday I got up early & drove to the other side of Hamilton city to attend a class at this delightful shop below
I purchased my Janome sewing machine from this shop so I receive their online newsletters.
When I saw a basic Learning to Quilt Class advertised I knew I wanted to attend.  When I rang to enrol I told the lady that I did not even know how to fit my machines walking foot!
I just wanted her to be quite clear that I would be the class dummy!

I really enjoyed the class but found it very intense.
Above are my samples of the different techniques we learnt in class.
My favourites are the two below .... flowers & fans .... I really enjoyed doing these 
as did the lovely lady sitting next to me.

When the Class finished at 3 pm & I walked back to my car, I noticed a Salvation Army Op shop just across from where I parked so I wandered in to have a browse.

This lovely glass pedestal stand was only $2 ... & even had the French Country Collection sticker still on it!
I had an idea for this stand  .   .   .   .

Though I purchased the cute wire cloche from The Hummingbird last year, I had never actually done anything with it!

I was growing a sweet little baby's tears plant in this china sugar bowl & thought the cloche might just fit over the top

And then the glass pedestal stand just gave it that little bit of height that it needed!
Perfect !

 Yesterday, Saturday, I was at the supermarket early purchasing goodies to make up some Gift Baskets for The Mr.
He is President of our local Moto Cross Club & each year they hold their annual prizegiving event.
They postponed their December event due to folks having so much on at that busy time of year,
 & re-scheduled it for today.  
The Gift Baskets are for the ladies that help out at each event with sign on, lap scoring, flag marshalling etc ... 
they do an awesome job.
You can see by my little collage above, that I had considerable trouble actually getting the goodies INTO the baskets themselves!
Due to a certain ginger helper who decided by the time I took the last photo, to actually lay down & have a wee sleep in the darned basket!
And Yes, I was tempted to toss some cellophane & ribbon around that particular basket & send it on its way!!

Finally last night, with no 4-legged helpers around,  I got them all finished!

Thanks so much for your visits today dear friends,
I hope you find some creative time in the coming week for yourselves,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. I love the angle.. she is so beautiful!!

    1. Thanks so much Krishna ... she is lovely I agree Xxx

  2. You did really well with your quilting Julie. I love your Angel and the wooden wings are just great

  3. hahahahaha basket kitty is hilarious! love what you do
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks so much Selina .... that cat never ceases to make me smile! (& grind my teeth!!)

  4. Oh I just accidentally deleted my long comment! :(
    Just know that I am awed, as usual, by your ability to pull elements together into such a pleasing finish.
    You have two sweet angels here--the one you made, and your grandchild.
    Too funny, that kitty getting worn out in his supervisory capacity. :)

  5. Lol....I can't look at a basket or box anymore without expecting to see a cat in there. lol. It's just not normal without one. So I come here to visit your blog....and there.....all is normal again. A cat in the basket. Glad you love the class, it's interesting to meet up with people you can learn from.Gorgeous find in the shop and also, I think we are twins because I also have a doll that has taken me almost 1 year to finish. lol. Thanks for the lovely visit, you've made my woman. lol xx

  6. The quilting looks excellent, I wouldn't have a clue where to start, I think you will be turning out impressive stuff with this new skill! I have woken up to Narnia this morning as the uk is in a blanket of snow, tiny footprints everywhere - intriguing!

  7. Always lovely to see what you’re up to. So many cute little projects, I wish I had more time at home. The angel is very cute and I just love the dead-pan look on your cat’s face. Thank you also for the link to those sweet little mice! :)

  8. I'm looking out the Paddington Bear curtains as l write
    this, and it's covered in a blanket of snow, from over
    night, and still snowing! S that's my trip to Lidl gone
    out the window! Never mind got plenty of food in the
    fridge...Pheasant for dinner to~day, rabbit last Sunday,
    hope Blackie!x enjoyed his as much as l enjoyed mine..! :).

