Monday, June 25, 2012

The week that was . . .

Hello dear friends,

How was your week???  Do hope it was happy & creative & all round - a good one?? :-)   I see a couple of new followers have joined up - welcome friends, thanks for stopping by :-)


My week was busy but not in a creative way & I am getting the "shakes" from being away from my crafting! ! 

Life threw us a few "curved balls" this week but we all survived & I kept reminding myself of the saying "when life throws you scraps - make quilts" (or in my case, dolls, gollies or whatever else you enjoy...)

I managed to complete some of the painting of my kitchen & unpack lots more boxes - there is not alot of painting to be done but what there is is very fiddly stuff.  I carefully painted some tricky parts on Tuesday with the fire roaring to dry it all out - when I removed my masking tape, half my paint came along with it ! !  :-(        Yes that was me you heard ranting & raving ...

    So I finally have a few kitchen pics to share with you as we are slowly getting things back together in that area of our little house . . . 

The new (so far) uncracked Butler sink
The area beside my stove

 The very lovely tiling man has been & tiled above the sink & stove.  The poppy tiles I have carted around with me for almost 20 years - they came out of an old fire surround & I always thought "one day" I will use them . . .                    so I finally have . . . 

A friend made the glass doors with poppies on to match

A little corner as you walk in the french doors  . . . 

 We have put my old shelf back up (which I noticed has warped a little) & I have put my enamel-ware back on it . . . 

Somewhere I once read -  "how can you not feel cheerful in the mornings when you get to drink out of red polka dot cups???    So true ! !

 After the masking tape disaster (& a few others I wont mention) - I did a couple of things to cheer myself up -                                                While doing the grocery shopping I spotted a lovely little "babies tears" plant which was just perfect for my dottie china cup & saucer . . . 

 Because we have just kept my old stove I splashed out on some cheerful teatowels to cover the not-so-nice glass door . . . 

An amazing disguise dont you think - NOT to be used of course ! ! !

 And today - with my raincoat on in the pouring rain, I picked something to cheer the dark dining room up a bit - tho there is not much picking in the garden at the moment . . . 


A couple of other very important things of note from this past week  . . .  Nero (aka Mr Wolf/fat fluffy) had a birthday on Saturday - he turned 14 ! !  I am not sure in doggie years what that makes him as I know you times it by something but anyway  . . .  rather old :-)

He celebrated it in quite a few ways - he got to sleep in . . . 

Us older folk really enjoy our nap times you know . . .

 Despite all my protestations & vowing & declaring that it was NOT going to happen EVER . . .  he got to "chill out" on his blanket in the new kitchen area . . .

If I just stay down real low - do you think she will notice me ? ? ?

He also got his favourite food for tea that night - a whole packet of cooked sausages, cut up nicely into pieces & hand-fed to him by "yours truly" while I sat on the step and told him "cat stories" all the way through.(his favourite past time even tho he struggles to hear now)

And best of all  . . .  (from Mr Wolf himself) "Mum stopped poking the flippin camera in my face for a whole day " 

 Before I close dear friends I would just like to mention a special kindness that was given to me this week & certainly "made my week" - a blogging friend that I met through simply reading her blog, mentioned me in her latest post and what lovely, kind things she wrote about me & my little cottage - sometimes (in life) we all just need a little leg-up along the way & her kind words & photos were so very much appreciated with the added bonus of bringing me some more readers from across the globe - her name is Catherine & her amazing blog is An Angel in the Garden - I will try and give you a link but am still "learning" how to do this so may not get it right . . .

I hope that works out to be "clickable"

Gosh, havent I rather raved on a bit this week - have a lovely week dear friends (& thanks for your kind words Catherine) - I am off to fill the wood basket YET again in between showers :-)

Love/hugs & friendship, 

Julie &(older) Mr Wolf X x x



  1. HELLO dear Julie...sorry, got way laid! Phew need that fire going just now that's for sure. So glad we have a wet back too..the water really does feel different. Weird eh! Your kitchen is looking the enamelware shelf. You look like you're making really good progress. I am quite sure the butlers sink will be fine now. The same thing happened to me the first time I used my masons bowl..I've had the replacement for years & no issues at all. Happy birthday Mr Wolf! Isn't 1/7..well that's what I've always thought. Love the camelias in the bottles..very pretty. I'm so glad that you've had some visitors & some new followers. Very sweet of you to mention me..try this next time you want to link..highlight & command copy the address you want it to link to..go back to the words you want to link highlight those words then go up to the little link icon that is beside the one you use to add & that will bring up a box..paste the copied link in to the space..done! Let me know if that made any sense to you. Oh yes & I do love the red & white polka dots...I found some needled cord in spotlight just like that a couple of weeks ago..lovely big spots. Much love & friendship. Keep up your lovely posts. Catherine x0x

    1. Thank you for that Catherine - the link thing - I shall give it a try. Was hoping someone would help as I realised it wasnt "clickable" after posting - have a GREAT week - keep warm & dry - Luv Julie :-)

  2. Hello Julie, a wonderful "post". A feast for the eyes. Your kitchen looks absolutely great and look forward to visiting and seeing it in the flesh.Happy b'day to Mr.Wolf, yes I believe doggy years are 1/7.Don't his eyes speak volumes, love him.Always look forward to your postings. Shirley:-)

    1. Hi Shirley - thanks for your ever welcome comments. Yes I look forward to showing you the kitchen on the 9th. My poor old camera is on its last legs so my photos not the best - but Mr Wolf wishes the camera would just give up for good ! !
      Have a lovely weekend up north. Luv Julie :-)

  3. Ha, ha I meant needlecord at Spotlight! I am just doing a link to you on my sidebar..think I'll use Isabella if that's ok? x0x


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