Friday, January 31, 2020

Still Crafting ............................................. (trying to !!)

Greetings dear friends & readers
I started January full of enthusiasm & hoping to blog weekly.
I rather rapidly ran out of steam when I had to drop everything & take yet another trip to my Mum's due to some 
health issues she was having.
Mum is doing okay now & I have returned home again - trying to pick up where I left off  😯

These beautiful lilly's above are growing right outside my dining room window - the  picture on the left is taken through the window glass
Their scent is heavenly & wafts in on the breeze - although I know alot of folk are not fond of lilly's, I just adore their fragrance 💗

While I was at Mum's the veggie garden went crazy - I have been madly picking every single day since my return.
I did not intend buying yellow courgette plants as I prefer the green ones - this is what happens when you visit the Garden Centre & forget to take your glasses !!! 😐

At present I am picking a colander full of tomatoes each day - & my sweet peas are still producing flowers this far into January!

One of my plans/hopes/dreams for this year is to become a better knitter & learn to knit more than just dishcloths 😉
I thought I would like to make myself a project bag to hold my knitting.
My dear friend Shirley had gifted me a lovely project bag pattern early last year.
The pattern is for the Finch Bucket Bag by Stitch Mischief

I decided to use up some of my Tilda fabrics as I seemed to have acquired quite a stash
I chose to make the larger size patchwork version which turned out quite a bit bigger than I thought but I am thrilled with it.

It is a lovely generous size & would hold several projects at once.

I used some cotton/linen blend & some red spotty fabrics (already in my stash), to line the bag & make the pockets. 
I didn't have any cording on hand so I used the polka dot fabric & sewed the drawstrings instead.
As the bag is also lined with wadding it has a nice padded effect & doesn't sag.

Early last December our craft group got together & had a small Christmas break up luncheon.
One of our ladies Maureen, had asked her husband to cut out 6 wooden doll/wing/star shapes & we were each presented with a set at the luncheon
Our challenge was "to create something with them"
Mine got put aside over the busy Christmas period & just pulled out again last week.
I painted them with some leftover chalk paint then decided to do some embellishing with the rice paper I purchased from Paint me Vintage  way back * Here * last May

I just applied my rice paper cut outs using Mod Podge.

Then I glued my angels wings & star on, & gave her a face & some hair.

I LoVe her so much 💕

As I have hung her on my dressing table mirror I even painted the back of her, as I couldn't stand seeing the 
raw wood in the mirror - yes I am pathetic fussy like that 😉   

I did not get a chance to catch up with any friends or other family while down at Mum's, but I very quickly ran into 
my friend Claire's house at dinner time one night, (while Mum sat waiting in my car) to drop an Order off.

"I have something for you - here" said Claire ......  & quick-as-a-flash she shoved this doll in my hands!
 This beautiful Tilda Christmas Angel, handcrafted by Claire herself ! Gosh how lucky I am !
I have her home now & she is not going away with the rest of the Christmas decor - she sits here in my lounge watching over me 💖
I have named her Angel Claire.

Have a wonderful weekend dear friends - it's hard to believe we say farewell to January tonight.

 Thanks so much for your visits here today,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. Your garden is pumping out yummy goodness! That was lovely to be gifted the pattern to make the gorgeous knitting bag...I see many knitted treasures in your future :-) What a sweet gift Claire gave you, just your cup of tea my friend!

  2. I am a bit pathetic like that, too. =) We have sweet peas blooming as well. Strange, isn't it. Every morning I pick a bunch for my home....there is nothing like the sweet scent of sweet peas. Oh my, your wooden angel is beautiful. I love how you gussied up the plain little dear. Gorgeous knitting bag; love those Tilda fabrics and as for the gorgeous angel Claire gifted you....such a beautiful thought. Glad you mum is doing better, dear Julie. Have a beautiful weekend.

  3. Oh! Sorry to hear of Mum's little set back,
    pleased she's o.k. now!
    What is it l always you get older...
    "Up and down like a barmaids apron"..
    (am l allowed to say that)...

    The veggies look lovely to..good enough to
    And..Strange about lilly's..they mean different
    things in different places, in Italy/Sicily they
    are flowers used mostly at funerals, and known
    as the flower of death, over here in the UK,
    used at quite a contrast..!
    But..Still..they do have a nice smell...! :).

    Oh! And angel Claire looks lovely to...has she
    met the furry ones yet...HeHe! :o).
    Just finished my first lemon tea of the day...
    Another one called for..don't know why l just
    don't get a bigger mug..! :).
    Just gone seven, still dark..pop back bed for
    half hour, get depressed watching the news...
    What a state everything is..Still..
    "Onwards and Upwards"..."More tea vicar". :o).

