Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hotties, Baskets & the "Bob Saga" . . .

Hello there dear friends & readers,

Whilst reaching for a basket way up high in a cupboard last week, a small "avalanche" landed on my head . . . 
... the "avalanche" consisted of 4 hot water bottles, the remains of some I had purchased last winter on sale.
I decided to make some hot water bottle covers as it was definately feeling like hottie weather !!!

I decided to use some more of the wool blankets I had cut into for the girls pinafores in my last post

Last time I made these up I didn't line the insides & I blanket stitched right around the top edges . . . 

However, this time I decided to line the whole inside & found that as well as it being much thicker & cosier, it was alot quicker to put together

My favourite was the blue checked blanket one with the Paris ribbon & the floral lining ... but The Mr much preferred the Kiwi one 

A lovely customer who often pops out to my Cottage is the Co-Owner of a popular local Bar & Eatery The Redoubt
She called in a couple of weeks ago & asked me if I would like the job of planting up all their hanging baskets that have become a bit of a "feature" as they are on a busy corner site in our town.
It was one of those situations where I opened my mouth to say "Thanks, but No, sorry"...
... & the next thing I knew ... I was standing in Mitre 10 Garden Centre choosing the plants for them !!!!!!!

I decided on a combination of pansies, violas & lobelia, & planted up a mixture of pastels & then some brighter ones. I really enjoy planting usually, but when it is a commissioned job I always worry that they will grow/flower/look okay... 

Her husband said to me that these baskets have become a real "talking point" around town now ... lets hope the talk is how great they look & not "who on earth planted up those manky looking baskets for you??!!!". . . 

These fine autumn days are spent outdoors raking up the endless supply of leaves & putting down a thick layer on the gardens ... I always like to think I am "putting them to bed" for the winter months

I thought the Nerines in my old wheelbarrow were a bit confused about the seasons but a customer informed me that No, they were in fact, autumn flowering bulbs  :-)

When I helped my friend shift shops some 18 months ago now, this was one of 3 antique Chandeliers that used to hang in the old shop premises ... they were promptly snapped up for purchase, but the lady that had earmarked this one never actually turned up to buy it ... (& so I was offered it for purchase)

This week it finally got hung up in my freshly painted bedroom ... I am so delighted with it

It had about an inch of thick dust sitting on it & after a gentle clean, it just transformed it completely :-)

This old piano stool was sitting in the sleep-out under a myriad of boxes - I hauled it inside as I needed a small bedside table.  I had originally planned to wax & paint it but The Mr wasn't at all happy as the Oak was in such good tidy condition.

In the end I just gave it a good oil & polish & decided to recover the top using an old embroidered table cloth which was very thin so I lined the inside of it first

Slooowwwly my room is coming together, but that light fitting just brings me SO much pleasure  :-)

And the ongoing saga of Bob the cat . . . 

I noticed a couple of months ago that Bob's mother had returned - the reason I knew she was his mother was because I remember when Bob & his sibling used to play in & around the Cottage. Read my post about them here
The Mr informed me that Bobs mother looked pregnant again!! Just prior to my visit to my Mums she gave birth to 4 tiny kittens in my front garden.  By the time I returned from my trip to Carolyns, the kittens had grown & ventured further afield.
Can you imagine my surprise when last week they took up residence in my old dogs bed - which I had never actually put away or disposed of.  I always used to tell myself I had left it out in case any passing (animal) souls needed shelter for the night.

Good grief . . .  I thought I was seeing things !!!
Early days . . .  just peeping out at me

more relaxed now several days (& several feeds) later
I am not sure what my old Mr fat fluffy would think of 4 kittens taking up residence in his bed !!!

Now one other teeny tiny point to note . . .  I have watched Bob looking after these 4 kittens (his half siblings) & by the way he licks them & cares for them (when the Mother is off hunting) & fusses over them ... I must confess I am ever-so-slightly concerned that Bob might in actual fact, be a Bobbi !!!

Thank You So Much for staying with me through this lengthy post friends
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend wherever in the world you might be
Beautiful Mothers Day Hyacinth that fragrances the whole house
with much love & friendship,
Julie ... (& Bob & Co ...) x0x0x0x


  1. Oh my goodness Julie, what next in Fluffy's house, dare I say Chickens :-) Love the hotwater bottle covers, they look so warm and cuddly.You are so busy and life is certainly very full for you.What a giggle BOB maybe BOBBI. They know when they've struck lucky at your place.Hugs Shirley

  2. Oh those kittens, what a wonderful story just in time to keep the field mice away for the fall and winter ;)
    I love how your new chandi glows, it is the most beautiful soft light that I love to work by, even though it wrecked my eyes over the years. I just love a soft light. Your bedroom looks so bright in the daylight, that pinafore garland is too cute.
    They way you whip stuff up on a whim Julie is what I love so much about stopping are always so creative and work so quickly. It always turns out darling.
    I am sure you will be the talk of the town for all good reasons. So talented!

  3. Where to start! I will start at the end first. Kittens! SO many! oh Mr Fluff, what would he have thought? Looks like they are happy. Better watch out if Mr Bob is infact MRS Bob, the collection of kittens will grow!
    Your room is looking wonderful, the stool make over is beautiful. Loving the dress bunting!!!!!! Didn't the chandelier turn out great. Great hottie covers too. Those baskets are going to be a treat AND WILL be the talk of the town ALL positive too!

