Friday, May 18, 2012

Sloooowwwly we progress . . .

Hello friends,

Well we are making slow but steady progress on our kitchen renovations :-)
We have had quite a few hiccups along the way  . . . 

One of my most favourite things in the whole kitchen was my brand spanking new butlers sink (I have coveted one of these for longer than I can remember) -
 I came home from work one night to discover we now had water in this part of the house so I could wash the dishes that night ! ! !  How exciting ! ! ! 
When I had finished washing the dishes in my new sink for the very first time, I pulled the plug only to discover my new sink had all cracked in the bottom ! ! ! I cried.  Lots :-(
We now have power back in this part of the house so cooking has resumed . . . 
Even though the fridge is in the dining room still . . . 

And in the midst of all this chaos and activity, I have managed to find time to do some craft work (truth be told I have been banished from the kitchen area many times this past week  . . .)
 I found time (& a tiny space on the dining table) to paint some boots onto some dollies legs . . . 
finish some lovely bright golly tea-towels . . . 
& whip up a horseshoe for a dear friend whose son is getting married in Fiji in a couple of weeks.

While I have had my head down and my tail up . . .  I haven't ventured outside very much and so,  - when I did take a walk down the garden yesterday, I couldn't believe how autumn had suddenly set in & the colours in the garden . . . 
the japanese maple turning red. . .
 I see we have persimmons almost ready - & I took this lovely photo of the cherry blossom tree losing its leaves - which prompted me to go hunting for my rake - 
Love the cottage in the background in the autumn shadows! !
Still as yet,  -  not found  :-)

Wishing you all a great weekend out there friends, will keep you posted as we make progress - (& try to keep our sanity in tact).  Many thanks for all your encouraging comments last post.
Love & hugs,
Julie X x x



  1. Hello Julie! I was such thinking how wonderful!!! a butler's sink & then I read on...oh dear, oh dear...& I thought it was a tragedy when the same thing happened to a brand new Mason's bowl I bought a few years ago. Surely, hopefully.. your sink is being replaced??!! Of course things are NEVER true in old houses..don't we know that! Seems like you're making pretty good progress though. Lovely autumn colours in your garden...& a wonderful vista out to the paddocks : ) Is your persimmon a sweet one? I adore them. I have picked a good 3 dozen off our tree so far. So annoying though.. the jolly branches keep breaking...not sure why. Still, they can be pruned so will have to try that again I think. Love the cottage in the garden..& your crafting. Have a lovely weekend. Much love Catherine x0x Look forward to the muffins ; )

    1. Hello there Catherine, Yes our persimmons are sweet ones - and yes our branches break also. They just become heavy when laden with fruit and we lost an entire tree last year in a storm while it was full of fruit - it split thru the middle. Yes my sink is being replaced so next week the benchtop comes off - again ! ! Have found patience I never knew I had ! ! Thanks for stopping by - & your encouraging comments. Have a lovely week also, love & friendship, Julie :-)


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