Tuesday, May 8, 2012

a short intermission

Hello friends,
I am just taking a short little intermission  for about a week or 2 as we are in the midst of some alterations here and this is what we are currently living with . . . .  
We decided to put in some new kitchen units . . .  simple enough I thought  . . .  take the old ones out, put the new ones in  . . .   hark at me (you foolish woman)  ! ! ! !  When will you realise???  - NOTHING is ever simple around here  . . .
when the old units came off  . . .  so too did most of the wall linings  . . .
plus we closed in an old door that we rarely used  . . .    to give me room for a pantry . . .
this is currently "my kitchen cupboards" - all packed away neatly and tidily in the spare room - everything in order and easy to find things  . . . .such an organised system really  . . . ! ! ! * * ! !
Can you believe someone asked me for a can of peaches out of here the other night????  I almost had a seizure!!!!
but don't despair,  as we happen to have a really good site supervisor who is a right pain in the rear and gets in everyones way and keeps lying down on the job is doing a wonderful job of keeping on task and making sure everyone gets the measurements right and stays focused and doesnt take breaks at all . . .
incidently the plaster was still WET! ! !

He never down tools anytime and makes sure he reads through the plans thoroughly  . .

All in all he puts in a long hard days work . . .   with no real breaks in between  (definately NO sleeping on the job ) . . .and I can assure you all this hard work is extremely exhausting to a 4-legged site supervisor  . . .
Just resting my eyelids for a wee minute as the sun was very bright ...& Mum has just finished picking all the dried plaster out of my fur . . .(cant understand why she was soooo huffy??)

And so I HOPE to be back next time with some pictures of my new kitchen units after I have caught my breath, and the site supervisor has had a wee rest from all his hard work!!!!
Have a great week dear friends and hope you are all good out there and taking care.

Love Julie  X X x x x   :-)
(a short note - this post has been edited by the 4-legged site supervisor to explain more truthfully the extent of his job description ) 


  1. wow that is a big job.
    it is the worst when the kitchen is out of commission and I don't even cook, lol
    but when we redid our flooring it was off limits,
    you don't realize how many times you go to the kitchen in a day until it is off limits.
    Good luck
    can't wait to see the new one

  2. Thank you Amy - yes I am tired of washing the dishes in our tiny handbasin in the bathroom one cup at a time ! ! ! My new units arrive tomorrow so am excited/nervous about all that. You are sooo right about not realising how much we use it til we cant anymore!! Have a great week - take care, Julie :-)

  3. Excited about seeing your new kitchen Julie. Please don't despair my dear, your site supervisor is doing his best to support you & smile through it all. Take care my lovely and try not to stress to much.

    1. Thank you Sandy - yes I agree about the site supervisor - he is SUCH a help (not too sure the workmen agree with me tho) - look forward to showing you the new units when they are in - we can have a coffee together. Hugs, Julie X x x

  4. Ah no indeed, nothing is as simple as it appears from the outset...ever! I see you have plenty of enamelware propping things up & keeping it all together in the spare room ; ) See you in a while...we will be expecting tea & date scones about then. Much love Catherine x0x0x

  5. Hello Catherine, I am not too sure about the date scones - how about muffins perhaps??? My scone-making skills are not too good but I can do a very nice muffin! ! ! :-) Units have started going in and walls are all out of plumb etc etc . . . & so it goes on . . . .
    Have a lovely weekend - Luv Julie X x x
    (p.s yes I do love my enamelware)


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