  4. I love the hottie covers Julie, they will be so cosy. Boy you have been so busy. The bedroom makeover is wonderful. I was lucky enough to have been given the same colour hyacinth for Mother's Day and I agree the perfume is amazing. I look forward to seeing your hanging baskets the next time I visit my sister

  5. It's 7:30 over here in the UK.....
    Switched on my 'pink' PC....Went downstairs, and made
    a mug of lemon tea, checked my e~mails, then my Blogs.
    ooooooO! My! My! Browsed through this post...Hot water
    bottle...mmmM! Must look that up...!
    Hanging baskets...Lovely! My most favourite flower of ALL,
    is the pansy..followed closely by the orchid! And, l love
    lobelia, for hanging baskets!
    The Chandeliers look de'lightful'.....! :).

    Then l scrolled further down....Ah! Ah! Ah! HeHe! How many
    Ah!'s can l say.....And! Bob may be a Bobbi...HeHe! Bless!
    I think they ALL look lovely...But! Then! ALL pussy~cats are lovely!

  6. I have so enjoyed your post today, especially the kittens at the end,I think your old fluffy wouldn't mind that some needy little creatures are using his bed, but goodness me, they are going to multiply fast and you will soon find them in your own bed methinks! I do like the little oak seat with the old tablecloth made into a cover, I have a couple of these cloths that I am saving for my retirement home (I hope it will be an old cottage that lends itself to this kind of decor and that when I eventually have it I won't be too old and decrepit to make these things I plan in my imagination!). I like the bunting in your bedroom, what a fun idea. Hanging baskets look promising,I think you are a terrible worrier. Hard to imagine curling up with a (very pretty/cosy) hottie as here we are enjoying a little capsule weekend of summery weather and have ordered a bbq in anticipation of more! Betty x

  7. So much gorgeousness to enjoy in your post Julie. Your chandelier is lovely. Sweet little kitties xx

  8. OK Julie, do you have a shop that I need to visit??? Is the cottage a shop or am I just totally confused here? I think I really need to come over to Te A to meet you, would you be keen? I love everything you have done in this post and was no way bored. As for the kittens, I am so soft I would want them all to stay forever, but TOF would have other things to say on such things.

  9. Gorgeous hot water bottle covers, it sure is the season for them! Your bedroom and chandelier are so beautiful and I love your piano stool make-over, especially since I am still thinking of doing up my one. Definitely will need harder wearing fabric though with a big 14 year old on it :) The little kittens are so cute and it's so sweet seeing them make themselves at home in Mr Fluffys bed!! Your hanging baskets are lovely, hope it wasn't too stressful in the end :) Love and hugs Wendy

  10. Love th hottie covers and the new residents in Mr Fluffy's bed x

    1. Hi Jacqui ... thanks so much. Yes it is definately Hottie weather over here though I am guessing you are heading into summer now??
      The Mother cat has moved her kittens back under the Cottage yesterday - I dont think she liked me getting too "familiar" with them. So twice a day I traipse over there with food & milk but its purely "cupboard love" on their part I think. :-)

  11. Hello Julie,

    Hotties, I was looking for George Clooney but your hot water bottles will have to do! They remind me so much of snuggling up in Winter. The kittens are so damn cute aren't they. I am sure Mr Fluffy will be looking down upon them wondering what the heck is going on at the cottage now. The light in your room is so lovely, I bet it gives of a lovely glow. Noticed the string of dresses hanging up , very nice indeed.
    Happy gardening,crafting and kitty looking after.

  12. Aww your kitties are so cute... What a good older brother or sister young Bob is... I love your hot water bottle covers very clever.
    And your room looks so inviting, just lovely.. just like you!

  13. It's finally warming up here... your sunshine has kept me going all winter, hope to return the favour. Love the washing line of dresses in your bedroom.xx

  14. Yes, me the dresses in your bedroom against the cream wall. You did well on the stool without painting over the looks lovely & a nice height too. The baskets will be fine..I hope they paid you for the job well done! We have real trouble with pansies & powdery mildew here, for some reason. Ha ha you've turned in to the mad cat lady too : ) It's your kind heart & compassion..they'll be coming from all around soon. I wonder what'll be next on the basket step? Oops...we did that one once. I was soooo sure that "Pretty" was a girl that the vet went to neuter her & after opening up the poor darling, found that she was in fact "Moja" a boy. They were all so wild when the mother snuck them through the front fence in search of food. We called them Moja, Tato & Mbele (1, 2, 3 in swahili) Moja was so endearing I kept him..dear old thing.
    I adore your hot water bottle covers. I'd definitely go with the blue, pretty. Exciting opportunity with the chandelier. So nice when you find something special like that that adds a real sparkle to a room, isn't it. What a perfect gift, hyacinths. They smell so sweet & come in the loveliest colours. I am always so glad of all the leaves to bed down the garden. I just bought some peavine straw to help the process too. 20 bales may go quite a long way, don't you think! Might have to sell a few at the gate. Anyone would think we lived on a farm.
    Have a happy (keeping warm) week on yours (farm) dear heart. Much love from over yonder. Catherine x0x0x

  15. Hopefully Mr Fluffy would be happy that his old bed is being kept warm. Those kittens are too cute! Love your new chandalier, too; your room is looking lovely. The hottie covers are adorable.... we getting into that sort of weather now too - chilly toes tonight! What a lovely post! PS I have baby Julie Granny Bonnets!!!


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