Sunday, June 10, 2012

Isabella & the case of the missing golly . . .

Hello friends,
Hello, hello everyone :-) how are you all ? ? ?

I hope you have all had a great week & an enjoyable weekend wherever you are. 
 I have found some time - & a tiny space on the dining table - to paint some golly faces this past week, as I needed to replenish my golly stock for the cottage.  I decided to make a couple of Isabellas as I hadnt made any for quite awhile.

 Isabella is one of my all time favourite golly patterns -she is based on a pattern by Lil blokes in Bendigo, Australia - but I altered the cardigan and also her hair was supposed to be black perle cotton but I visualised her with wild pigtails so I now make her hair from a longish black bear fur.  
A couple of years ago I took one of my Isabella's over the the very clever man at Corrugated Creations in Tirau and he made me a giant corrugated iron Isabella golly - who now resides in my front garden and waves at the passing motorists . . .
she is about 9 foot tall from shoes to pigtails ! !
She is also a great landmark and ideal if you are giving someone directions over the phone . . .  "have you seen the giant girl golly in that crazy ladies front garden on Arapuni Road ?? . . . Well thats where you need to drive to  . . . "

So I managed to complete 2 Isabella gollies - I especially LOVE the one made with the buzzy bee fabric which is a flannel and sooo soft . . .
Love her little buzzy bee toy I managed to pick up in a baby shop . . .
Sorry Isabella I appear to have chopped your head off a fraction . . .
My Mum knits the little cardies for me from 5 ply wool (& does a great job) - this ones little brooch is a pottery gingerbread man.

Sometime ago I had made some "wee Josephine" bodies and never finished dressing them - (another Lil blokes pattern I have altered) - so I fished them out from the bottom of the craft basket and made them some clothing  . . . 
Yes thankyou that feels much better now we are dressed . . .
 As always,  I had been focusing on making girl gollies so decided I needed to do some boys to try to balance it out a bit and found my Willis pattern which I can usually whip up quite quickly . . .

I began to make 2 Willis's and was going along at great paces until I got distracted for a day or two . . . and then when I went to go back to it . . .  one of the half-done Willis's was "missing in action"   ?????
I am here in all my finery but my brother is missing  . . .
I had made one with black striped pants (above) & one with blue striped pants (still missing) - I should note that Willis is only 5 1/2  inches tall by the way   .  .   .   now herein lies the problem - this is my sewing room currently & somewhere in the mess - is a missing half-made Willis  . . . :-(
to be truthfull  that much carpet showing is actually QUITE tidy for me! !  !
To be honest, I have had a very good hunt and no sign of him - so if you should see him at your house (he has on striped blue pants and a red jacket but no bowtie) - please contact me a.s.a.p.  :-)  & I will come & fetch him! !

On a lighter note, I went to speak to the lovely ladies at the Catholic Womens League this past week (just to talk about my cottage & crafting etc) - (& you know how I LOVE to talk) -  I had the most wonderful afternoon - just such a lovely bunch of ladies & this is what they gave me for my time & effort  . . . (which was really NO effort at all) . . .
a most beautiful Heuchera for the garden in lovely autumn tones

I am looking forward to finding a spot in the garden to plant it this coming week.
I must mention that Mr Wolf is now feeling much improved and only limps on his sore foot when he happens to notice Mum watching him! !  :-)

Have a wonderful week ahead dear friends - I am meeting up with a friend that lives far away this coming week so am very excited about that :-)
Take care out there & keep warm - wishing you a creative week :-)
Love Julie (& Mr fat fluffy) X x x


  1. What a charming post Julie! A truly fabulous tin Isabella...very clever Tirau man indeed. I think I have to admit that the Josephines are my sweet & feminine. Thank goodness for seeing your work room...I was feeling so awful about my stuff everywhere..but now I'm going to put it down to natural creative license! I will let you know if I spy that missing Willis under any of MY piles. Very pretty heuchera that one. Have a lovely week. Much love Catherine x

  2. A fabulous post Julie, really enjoyed reading it. ? have you looked inside Mr. Wolfe's house out on your decking for Willis, he may have decided to have some company with him while sleeping the day away.Shirley:)

    1. Hi Shirley - you know I NEVER even checked there - yes I could just imagine him snuggling down with a very flattened Willis under all those blankets ! ! ! Must go check - hope you having a great week, Luv Julie :-)
      (P.S - if he is there then I doubt he will be salvageable after a fat fluffy sitting on top of him all week)


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