  4. You do such lovely work on all your items Julie, I also love the tilda angel from your friend Claire, love her wings, I always wanted to try making one, but alas never got around to it, wow your garden does well, courgettes yummy, they get called zucchini over here and I wondered what the difference was, courgettes are smaller than zucchini, but yours look like the ones I buy at the supermarket, so no idea why?? Glad to hear your Mum is doing ok now👍 Boy this year is going to fly by, can just tell, have a great week Julie. Chris xoxoxo

  5. So glad to hear that your mum is doing better. Your bucket bag is glorious, I love the fabric and the size. It makes me want to find a similar pattern and start making. Angel Claire is just beautiful, these special 'just because I love you' gifts are often the best kind of all. x

  6. Sorry your mum has been ill, it must be difficult to not have her close by. Your angel is pretty, I would have painted the back too! Yellow courgettes are pretty, I haven't ever had one, they would be nice oven roasted and served over couscous.

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. It certainly is difficult being 4 hours away from Mum. That sounds a great idea for the courgettes - I must try that! Thank You xx

  7. Sorry to hear about your mum Julie. Hope she is feeling better now.

    My January has been a bit like yours, full of promise, but nothing to show. Maybe February then :)

    Your veggie patch is doing really well. I have not tried yellow zucchini, but I have the small round ones growing this year.

    I love your knitting bag, and I look forward to seeing your creations.

    Love both of your angels, so sweet of Claire to to gift you such a gorgeous angel.

    Enjoy your weekend Julie xxx

  8. Your dear friend gave you a beautiful angel. Leave her where you can always see her.
    She may bring good fortune to you and your Mum. I don't know which I enjoyed more to see,
    the flowers and fresh veggies (since I have snow now) or your hand crafted bag!
    I've been tatting and crocheting this winter. It keeps my mind off the cold, if I don't
    look outside!

  9. I just love your work, so meticulous.

  10. The lilies are gorgeous--I think I can smell them from here!
    That is a very handy bag you have created.
    Two absolutely lovely angels--one made by you and one made for you.

  11. Good to hear your Mum is doing better now Julie . Your gene garden is producing so well!! I used some yellow zucchini in place of cucumbers one year to make curried green tomato pickles, was really good. Your knitting bag is gorgeous, and so is your angel. The angel you were given is beautiful, she needs to stay out all year. Lovely to,see you back blogging.

  12. Yes, can't believe it is the end of January already. Your garden produce looks wonderful. Your project bag is so nice and pretty and so is the wooden angel you created. Your gift is lovely too. I have been really tired lately and not accomplishing a whole lot. Nancy

  13. I hope your Mum has recovered completely Julie. It's a worry when the tables are turned and our parents become our children who need constant looking after. My own Mother is showing signs of needing more care and attention but is still insisting on driving herself everywhere 'while she's still able'. I'm not sure at what point we will have to take her car keys away from her but it will be a very sad day indeed for all concerned. I love your latest beautiful makes, edible and non-edible! My bestie in NZ is complaining about their high temps. Feels like perpetual winter here!xx

  14. I adore your knitting bag! Where do you live to have so many lovely veggies and flowers blooming?

  15. The knitting bag is beautiful, Julie! xo

  16. LOVE your knitting bag! i have lots of knitting bags, only because i only use each bag for one knitting project at a time, so much easier that way; learn to use DPNs & circulars, also make different patterned dish cloths, not just the plain knitted ones i see in the photos (they are still very lovely btw) this will give you a bit more confidence branching out to bigger items; may i recommend neck warmer/ear warmers are a good start, small & simply made using circulars; i learned to use DPNs making these & beanies before venturing out into socks! looking forward to see what you start with, have fun!
    lovely angels too!

    was sorry to hear about the little family dog too, not easy losing family members.

    great reading
    thanx for sharing

  17. Love the angels,they're lovely. Sorry about your mum, they're such a worry aren't the, at least you're within traveling distance, it's a bit of a journey for me to do the same. All we're getting is tomatoes this season, we started with good intentions, then bit changes started happening, when we've moved we'll have more time on our hands to get back into the veggie gardening

  18. Hello Julie,

    Best wishes to your Mum. A lovely post, you are so clever making the wooden Angel. She is beautiful. Angel Claire is so beautiful, you lucky lady. Enjoy the garden goodies. I grew a different variety of zucchini this year called Tromboncino. If you pick them small they taste like zucchini but if you leave them to grow bigger they taste and feel like a pumpkin, so you can store them. Which is so useful.

    Happy days.


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