Tuesday, March 31, 2020

An Easter Table

Greetings dear friends & readers,
I hope you are all managing to stay safe & well & are taking good care of yourselves?

About 3 weeks ago I had to go over to the city to Spotlight as I needed some ticking fabric to complete an Order.
I was in the curtaining department trying to find the ticking when I walked past this most gorgeous fabric
 that stopped me in my tracks.
I am not usually an impulse buyer but I just had to have a metre of it - I adored it so much 💕

It is a linen cotton blend with the cutest ever rabbits dotted all over it.
At first I thought I would make myself a cushion but decided instead to make a long runner for my coffee table 
& then perhaps put together a little Easter vignette.
I backed my runner with some calico & then added pink pom pom trim to each end - yes I have forgotten
to photograph this ðŸ˜‰

I found the blue wool blanket bunny that I made last Easter
This is a free downloadable pattern from twig and tale designs

I also sewed the two little girl bunnies above last Easter.
Once again, a free pattern from Tilda's World
(scroll right down the page for the rabbits)

The white porcelain dishes were picked up last year in half price sales after Easter - this is the first time I have 
used them.
Yes I do have to quickly hide the pink eggs when The Mr arrives home or I would have none left for my display 😉

I covered a few more polystyrene eggs to top my bowl up a bit - this is a simple & fun activity - done with Sid last Tuesday.

A small grouping of Easter Candles under my glass cloche

My only purchase this year (apart from my fabric) were these artificial eggs from kmart
I just LoVed their pastel colors - & purchased them online.

My little pewter rabbit clinging onto the bowl was purchased when the Hummingbird closed last year.

I snapped some pics last night with the fairy lights going - when I sit on the couch & do my knitting of an evening - 
this table sits directly in front of me

Pretty things to look at & scented candles .  .  .  .  .
Simple things that bring me much pleasure at the moment 💗

This pattern was purchased early last year, put away & never even looked at.
I pulled it out last week as I decided to make it up & knew I had a nice piece of blue wool felt in my stash that would suit it perfectly.
The pattern is from Jodi's RicRac Sews etsy store

Gosh I have only just noticed how I have completely missed the seam when stitching the nose on (!!!!)
Rather than sew, turn & stuff as the instructions state, I handstitched my rabbit as I rather liked the effect of this.
I used some Liberty cotton for trim on mine so I think I need to give it another name as "she" doesn't really suit Warren. 😉

Yesterday afternoon we were forecast thunder storms so I picked the last roses of the season & bought them inside. 
I waited with great anticipation as I do love a good thunderstorm but not one droplet appeared.

I snapped this glorious sunset out the french doors in our bedroom last night

Now dear friends - if it all just gets a little too much for you - take a leaf out of Pippi's book & tuck your head 
under the covers for awhile. 💗

Thanks So Very Much for your visits here today,
Take care of yourselves dear readers - be kind to yourselves & to each other,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. Sweet handmade bunnies, fabric with little rabbits hopping all over, fairy lights, and yes even hiding under the covers every now and then....these are the simple but delightful things that will make these days a little perkier. Your Easter tabkescape is so pretty, lovely Julie. Thank you for sprinkling my day with sunshine and beauty that only you can do💕

  2. And! Yes! Miss Pippi is in the bestest place! Bless!x

    Eggs! Eggs! And more eggs..HeHe! Hence the saying...
    Put All Your Eggs in One Basket...Meaning..If someone
    puts all their eggs in one basket, they put all their
    effort or resources into doing one thing so that, if it
    fails, they have no alternatives left...! :(.

    And..Bunny rabbits all look nice, and the bunny rabbit
    fabric is nice to..But then Blackie goes out and catches
    real ones..HeHe!x

    We've had a few days of sunshine though chilly..British
    summer time time started last Sunday, clocks went on an
    hour..think l missed Spring..! :).
    Still, managed to get out in the garden, tidied up a bit
    and cit the grass..So, l'm keeping busy..not one to get
    bored, popping up the supermarket tomorrow, first time
    out in ten days..!
    As long as the PC is working, and plenty of lemon tea...
    Job done! :o). Everyone take care now! God bless! :o).
    ✨🍑✨ ✨🍑✨ ✨🍑✨ ✨🍑✨ ✨🍑✨ ✨🍑✨ ✨🍑✨

  3. This all looks just lovely. x

  4. Beautiful! Everything looks simply perfect all together. I love it. Made me smile as I head for bed. We've been staying home, walking the dog, and stitching and making quilts. Making sure to stay safe!

  5. What a lovely display! And that fabric is absolutely delightful. xx

  6. Your Easter table looks great, that fabric you got is adorable, always happens when they say there will be storms, and nothing comes, take care Julie. Chris xoxoxox

  7. Cats are pretty intelligent creatures! :-) I enjoyed seeing all of your Easter goodies! Nice, happy pastels to brighten the days....and thank you for sharing the patterns too!