    All the Angels look lovely Julie...Especially the human
    one, though l would have preferred a photo a 'after' he'd
    eaten the toast and Marmite...! :). HeHe! Kids look lovely
    when there covered with should see me! :).

    And Miss Pippi..Bless!x After checking everything out, she
    felt a bit tired, so decided to have a snooze! Pussy~cats
    sure are basket cases...Bless'em! =(^..^)=

    Well..I'm off for another lemon tea...Leave you with
    the first verse of this poem Julie....
    'When Mother's Sewing Buttons On' -
    Poem by Edgar Albert Guest...

    When mother's sewing buttons on
    Their little garments, one by one,
    I settle down contented there
    And watch her in her rocking chair.
    She's at the task she likes the best
    Each little waist and under~vest
    She fondles in a mother's way,
    And notes each sign of sturdy play
    And shakes her head and says to me:
    'I wonder how this came to be?'

  9. What a fabulous week! Don't you love those weeks when you get so much done. Your grandson is a sweet pea.........and the ginger miss? There's no way you and the Mr could give her away!

  10. Firstly tell that Mister of yours he looks adorable in a dress!! Then there is the other adorable wee man in your life Sid, OMG!! Thursdays must be heavenly for you. Last but by no means least, Pippi, she truly is a basket case. She really is a prize isn't she and so funny.

  11. You have had a lovely fruitful week, haven't you. Your husband's photos in that sweet frame look fabulous as does the sweet angel you finished. Love the still life of the wire cloche, teapot & plant resting on your op shop find. Oh, I thought your ginger feline friend was one of the prizes. =) Your Sid is adorable. Marmite hey.....I am afraid vegemite is the spread of choice over here. Have a beautiful week, lovely Julie.

  12. What a cute little angel, you always make such beautiful things. Little Sid is a cutie pie and looks like he’s enjoying those marmite fingers xx

    1. Thanks so much Cheryl, Yes I could quite happily make angels & dolls every single day ... big kid that I am!!

  13. What a lovely post Julie, the angel is beautiful, you are so clever using bits and pieces! Sid is growing and so cute, good to hear he likes Marmite!! The plant, cloche and cake stand look fantastic together. I had to laugh at your ginger helper, she has made my day, how defiant is the look in the first photo!!! Wonder what she would have done had you cellophaned her! :-) The prizes, once your helper departed look wonderful.

  14. I do love coming for a visit Julie. Love all your creativity. How gorgeous does the trio of cloche, stznd and baby tears look. You did a great job on the baskets despite the ginger interloper lol!

  15. Hi Julie, what a fantastic week you had, it's a great feeling when you achieve & boy you got things done.
    Your quilting is fantastic, well done. I've always been told to have a couple of wines before starting free motion quilting, mmm, not sure about that, but the mind does boggle :-)
    I have also finished 3 little angels by Rosalie, like you I had started them, well er, let's say a bit before you. I just felt the need to finish Poppy, Lily & Rose in memory of Rosalie.
    I love reading your blog always uplifting, take care Julie xxx

  16. Super makes as always Julie. xx

  17. Hi Julie, Cute idea for the picture frame and I love your Linen Angel. Sid is darling and I know you will enjoy each day you babysit him. Good for you taking the quilting class. I need one although probably would need several!! I love things on pedestals and lucky you finding that one. That cat sure cats interest to your days! What would we do without our furbabies! Have a good week! Nancy

  18. Hi Julie great post my friend,how adorable is your GS and he is growing so quick.Love your angel as i do all your work,hope you have a lovely day Julie xx

  19. Hi Julie, oh I love what you did with the frame, great idea, and your angel is adorable, I'm making a witch doll for a friends birthday, have to say I have missed making dolls. That Sid just gets more adorable everyday, lol we say vegie mite over here, haven't had marmite in years, none of my boys liked either. would kill for that cloche, looks great.
    such an awesome cat you have there, so helpful isn't she. Have a great week Julie. Chris xoxo


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