Friday, January 3, 2020

Happy New Year Everyone

💙 Happy Bright Shiny New Year Everyone 💙

A bright shiny new decade - Two Thousand & Twenty - 2020
I like the sound of it - a nice big rounded out & sturdy number.

Mum has been delivered home again & the decorations have been packed away for another year 
This candle called Christmas Time has the most beautiful fragrance & I am still enjoying burning it each night

We had a busy but wonderful Christmas Day spent with the ones I love & care about 
The day was full on from start to finish & I did not manage to get out of my work dress all day long 
(no one noticed I might add!!)

My grandsons are growing up so fast with the eldest one Alec, due to start school this coming year & 
Sid will be turning 3 !!

I loved this photo taken of Mum sitting on her walker on my deck area - a shame about the Red Bull drinks chiller
 in the background! 😉

I hope no-one is offended by showing this but this is the card I bought The Mr this year.
I could not resist it & must confess I laughed outrageously when I read it in my local Book Store & somewhat drew attention to myself 😆
The inside reads "Wishing you a roasty toasty Christmas"
The main reason is because this is exactly how Blackie sits & gets the very same (sour) expression on his face !

I was very spoilt this year in the book department & have already made a start on the Elton John biography 
which I am loving 💗

These sweet little flock deer were purchased to gift to a friend but unfortunately, they did not manage to leave 
my house.
I just fell in love with them & could not part with them, hence another gift was found for my friend 😉

My only other treat to myself  this Christmas was this mug - I really loved the shape of it & thought the title 
was rather apt 😸

My daughter in laws birthday is always just a few days after Christmas - I had purchased a voucher for her but also wanted to hand make something to go along with it 
These cotton washcloths & scrubby cloths just fitted the bill perfectly as they are simple to do at nights when my eyes are tired, as well as using up scraps of my knitting cotton.

I have really struggled to grow sweet peas this year but have persevered with copious quantities of worm tea & constant watering.
I picked my first vase full this morning & the fragrance in my kitchen is so wonderful & makes me happy I kept trying.

After my return from Mums these two have hardly left my side - this is them right beside me on the couch each night.

I have been having a self imposed break from Instagram & all things social media - I did not like how I seemed to be constantly checking my phone screen.
I think it's good for us to take a break when we feel like this & perhaps re-assess our attitudes to these things.
My blog is something I still really enjoy & the interacting with like-minded folk in the great world of cyberspace.
 I love my little niche in this diverse creative community out here.
So sorry folks - you are stuck with me for the meantime 😉

Wishing you a wonderful Weekend dear friends,
Take care of yourselves & of each other,
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours Julie, may 2020 bring you health and happiness.

    1. Thanks so much Sparka ... & the same wishes to you too. Thanks for the lovely comments you leave me xx

  2. What absolutely wonderful photos Julie..Love them..!:)
    Especially family photos..ALL looking well and great..
    And Mum looking so well to..
    And the one of Sid..(is that him on the right)..HeHe! Bless!

    And the pussy~cat card..fat arse Santa..! :).
    I've always find it strange how silly Santa is..what with
    all the doors and windows in a house..he still comes down
    the chimney..ALL that soot..! :).

    And..of course the bestest the bottom there....
    Love it..another one for my pussy~cat folder..!
    And thankyou again for my pussy~cat Christmas e~mail card..!
    I keep ALL pussy~cat photos..! :).

    Just gone seven over here, still dark, popping back to bed for
    half hour, the news is terrible, Australia is looking very bad,
    all those poor people loosing their homes..not a good start to
    their New Year..!