  8. It is lovely to see you getting in the mood for Easter! I think we all need to have something
    cheerful in our lives without all the bad news there is now. I have made a family of white rabbits
    similar to your blue wool one. Did them years ago, with pink calico lining for the ears. Will have
    them out soon. Too bad you did not get the rain. It has been raining here for 2 weeks! I really
    need some sunshine to go with my daffodils and the neighbors forsythias. Glad to see Miss Pip resting comfortably.

    1. Hello Lynn ... your rabbits sound just lovely. Yes I think I will make decorating for Easter a thing I do each year now - & perhaps add to my handmade decorations bit by bit. Please send rain our way - we are still so dry here.

  9. What a beautiful vignette, Julie and I love the fabric that inspired it! I must pull out my Tilda bunnies and finish them - didn't get done in time for Easter last year, sadly :-( Yes, those forecast rains etc, just aren't happening are they? That's a very cute new rabbit you've made - it's very similar to a Winnie The Pooh I made Dad quite a few years ago. Take care, and enjoy your bubble xx

  10. I so love all the pictures. Your talent amazes me. I could never be that exact. But it gives me inspiration. I have a cat that just jumped up behind me in my chair with her motor going full tilt. I think she wants something.

    1. Thanks so much Kim. That's funny as that's exactly what my Miss Pippi cat does when I type on the computer!

  11. your Easter displays look so lovely...

  12. What an absolutely beautiful Easter display!

  13. There's just so much to love here. Your rabbits are such fun, and so adorable wherever they go. Your covered eggs are another favorite too!

    1. Thanks so much Mary. The eggs are such a fun & simple project to do - I'm thinking I might do some more this weekend.

  14. Scrumptious Easter display. I too would have stopped in my tracks at seeing that sweet bunny fabric. My roses are well and truly finished. We didn't have a thunderstorm yesterday but a massive down pour as the rain was shining on the rain drops making them sparkle like diamonds....if only they were diamonds falling from the sky! Still i'd have no where to spend them at the moment.

  15. I would have bought that fabric too Julie! It has made a beautiful table runner, your Easter display with all your Easter treasures looks beautiful. Always nice to see Miss Pippi cuddled up there. We had a thunderstorm here and heavy rain and then it was gone! Keep safe Julie.

  16. Hello Julie

    Greetings from Western Australia. I love that your are organised for Easter, so important now. Love that rabbit fabric. It reminded me that our Grandies wanted to go and see the new Peter Rabbit movie which is on hold for a while. Julie how many eggs are left???

    Happy days.

  17. My neighbour handed in two chocolate Easter eggs for the little girls yesterday but that's as far as I've got thinking about it. I adore your vignettes, Julie, you're such a great inspiration for design.You sound very content in your lockdown. Keep on keeping well and safe.xxx

  18. Your displays are so feminine and beautiful.

  19. Thank you so much for this lovely post, we all need encouragement and you are a very good encourager. It is lovely to decorate for Easter and does lift our spirits. Thank you Lyn

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Lyn. Yes I agree - we all need encouragement in these uncertain times. xx

  20. Wow, what a beautiful Easter display. I can absolutely see how that would bring pleasure to you each evening. It looks magical--and each element within is a treasure in itself. To think this was inspired by that sweet bunny fabric.
    Your new bunny (which I will call Wanda instead of Warren) is really cute. I like the way you have stitched it up with the seams showing--a little bit of a rustic feel.
    Gorgeous roses--and I feel your disappointment in the thunderstorm not materializing. I love them, too (and especially when we can use the rain, right?), and when the forecast teases like that it is hard to accept that it isn't happening when you have anticipated it so.
    That is such a funny photo of Miss Pippi. She is lost in another realm, it appears. :)

  21. Oh Julie that fabric from spotlight is adorable! My bunnies from you are out on display all year round with the Angel I also bought off you. Keep up your beautiful blog, I miss doing mine somedays, and then remember what caused me to stop.
    xx Sue C

  22. Gee I just love the bunny fabric and your Easter display is simply gorgeous! I wasn't going to put mine out with no Grandies able to visit but you have inspired me to have a little display xx

  23. I adore your Easter table Julie!

    The decorations look so lovely and the fabric you picked up is just gorgeous! Love all the cute bunnies and eggs. Somehow it doesn't feel like Easter, I am missing my grandchildren while we are in self isolation and probably wont be seeing them for Easter this year. I am going to take a look at those linked patterns and consider making something while I have the sewing machine out on the kitchen table.

    Take care and stay well,

  24. I love all of your bunnies and Easter decorations. They all look so cheerful!

  25. There's so much lovely eye candy in this post. I love all your decorating for Easter.


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