Friday, July 26, 2013


Hello there dear friends & readers

These are busy days of late  ...
I have not managed to stop by for a wee while & these little souls have been the reason why

Our farm worker has been quite unwell so I have been called upon  to be the "helper" for a bit
Thank goodness he is now much improved & I can hang up my overalls for now  :-) 
This little girl below is a favourite - her name is Brenda - dont ask me why "Brenda", but the Mr named her ... I know, say no more ...

Hello there -  whatcha up to ?????

She is a right little nosey parker - always there wondering what you are doing - some days, I tell her all my secrets

REALLY !!??  ....  is that so .... well I never ...

She just listens & promises NOT to tell the others - I am sure I can trust her :-)

Brenda is always sad to see me leave ... I give her an extra special pat when I go & each afternoon, she is there waiting for me :-)

It was a month or so ago that I read this post from Louana & it gave me a great big lump in my throat
I decided I would like to make some hottie covers to donate but it has taken me all this time to get around to them

I only managed 3 in the end & was a bit afraid I would miss the final posting to Christchurch but I made it in time
I think it is an amazing project that Lisa has co-ordinated  - & for a wonderful cause too - the children :-)

Two weeks ago I really enjoyed reading this post from Wendy & downloaded the free pattern that she had stitched for her daughter, Charlie

I must confess I loved what she had done for Charlie so much, that I ended up putting mine in a hoop also & am now stitching an enlarged version to be made into a small cushion

When not at the farm I have been trying to work on some orders this past fortnight - the days are foggy & damp here - I took this shot of poor ol' Isabella outside at lunchtime 2 days ago

Taken at 12 midday

Taken from my dining room window looking towards - what should be - green paddocks
This shot was taken 2 hours later just as it began to lift, before closing in again for the evening

She continues to smile no matter what the weather or conditions :-)

 It has made drying things near impossible so the fire comes in handy for those little bits of teadyed calico & trims that are needed in a hurry ...

& makes a change from dolls legs in tea cups !!!

In between working on orders, I came across another 2 doll bodies in my sewing room (yes there are a number of naked bodies floating around in there if you look hard enough) - although I had completely lost 1 leg + 1 arm - I managed to finish these 2 little angels & they have flown their way into the Cottage angel area

Do you by any chance, recognise the dress fabric Catherine ?????  :-)

The pattern is an older one from Mums Moment & is called Gabby & Gloria - I have altered it quite a bit as it is meant to be 2 dolls hanging together with 2 hearts between them saying "friends share one heart"  - but I preferred the individual angels on their own.

Before I close I wanted to share this frame with you - I have finally finished putting it together for the Mr (& myself too)  - apologies for the bad light I have photographed it in

Great memories of an awesome special friend

I am off to find a hammer & hang it on our bedroom wall - I will leave you with a couple of pics to remind us all (especially myself), that winter will soon pass & we will have flowers blooming again ...

not too, too far away (I hope) ...

Have a wonderful weekend friends - thanks so very much for stopping by :-)
much love/hugs/friendship,
Julie x0x0


  1. Thanks so much for making these beautiful hottie cover for the hottie project. They are much appreciated! Lisa xx

  2. Brenda is lovely, looks like a big white heart on her head! She looks trust worthy of all your secrets.
    More lovely makes, your sewing room seems to be filled with doll body parts.
    So pleased you got all your lovely photo's of My Fluffy sorted.
    Seems Isabella has a great out look on life, one we could all take to heart, smile no matter the weather!

  3. Good old Waikato fog eh! Well done you for stepping up to "helper". Do all the calves get names? They have such beautiful eyes, cows & the calves have a sweet inquisitiveness that is most endearing. Does that mean there's been some early starts for you? You really are so amazingly productive with your handwork..three hottie covers & in by the deadline..well done! Hang my head & mumble..very nice intentions but not a stitch to be seen : ( Do love the flying angels. I feel sure that I would really like some tights/leggings of my own just like theirs! Yes I did recognise the fabric..glad that you could squeeze out a dress from it.
    Lovely pictures of your boy..very nice thing to do.
    We surely needed to see those cheery flowers...thank you!
    Hope that you have a lovely weekend.
    Much love Catherine x0x0x

  4. Brenda is lovely, such beautiful eyes. We are having the same Waikato fogs, at least it's nice with the fire going! All your creations are lovely, it is always such a treat to read your blog posts and see what you have made. The angels are beautiful, hugs Wendy xx

  5. Busy times Julie! Calves, calves, calves-I am not saying it one more time, they are starting to come in way too soon for me-I am not ready!!! I love the photo collage you have put together of Mr Wolf! very cute! And the dolls and hottie covers are very cute also. Sunflowers-are a favorite and it is nice to think that it will not be long and we will see beautiful flowers again! Although I will have to weed the garden to make room for the flowers to grow! Can't wait to visit the newly painted cottage but I now think it will be after spring now. Take care and enjoy the fire.

  6. Can we trade weather?? I would love to be sitting by a fire right now.
    Instead it feels like I am on fire, lol

    Oh I could never have a farm, I would be attached to every single one of them. And sneak them home.

    What a lovely piece to remember your furry friend. i am sure that was hard to put together.

    Soon it will be roles reversed and you will be with your flowers and heat and I will be loving a cold night.

    I will just keep snug and work on my embroidery, you have a beautiful piece to inspire me to keep stitching.
    Have a great weekend Julie

  7. Oh those eyes that Brenda has, she is delightful. Loved your little angels, got a big lump in my throat when I saw what you had done for "fluffy". I made a album up when our faithful friend went to doggy heaven.Take care Julie, you are such a busy person but very happy I'm sure. Hugs Shirley

  8. Nice to see your calf feeding operation :-)I agree Brenda looks like a sweetie; hope she's still growing well. Your frame of Fluffy photos is so lovely and special. I love your dolls - what a busy bee you have been. I bet those missing limbs will resurface one day and will kickstart another wonderful creation. Have a lovly day.


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