Sunday, March 4, 2018

One Golly, Two Cushions .................... & five Pumpkins!

Greetings dear friends & readers,
Goodness me ...... another shiny new month already !
- Welcome March -

Fay travelled over from Matamata when she heard I was closing my Cottage down as she wanted a golly for each of her grandchildren.
She bought her grandson the last remaining boy golly in my sale, but asked me if I would please make a girl golly for her grandaughter
Fays instructions were "a medium size girl golly, something bright & cheery"
 I knew exactly the pattern I would use ... Baby Annie Golly, by Angels in Disguise
Plus I already had the cheery red spot fabric that I thought would be perfect
In my sewing room I found this tiny teddy with a a stick up his jacksy - once I had removed the stick, he was perfect for a small toy to hold in Baby Annie's hand  

She is such a sweet pattern this girl & always makes me smile

I managed to finish the english paper pieced cushion that I wrote about in my last post

I made a button closure for the back & gave it a rather large size cushion inner ...... I like my cushions to be really plump & tightly stuffed

I felt deeply saddened when I read last month (on Instagram) of Rosalie Dekker's passing.  I had the immense pleasure of meeting Rosalie 7 years ago when my family paid for me to attend her stitching retreat at the base of Lake Taupo for my 50th birthday.

I remembered last week that we had stitched a redwork stitchery on handkerchief linen at one of her classes, so I hunted mine out.
Though it was complete I had never done anything with it. Rosalie had mounted hers on a canvas but I decided to make mine into a cushion (Yes another one!!)
I stitched a flange style cushion & once again, stuffed it with an oversized inner.
I remembered then that I had also completed a doll on my return from retreat ....a kit that came with our patterns to make a doll called Poppy

Poppys dress was also made using handkerchief linen ...... I removed her clothes & gently handwashed them to give her a freshen up
She now completes the little vignette on my two seater couch & NO Pippi .... this is Not a perfect resting spot for you!

One of the things I hoped to get to do this year was to attend the small crafty group that my friend Gail runs monthly ...... the numbers have dwindled to just 5 now & last year, I only managed to attend once.
Last Monday Gail decided "we" would make velvet pumpkins ...... it was a very pleasant morning indeed & at the end of it, I snapped a quick pic of all our pumpkin efforts

(Mine is the top left hand side one)
Though my photo doesn't do it justice, the velvet is actually a deep rich burgundy colour.

I love the feel of autumn in the air & took my morning tea out to the deck last Wednesday .... I had picked up my latest copy of Simply Vintage magazine as well as baked a Tan Finger Slice
Small treats but Oh So Very good for the soul !

After a summer of running around chasing each other, much hissing, spitting & bits of fur in the air ...... these two have decided they are friends again & have begun tucking up together in the evenings - another sure sign there is autumn in the air!
I love seeing them tucked up together - one part of each always has to be touching the other 
Though I often hear them running through the house about 4 in the morning (!!!), they generally will sleep like this for hours.

Thanks so much for your visits today dearest friends,
I hope the coming week is good & kind to you all
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. Hi Julie lovely post ,love the things you make the golly is so cute. Yes it was very sad to hear of rosie's passing i met her a few years ago in melb,such a happy lady always smiling . Hope you have a lovely Sunday my friend xx

  2. You have made and finished some gorgeous projects Julie. I love every one of them

  3. So many beautiful pretties to be seen here, Julie. The Annie Golly is darling and that red and white dotty fabric...perfect, such a gorgeous pattern. I love the dresden plate cushion and the back, how sweet. The passing of Rosalie is so very sad. She was such a clever and creative lady and seemed such a sweet soul. How wonderful you were able to meet her and attend one of her workshops. Love the little vignette of your sofa overflowing with all your gorgeous makeries. Everything is fabulous. Love the photo of your furry friends snuggled up to each other. I don't believe for one minute that they have 'misunderstandings'. =) Have a beautiful week, lovely lady.

  4. Hi Julie, I love to see the cats tucked together like that. Looks so loving and peaceful. Your cushion are beautiful! Do you use a pillow form or stuff them with stuffing? I love the buttons you used on the back of the dresden plate one. Baby Annie Golly is adorable and Poppy's dress is beautiful! I would loe to go to a class to make a pumpkin like that! Hope your week continues to be lovely. Nancy

  5. It is always such a treat to scroll through your post to see all your lovely creations. It came as no surprise that your pumpkin was the one with the lace collar. :)
    Those cuddling kitties are a great closing to another enjoyable post.

