Sunday, August 18, 2013

Colleens garden

Hello dear friends & readers,

Today is so mild here you would not think it was officially still a winter month

I have just had my first group for the year . . . 

I had charged my camera ready to get lots of photos as the ladies were all dressed up in costumes for the day but unfortunately . . . 

Oh yes Julie .... whats that we see .... another pile of mulch to distribute??!!

these were the only 2 snaps I managed!!!!!  (too busy chatting as per usual)

There have been quite a few late nights getting the Cottage ready - there was a fresh batch of potpourri to bag up - I loved this lilly pod that I found to break up into my latest citrus batch

Are you having a good big sniff????

Oh yes & are those your good dressmaking scissors we see sitting there - only to be used for cutting fabric??!!

I think I could bag potpourri now with my eyes closed!!!!

Another order has been ticked off my list ... my "teddy bear addict" friend Christine bought these 2 rather plain looking teddies out to me a couple of weeks ago...

Christine wanted to display them in her ensuite which is decorated in a yellow & blue colour scheme   ....  she wanted one a boy & one a girl (no gender issues here)

They turned out quite well I thought  :-)

While lying awake around about 2.23 am the other morning (!!!) solving a few of the worlds problems .... I was thinking about the beautiful jar covers that so many crafters make, often gorgeous crocheted ones like my friend Amy makes here ... & how much I loved them ... & this idea popped into my head ...

why not make one using wool blanket offcuts & blanket stitch the edges ??

add some crochet flowers (purchased ones because we wont discuss my efforts to learn to crochet today??!!!)

add a tag & some lace & a pearl button or 2 ...
perhaps add a doiley ...

Just Lovely :-)   don't you think??

A group of ladies in my neighbourhood meet once a month for morning tea at each others homes ... this group is called "good neighbours" & has been going for over 30 years ... I try to get along whenever I can.
 Since I hadn't been to one since February I went this last week as I knew it was at Colleens place & I particularly love her garden & its setting ...

Colleen & her husband would be in their late 70's I am guessing (sometimes you cant actually ASK these things)  
They made the 3 ponds on their property themselves & have spent the past decade or more planting them out with natives & making bridges, walkways etc...

Colleen plants her daffodil bulbs by the 100's - they were not quite in full bloom yet

Colleen commissioned my youngest son Kane to build her a small version of "Threadbear Cottage" to place beside one of the ponds

I met this beautiful creature whose name is Elizabeth ...

she is very friendly indeed ...

Elizabeth had a mate - named Edward - but he died recently after becoming entangled in blackberry - it was very sad

These two last photos are especially for you Catherine ... because when I saw them I thought to myself ...
"Catherine would just love this"

I hope you enjoyed your little tour round Colleens garden folks ... I hope your weekend is going well & that the coming week brings you only good things.

Thanks so much for visiting my little corner today :-)
much love/hugs/friendship,


  1. Well look at that I actually managed to see this post! Oh I do love Elizabeth!! I would adore an Elizabeth at my house! Although I'm actually quite scared of chickens so perhaps that wouldn't work so well. I might just have to stick to collecting pictures of white swans. What a wonderful garden...thanks so much for going so we could see too! LOVE the dear settings..isn't all that moss delicious. I also see an awful lot of mulch around Colleens garden. Wish I could come & help you move your mountain!
    That is just the sweetest jar cover are so very clever & I love the old key around teds neck. I'm sure you were just cutting ribbon with your good scissors eh?!
    Heavy rain again for us outside...might have to be a sewing room day tomorrow.
    Much love & friendship dear friend,
    Catherine x0x0x

  2. I loved visiting Colleen's garden .so pretty & much work not only to create but the upkeep.
    Love the small 'Threadbear' cottage.
    You have been busy making & NOT sleeping, maybe we should be awake at the same time & we could phone each other!!

  3. Colleen's garden is so gorgeous and you have got some lovely photos of it. I do like the magic you have worked with the bears, and the jar covers oh so sweet. Nice to see your visitor's season has started in the shop again - how cool to see the vintage cars on your lawn. Yummy pot pourri, I am still enjoying mine :-)

  4. It sure doesn't look like winter there. I am so glad it is warming for you to get out and work at freshening the cottage and yard. I can just imagine what your group of ladies were wearing. It sounds like so much fun, I mean just look at those cars! How fun!!
    Okay I am about to get on a flight and head down there to teach you crochet, lol.
    Your jars are perfectly you and match your banners, pillows and all. I am sure that they will be a big hit!
    They are wonderful!!
    I think that is what it is all about, inspiration and putting our own spin on it with what our minds dream of.

    Gosh that is a garden? I would call that a wooded estate! HOW GORGEOUS! and the work it must have taken, I can't even imagine.
    Well I am off to cut patterns. Enjoy your new week.

  5. Oh I agree Julie - that photo of the fairy froggies is definitely Catherine - she'll just love it.

    Your jar covers are gorgeous - aren't you an inspiration! I'm so glad I've found a "can't crochet" friend!
    I've got this marvellous old craft book that was my mothers and it teaches you everything.... but it couldn't teach me to crochet. I would sit night after night in front of the tele, book on lap, crochet hook and cotton fumbling away but by the second round I was in a total mess....
    I've tried the You tube videos too, I saw a lovely crochet violet and wanted to make hundreds of them.... not even one.

    Lovely cars on display and Colleen's garden is a credit to her - what a lot of work.
    Yes I noticed the stack... just in case you have nothing to do one day I guess!

  6. So much creativity! you are always making something pretty, jar covers should be popular in your shop I think. Your friends garden is amazing - it's vast, beautifully planned - so much water. I loved the last pic with the little bunny and the mini threadbear house too. You could get lost in a garden like that for days!

  7. Oh I love the bears makeovers and the jar covers are very pretty! The garden visit is gorgeous. Your garden blogging is just as inspiring as your creative makes, I have put sheep pellets around my roses and am in the process of mulching them all, as inspired by you!! Hugs Wendy xx

  8. Oh I just love how the bears turned out, they look gorgeous.Clever you with the lovely jar covers.Yes I could tell all about your crochet efforts;-)it was funny.:-)) What a fabulous property that your friend Colleen has, it must have been a real treat walking around. So lovely to see the smaller Cottage.Take care Julie and hugs Shirley


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