Sunday, May 11, 2014

Paying It Forward

Hello there dear friends & readers,

I have always firmly believed in the principle of Pay It Forward ... so when Wendy posted about it on her blog late last year, I put my hand up to join in . . .

I received an email to say she had finished my Pay It Forward gift & would like to hand-deliver it 
(as Wendy only lives half an hour away from me)
Although we don't get to catch up very often, I always enjoy Wendy's company as we are like-minded crafts folk ... I was very excited to see this parcel sitting on my dining table

Wendy had hand-made me the most gorgeous bag using thrifted & gifted vintage fabrics PLUS she had added in a wonderful little collection of doilies, buttons, trims & a new magazine that I hadn't come across before but it made my heart skip several beats !!!!

The bag is just stunning ... Wendy does the most beautiful stitchery & hand-work. 
It has already been on "an outing" with me to town & received lots of lovely comments   :-)

I think perhaps my photos don't do it justice ... you can see more of the inside of the bag on Wendys post here
I love that she put so much thought into what I would enjoy & added in the little vintage touches with the doilies etc ... as a girl can never have too many doilies I feel !!!!

ThaNk YoU So VeRy MuCh Wendy with all my heart


So now it is my turn to Pay It Forward to 3 different people . . . 
If you would like to receive a hand-made gift from me please let me know.  The rules are you must then Pay It Forward to 3 other people & you must also have an active blog to participate.
(Also, you have a year in which to make the gifts which makes it quite manageable)

The rain this past week has enabled me to spend some time creating rather than outside raking leaves.
These little knitted squares were fashioned from an idea rattling around in my head while down at Mums & fossicking around in her "odds & ends of wool basket"

I must confess it's all very well knitting little squares but then "what are you going to do with them Julie. . . ??"

As I didn't fancy using them as "mouse blankets" as my young visitor suggested, I decided to make them into little buntings which look just perfect hung from a small shelf

This was one of the Hospice Shop doilies that I found on my recent visit to Mums
I had been given some lovely glass beads awhile ago so I decided to make it into a jug cover

I thought it turned out rather pretty   :-)

My friend Carolyn that I visited in my last post, flew up to the Waikato to join her daughter & grandaughter over from the Australian Outback.
I had been looking at all my woollen blankets & wanting to try something different with them.  I had been tossing around the idea of making some girls pinafores & knew I had a pattern ... (somewhere).

Front View                                                                      Back View

This was the result of a couple of rainy days sewing - I used some of my vintage cotton fabrics to line them & doilies to embellish or to add a pocket to some of them

Nice & roomy across the back for crawling around the floor in . . . 

When Carolyn & Rose came to visit with dear little Isabella, she was only too happy to "model" them for me & help with my sizing queries ...

Ooohhh look at that pretty lacey flower on my dress Mum

I offered for Rose to choose one for darling Isabella (who is turning 1 soon) & she chose this one below . . . 

Ooohhh I like purple Mum - now if I can just reach that crafty thing over there . . . .

I am quite inspired now to make some more for the Cottage - I used to make children's clothing many years ago & had forgotten how pleasurable it could be. 

from Pinterest

A Very Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums out there - my youngest son Kayne was born on Mothers Day so this year his birthday again falls on the same day.
Tonight I am cooking dinner for all of my family - thank you So much for visiting with me today
Much love & blessings to you all,
Julie x0x0


  1. hi Julie what a sweet post.
    I am loving your buntings!!!! Love how they all have their own look but go so well together. PERFECTION!!
    OMGOODNESS those pinafores are the cutest things ever. I would so buy them all if I had a little girl.
    The quote is so true. An amazing reminder of how strong we moms are
    Happy Mothers Day Julie!!

  2. Love the mouse blanket bunting! Cute bag and that magazine foes look good! Have a nice Mothers Day, hope someone else is cooking!! Sitting in front of the fire stitching - gonna be a cold 'Naki night!

    1. Hiya Claire ... yes I thought the "mouse bunting" was definately you !!! :-) You would love that magazine, theres so much in it to drool over. Our nights have turned cold also but good for sitting by the fire stitching. Thanks for stopping by to comment my friend x0x0x

  3. Happy Mothers Day, the little pinafore dresses are pretty, the back is a brilliant idea. You had a lovely pay it forward, I did one a year or two ago - it's a nice way to connect with other bloggers. Daphnes Diary looks interesting, hope you enjoy. Betty x

  4. Lovely knitted bunting Julie! Cute Isabella is a wonderful model for the sweet dresses, she looks lovely in them. What did 'little' Isabella think of 'big' Isabella?
    Wendy's present is lovely, the bag will be a handy friend to you.
    I love the last saying, how very true, so VERY true!

  5. P.s....Wendy's post is lovely!

  6. What a lovely post Julie. Funny...mouse blankets! Adorable shelf bunting though. Your hands must be constantly moving to accomplish all that you do! I love the cover of your Daphne's Diary mag. I bought the first one for a friend. I really liked the feel of it but found many of pictures quite small (or perhaps it's my eyes). I love the pay it forward concept...always a lovely idea & a grand way to live. Darling little pinafores & so sensible for crawling in. Have a lovely week dear friend. Much love Catherine x0x0x

  7. Just catching up... good to see Christchurch being rebuilt in your last post. Loving the crossover pinnies and your lovely 'winter bunting' (festive bunting?) shh, I didn't say that. xx

    1. Hello E.E. Thank You for stopping by to read & comment :-)
      Yes its great to see that wonderful city being put back together again I agree.
      The little pinafores turned out great ... I am keen to make some more now. Please Dont mention the festive bunting !!!!! :-)

  8. Hi Julie Happy Mothers day for yesterday! I think any mouse would be happy to have one of those blankets, you better keep an eye on them you never know those mice just might try stealing them away with the cooler weather... I too have one of those doilies but my pansies are in variegated purples, the lady that made it for me was the daughter of a lady from church, I wonder if it was the same person...

  9. Your dresses are gorgeous Julie - what a clever bunny you are and also the knitted bunting - what fun!!! Hope your dinner and time spent with family went well!

  10. Hi Julie, your knitted buntings are gorgeous, and I love your idea for the doily jug cover, very pretty. Cute little girl dress too. Thanks again for the lovely morning tea, fabrics and walnuts (that I am enjoying!). I hope your menu planning and dinner went well on Sunday. Hugs Wendy xx

  11. The pay it forward gig looks like fun, I would be keen to give that a go. Your gift is gorgeous, and as for your blanket pinafores, SPECTACULAR! I plan to make a jacket/coat from blankets and line in a vintage sheet and go nuts embellishing it. Still in my head at the moment, but when I have a firm idea, nothing will stop me!!

  12. Hello Julie

    Such goodness to see every time I visit. You received such a caring present from Wendy, I love how she included Mr Fluffy on the bag. Now knitting for mice??? much better to make bunting. I used to make a similar pinnie for my girls, great idea with the blanketing, the little model looks gorgeous in it.

    Happy days

  13. Love your pay it forward gift. And the bunting is very cool! But my favourite from this post is the very cute dresses!! So cute!! especially with the doily on the front of them. Well done Julie, they should go like hot cakes in the cottage!


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