  6. beautiful cushions. Julie I know how much you enjoyed your retreat with Rosalie, to have that experience is special. There is something sweet about your two cats cuddled up.

  7. Hi Julie. Another lot of beautiful projects. I love seeing what you make. Those two cats look cute curled up together. Hugs, Christine xx

  8. Well...Until yesterday, l've been stuck indoors...
    Snow..! :(. Loads of it..but after two days l managed
    to dress up..BIG coat, furry boots, ankle warmers, my
    Dr Who scarf..all 18ft of it..and venture into town!
    At least the charity shops were open..! :).

    Everything looks lovely Julie..but, l must say l do
    love those velvet pumpkins..they are really nice,
    quite unique to...Lovely!

    The poor old teddy~bear with a stick up it's what's
    it..made me pleased you rescued it, saving
    a trip to the vet...put a smile on his face at least! :).

    And! And! The furry twosome..Bless!x Bless!x They look
    lovely, hope you don't mind, but l'm gonna pinch that
    photo for my pussy~cat folder...! :0).

    And, one thing l have to do to~day is sort some of my
    cushions out, seemed to accumulated a lot since Christmas!
    But first l must have a little play with the J.Edgar.....
    After l get back from visiting Freddie...Freddie a 14yr
    old Jack Russell, who visits me from time to time, he
    scratches on the front door, to let me know he's about!
    So, have'nt seen him for nearly a week, so, must go see
    how he is..Bless him! :).

  9. Love the doll. Just beautiful. Your cushions look fabulous. The kitties look so adorable there together. Hugs, xx

  10. Hi Julie, the gollie is lovely, i have always loved your gollies.

  11. Beautiful cushions, lovely golly and dolly and the cutest pussy cats xx

  12. I really love that Golly. I made one for my Grandson when he was small but got some funny looks when he took it out. Some people still find them offensive. Political correctness I think its called.

  13. It seems to me your crafting hasn't slowed down at all...what lovely makes. The golly girl is a real sweetie and your wee tribute to Rosalee is lovely - now tell me, HOW do you keep cats off certain areas??? I love your dresden cushion too - are you hooked on paper piecing now or is it a case of been there, done that? How cool that you can now attend a crafting group...the stalks on the pumpkins look real???

  14. What a cute golly Julie, I cherish mine I won from a lady here in Australia called Burgundy Raggies, he sits up on my bookcase with another doll I won, and a few I received in swaps, will take a pic and send it to you. Yes it was sad reading about Rosalie's passing,she was so brave. Love those pumpkins, I'm not an orange kinda girl, so prefer your burgundy colour. Take care Julie. Chris xoxo

  15. Sweet little girl golly! Love the cushion and the way you did the buttons on the back. The cuddle puddle of cats is very special!

  16. Sounds like you are a s busy as ever Julie, lovely you can get to the craft group. The girl golly is beautiful and thank goodness you rescued that teddy!! He must have been mightliy uncomfortable!! Very special tribute to Rosalie, your cushion is very pretty. So what is the plan then to keep Miss Pippi off your beautiful cushion display on the couch? I am sure she will think it is just for her!!

  17. You so know Pippi is going to snooze on that exact beautiful spot. My grandmother always made Tan fingers, I think I should bake some.

  18. My faves are your beautiful cushions and of course the gorgeous dolly.Such cuteness in those kitties!xxx

  19. Oh look at those two all smooched up together in the chair. Autumn is slowly creeping in here too. I won't miss the sticky hot nights needing a noisy fan, but will miss the blue skies and warm days.

  20. Beautiful Golly! Rosalies gorgeous talent will be missed.....I think we are all treasuring our special 'Rosie" projects. I love your pretty cushions and sweet dolly. Great work from your group on your pumpkins. Nothing nicer than a cuppa andva good old read xx

  21. How beautiful is he cushion you made from Rosie's design. She was indeed a beautiful woman with a heart of gold. I have a pink embroidered heart hanging near my desk that she made me in 2012 - we did a swap just between the two of us and spoiled each other rotten. Still miss her.
    I knew that would be your pumpkin! LOL! You have a very unique style which I love. xxx


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