    Well Julie..2020..and yes, it does roll off the tongue quite well,
    so, can l wish you, your family, friends and all who comment on here,
    a very, very Happy New Year..May everyone's hopes and dreams come true!
    ✨🍑✨ ✨🍑✨✨🍑✨ ✨🍑✨✨🍑✨ ✨🍑✨✨🍑✨ ✨🍑✨✨🍑✨

  3. Happy new year. I was touched by your photo of the sweet peas, my Gran always grew them and whenever I see some they remind me of her and how loving and kind she was, she was also the person that encouraged me in all things craft related. x

  4. Happy New Year Julie. Such a lovely post and I do love those gorgeous family photos. I can fully understand why those cute little deers didn't make it out the door. I could almost smell your Sweet Peas....Love their fragrance. Blogging is still my favourite social media. So glad to be able to pop by for a visit xx

  5. Happy New Year Julie! I love your kitties. I have two of them as well. One is feisty and the other is the gentlest sweetest thing. Total opposites but I love them both. Sweet photos of your family.
    xx Beca

  6. Happy New Year, I loved the card. laughed so hard.

    1. Thanks Kim = I am glad we share the same sense of humour!

  7. Happy New Year Julie. Isn't it wonderful to have them all home at the same time. It's such a pity it only happens once a year (although we're planning a surprise birthday party for my Mum on Sunday so will see my boys again under the same roof, twice in one week, absolute bliss - not so sure their wives would agree!)Your Mum looks really well, Julie. xxx

  8. Lovely post Julie, I had a good laugh at the cat card!! Love it.😂. Great family photos. I agree it is very easy to get too involved in social media, but it is a great to go around blogs and see what crafty creative things are happening in people's lives. The furry ones sure miss you when you are away, even for a short time. Happy 2020 to you.

  9. Happy New Year! I am glad that you are continuing to blog. Your Mom looks sweet. The flock deer are so lovely and I can see why you kept them. That mug is just the thing for you and I love sweet peas too although I don't grow them as they are poisonous to dogs and Coco may eat them as she eats so many things. Your dish cloths are nice. How many stitches did you cast on and then did you crochet around them? She will love them. Your cats are adorable and look so loving. Nancy

  10. Oh, I am not sorry in the slightest that you are going to continue to bless us with your lovely blog throughout this year, Julie. I too, have given social media the flick of late. I find I don't really want to know what everybody is up to. Love the photos of your sweet family. LOVE the one of your beautiful mum. How lovely you were able to celebrate Christmas with the ones you love. Love those little deer. I am not at all surprised they did not leave your home. Oh.....and LOVE the card. It tickled my funny bone. A beautiful New Year to you, lovely Julie.

  11. Happy New Year and thank you for your posts. I am in north central USA and in the beginning of winter, so your
    sweet peas look especially lovely from here. Your family is handsome and so glad your Mom was with you and looking
    so spiffy.

    1. Thanks for your lovely kind comment Lynn & thanks for your visit to my blog. Happy New Year to you too xx

  12. Hi Julie happy new year my friend,I enjoyed reading your lovely post,what beautiful family you have and how lovely you got to spend Xmas day with them.
    Lol I love the car card very funny,hope 2020 is a great year for you Julie xx

  13. Anyone notice on Meanqueen's blog her last post mysteriously disappeared?..

    1. It was a bizarre rant about something

  14. I think the card is very funny! I just love your little deer - especially the pink one - I rarely covet ornaments but these are the absolute exception - hope you will keep them out all year round and enjoy them :) Sweet peas never grow for me, I love their scent. Your mum looks so sweet, you might be able to photoshop the Red Bull cannister out of the pic, but I don't think it spoils it. Happy New Year!

  15. Happy New Year Julie. It is nice to see you back and ready to face the year ahead. Good to see your mum is looking so well.

  16. Hello Julie and cats.

    Happy 2020. I can see why the deer just had to stay and play at your home.

    Happy days

  17. Hello Julie.

    Wishing you a happy, healthy and crafty 2020.

    It sounds like your Christmas was really special, and you are right, your grandsons are growing up fast. It is so lovely that you shared photos of your beautiful family. Love your pink mug and the funny card, and how cute are those little deer? They are just adorable, no wonder you couldn't part with them.

    I am trying to catch up on my favourite blogs, somehow I seem to be always doing this lately.


  18. I love our bloggy world, too! Oh, those kitties. They are gorgeous! I love your sweet peas. I might try to plant mine in the frozen ground come February.


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