Sunday, July 27, 2014

This Week I Learnt . . . .

Happy Weekend to you dear friends & readers

This week I learnt lots of things . . . 
"so long as you learn from your mistakes girl ... that is the important thing ... so long as you learn"
(wise words my dear old Dad always said to me)

Potted Hyacinths on my deck  -  big sniff now
This week I learnt . . .
if you are going to pop into town (even briefly) it pays NOT to leave your sewing room door open for certain 4-legged friends to check out & "test run" a few things 

This week I made Louise Cake for The Mr ... it is one of his favourites 
However - even though the recipe says to use Raspberry Jam - I should have used Strawberry Jam. 
He informed me he wouldn't eat a single piece as it had raspberry jam in it ...
This week I learnt . . . 

. . .  that no matter how many pieces of Louise cake you stuff in your mouth ... it doesn't actually make you feel any better ... or any less cross with The Mr !!!!

This week I learnt . . .  
that no matter where in the house you choose to do your painting ... invariably you are going to have a little helper

. . . down on the floor or . . . 

. . .  way up high on the bench . . . 
Yep I think its sanded enough now Mum - nice & smooth

2 cute little vintage distressed shelves

- some wooden Op Shop purchases given the wax & paint treatment, & now stock for the Cottage -

small vintage distressed nesting table
This week I learnt . . . 
that even though we are only just past the absolute middle of winter ...
 there are already signs of life appearing in the garden 

white daphne, white hellebore (winter rose) & red tulips in bloom
This week I learnt . . .
 that when you decide to close the Cottage for a couple of weeks ... just putting the "Closed" sign out does not actually mean a single thing . . .  they will still drive in & say "oh! are you closed??" ... 
you need to actually shut the gate & preferably vacate the property !!!

This week, even though I did not get near my sewing machine, I did manage to complete some painted revamps

I was really pleased with how this wooden trug turned out - it would make a lovely work basket or perhaps to hold magazines - it is a nice generous size ...

This week I learnt . . .
that when you let the kittens outside for the first time & they go missing for the entire day ... that knot in your stomach will NOT go away by scoffing an entire large block of chocolate in one sitting!!!

3 of my fur granbabies - Nika, Feebie & Sonic the cat - photo from Sarah, my daughter in law  :-)

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead dear friends
thanks SO much for your visit today - I wonder what I will learn next week ???

with much love & friendship,
Julie x0x0x


  1. Oh poor Julie, I totally understand the feeling of family not always appreciating what you make and then eating it yourself!! I loved your post and reading your lessons, your painted bits look lovely, amazing the change some cream paint makes!! hugs Wendy xx

  2. I had the same problem with our new dog, in my sewing room while we were out. She had a fine old time and i came back to a wreck x

    1. Hi Jacqui ... Oh gosh - I am sure a dog could do some damage in a sewing room unattended!!! Little rascals arent they.
      I have just popped over to your blog for a read - that crochet bag you made is just stunning & I love the colours you have used.
      Still cant comment as not with google chrome. Have a great week Jacqui :-)

  3. Ah! Well! You know what Kittie~Kitties are like....
    They have to check and make sure everything
    is o.k. and, give their approval.....Bless! :).

    And, you've lots of lovely things to keep them
    interested....What a fun place for them! :>).

  4. Aw I am sure the kitties were only trying to help... Not! Looks like they had fun though!
    I love the transformation of your painted projects, amazing what a coat of paint does.

  5. They really are busy little things and so sweet. Your waxed and painted wood looks so nice, I would want to keep all of it!
    I have learned this week that doing nothing is good for me. I don't have to be 'doing' all the time! I had a big rest for 2 days with the only exertion being a long walk. Hope you get some complete rest and long walks friend. Betty x

  6. A massive week for you my friend! We never stop learning. next time MR turns his nose up to your fabulous baking, send it to me! Oh loving your painted pretty. Your grandbabies are so cute all snuggled up together. You are getting some colour in the garden. Our magnolia's are flowering, so pretty.

  7. But Louise cake ALWAYS has raspberry jam...don't you know!! Silly man! Golly that's something my Nan made such a lot...I think we even made it at "manual" back in the day & it always had raspberry jam then too...just saying ; ) What little ratbags, cavorting about in your sewing room. Such mischief makers they are but so endearing. I forgot to do the wax bit when I did my painting...when I see yours it really does look much better. Oh well, next time. I love the big basket. It came up beautifully. I hope you didn't go & open the cottage for the nosey enquirers (or have your nighty on). Pretty pots of loveliness. Ah the scent of hyacinths. Thanks for the sniff. Much love my friend, Catherine x0x0x

  8. I know of 3 lads in the naki who would not turn their noses up at louise cake!! what ever jam was used! Maybe the Mr has been too spoilt! Those kittens are so cute and full of trouble! The painted goods look great! Hope you are enjoying your so called break!

  9. I wouldn't be baking Louise cake again! ;) Such a lot of learning in one week, I think you should lie down for this one! Would you be willing to do a little workshop on some revamping of furniture? Some time in the future when the barn can be used again? :D xx Enjoy your week matey.

    1. Hi Sue. Thanks I think I need to lie down for a week ... I shall tell them all you told me I could !!! :-)
      Yes I would love to do a workshop on revamping but I must warn you ... I am not that good & can be a bit rough at times - mostly as I like it to look tatty & timeworn & kinda knocked around a bit (bit like me really). Hope you have a great week too Sue x0x

  10. Such a lovely post Julie, your photos tell a great story! The Mister NEEDS TO KNOW that there is no such thing as Strawberry Jam in Louise cake!! Your garden is looking lovely with its bits and bobs coming into flower - such a lovely sight.Your trugs and distressed wooden bits look great as well - busy crafting even if you haven't stitched a stitch!

  11. I wonder how many times the MR. has actually made Louise Cake??
    My recipe is on page 53 of my very battered Edmonds Cook Book and the only jam mentioned is "raspberry", sorry Mr Threadbear!!!!
    The hyacinths look so good - I ummed and ahhed at the garden centre - now I regret not buying them. I'm imagining the lovely spring fragrance!
    Transformation with the paint brush - they all look amazing! Love the key and tags and lace too...
    I'm off for a wee snooze!
    see you soon

  12. Wow Julie you learned so much!!! See I would forget most of that and make those same mistakes, slow learner here. Your doer uppers are all fabulous. And your garden is getting colourful, I am so visiting again when the colour is all out. I love the photo of your grand-fur-babies, all in that basket together. As for your two, soooooooo cute, naughty, but soooooooooo cute. Glad you kept them. Oh and I am keen for the revamping lessons in Sues Barn!!

  13. Love your revamped wooden shelves and basket.I would teach DH how to make Louise cake and he can put strawberry jam in, you don't have to eat it.Of course it has raspberry jam in it.Dear wee kitties, you can almost hear them scampering around being so busy.Dear Julie, you never stop learning:-) Hugs Shirley

  14. Hello Julie,

    Oh my goodness, what trouble you have been in! That saying
    "Have your cake and eat it too" came to mind. I don't know how there can be that much taste difference. Though it was years before our Son found out about all those "other vegies" I put in Pumpkin soup. The little Ginger kittie has the most endearing face, I just want to cuddle it.
    Have a lovely day and maybe the next post we will see a cake from the man of the house, complete with him wearing a apron and a big smile for all your readers with some jam around his mouth!
    Love the crafty goodness you have been painting.

    Happy days.


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