Friday, August 2, 2013

What Makes You Happy

Hello dear friends & readers,
How has your week gone??  

It is hard to believe we are now into August - where did July go to I might ask you???

My house smells lovely today - I have picked some white daphne & I have been burning my Cinnamon Spice candle   :-)
(it makes me happy when the house smells nice)
I do recall having a pink daphne also but I think the fat fluffy may have plonked his nether regions down on it & it did not survive the trauma!!!
(not much did when he parked his large derrier on top of it!!!)

I finished my rose pruning this week - it is a big job - I  have 28 rose bushes (not much compared to some I know) but it always seems to take me ages - I am happy it is finished now

After pruning I have given them some sheep pellets & then begun spreading a thin layer of mulch around the leaf mulch that is on the garden - I am hoping this will keep the weeds down plus help when it gets dryer in the summer 

The mulch is slowly getting distributed around the gardens - it is a slow process though & I wish I could wiggle my nose sometimes ... & it was done !!!!

This past week I finished an order for my friend Kerryn - she owns this wonderful shop here which is on my "to visit" list one day, not too far away I hope :-)
The pattern is Winnie from Mums Moment - I have made this doll before ... but this time Kerryn stitched the aprons herself & sent them down with the fabrics she had chosen

My photography is not the best ... I was rushing as I wanted to post them away to her

Kerryn had done the most beautiful stitching on the aprons (I would very much like to take the credit myself but I'm afraid I cant)

I ADORE the fabric Kerryn has used for the apron stitchery here

I think my most favourite (tho it was hard to chose) - was the darker one - I loved how she was ever so slightly primitive looking & I would never have put these fabrics together but I just loved the combination of them ...

Sorry Winnie ... have chopped your head off a bit here
The tea-dying was also much darker than my photography is doing justice to, but you get the general idea
(Miss burgundy Winnie had a doiley in her hand & Miss blue Winnie did not ... but she was giving me "the look" so I found one & stitched it to her hand also !!!!!)
(I must mention ... Kerryn was very happy with her 2 Winnies which arrived safely thru the post - I was happy (& relieved!!) that she was happy)

This past week I sold 2 new things out of the Cottage which gave me much excitement !!!! (& happiness)
Let me explain a little   ...   often I make things & think they are just wonderful & I love them & think that folk will think they are just so special & have to have them etc etc ....  & they sit forever & do not move & I end up either reducing them or giving them away & wondering what on earth I was raving about in the first place!!??

Remember the ladder of vintage trim teatowels I made a few posts ago??
Well I sold some   ...  3  in fact :-)
The lady that bought them just adored them also & "raved" & couldn't choose which she loved the most
So today I made 3 more, another mustard & blue + a new fabric

My vintage button stash is looking rather depleted now, but we cant have the teatowel ladder looking empty now can we???!!!

The other purchase that excited me so much was this very cool, composed (non-chatty) customer who just randomly said "I'll take the Home bunting thanks..."

see it hanging in the background - its a wonder she even noticed it up there !!!

I'm not sure if she appreciated me raving about it & telling her it was my "new stock" & how I "just love making bunting from the vintage blankets" - but she bought it anyway :-) (after I clammered up & got it down for her)

Which meant I got to "play" in my blanket stash again & make 2 more !!!
I really enjoy sitting of an evening & blanket stitching around the outsides of the squares - I find the repetitiveness very therapeutic & soothing

I have a new "postcard" on my noticeboard - I keep reading it & agreeing (out loud) with it ... (the Mr thinks I am finally flipping my lid!!!)

I hope you got some time in your week to "do more of what makes you happy folks" - 
Thankyou for your lovely comments about Brenda last week - I have visited with her twice this week & she was definately "huffy" with me for not going each day !!! 
 (Obviously our worker doesnt have half as interesting "secrets" to tell her as I did!!??)
Thanks so much for stopping by - I am off to work on some more orders - I have a few orders at present - 8 in fact!!!
Have a wonderful weekend & try to do more of what makes you Happy :-)
much love/hugs/friendship, 
Julie x0x


  1. As the recipient of these lovely rag dolls that Julie made I must say I just love them, yes I might have stitched the aprons but the workmanship on the dolls themselves and all the little extra details are just exquisite!! I feel honoured to have found a friend like you Julie and also that you make lovely dolls. The darker primitive Winnie has found a home hanging in my house and the lighter Winnie is nestled amongst fabric in the store. So so happy so to you Julie HUGS xx

  2. Both dolls are lovely! Kerryn is spot on, when she writes all the extra details are exquisite. They are smiling material your dolls, I look at my two you made me every day & smile!
    My fav is the darker one too, she looks lovely hanging in Kerryn's house next to a lovely wall hanging made of the same fabric range.
    Great you are busy, busy doing what you love!
    Anyone reading that hasn't been to Julie's wonderful shop is really missing a treat!
    I too have picked some of my flowering white Daphne......isn't it lovely?

  3. I wasn't supposed to be bloging in August and here I am already - although I won't be posting I think I will just have to visit and comment sometimes! Your latest work is beautiful - the ladies with embroidered aprons especially, I love the embroidery - wish I could be good at that. Maybe you could sell these online on Etsy or Folksy? I like the idea of all your nice smelling candles and potions - I forgot to thankyou recently for taking the trouble to email and tell me all the delicious ingredients you use and can't find the email now!
    We have thunder, lightening and massive rain drops today - which I LOVE and so have been in the garden with my tea - I think rain restores us as much as our plants! Betty

  4. Well done you with the sales! Funny how you can talk yourself into thinking it doesn't REALLY matter too much but then when you have some good sales, you find, actually it does : ) Golly that has happened to me so many times...I am quite sure that someone else will just love "it" too, but ah no.
    Doesn't the daphne smell so wonderful inside! I did plant a pink one last year too but after it flowered it promptly died. I don't think it's roots were strong enough...sometimes they field grow them & just dig them up & plonk them into a pot. Expensive expiry!
    Well, my girl 8 orders will keep you well busy this week.
    I'll see if I can find Tabitha if you like & send her up your way for the mulch. It's a lot of work spreading that stuff around!
    Have a lovely week,
    Love & hugs Catherine x0x0x

  5. Hello Julie,

    Those ladies look lovely, so lifelike the more you look at them. They will enjoy their new home. Sounds like a lovely week at Threadbare Cottage.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    Happy days.

  6. I can also attest that the dolls arrived safely and were absolutely loved by Kerryn. Just gorgeous. Well done on your lovely shop sales - I know you will hae fun replaceing the stock! Good on you with the rose pruning. I don't have as many as you but haven't even started last year's pruning yet. Sigh :-)

  7. The new dolls are gorgeous, lovely colours and the aprons are beautiful. Who could not want to buy something at your beautiful shop? Everything is tempting! Well done with your roses, I am rather spoilt and my dad does that job for me! Hugs Wendy

  8. Everything you make is lovely Julie - the tea towels are a super idea.
    Last year I won a beautiful embroidered tea towel in a giveaway - far too good to use, but it looks lovely hanging in the kitchen!
    Thank you for your kind message - I'm slowly getting over the jet lag & today feel great after my first proper nights sleep!
    Shane ♥


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